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Types of ACL Injuries


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Title: Types of ACL Injuries

Dr. Manish Maheshwari is an Orthopaedist and
Sports Medicine Surgeon in Indore and has an
experience of more than 13 years in these fields.
Dr. Manish Maheshwari practices at Global SNG
Hospital in South Tukoganj, Indore. He completed
graduation post Graduation from Mahatma Gandhi
Memorial Medical College Maharaja Yashwant Rao
Hospital, Indore in 2005. He worked in major
hospitals of Mumbai like Lilavati Hospital
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospitals.
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Types of ACL Injuries
Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), is the ligament
in the knee joint which connects the thigh bone
with the shin bone and also provided stability
and proper movement and normal functioning for a
knee joint. An ACL injury may lead to various
types of discomfort levels depending on the
severity of the damage to the ligament. The type
of injury to the ligament also will point towards
the time it would take to heal, the type of
treatment required and also the extent of
discomfort that it would cause to the person. An
ACL injury of the minor type may let the patient
do his daily routines without much ado but a
major type of injury could put you out of action
for long and the pain could be of very
excruciating levels. An ACL injury of minor or
major type needs to be diagnosed immediately and
proper care and treatment to be provided on an
urgent basis as even a minor injury to the
ligament could worsen over time and make it a
major problem enough to be brought to the surgery
table. So the important fact is that you should
know the type and extent of injury to your ACL,
which can then be treated and cured under the
guidance and medical expertise of an ACL
specialist. Dr. Manish Maheshwari has been the
leading ACL reconstruction surgeon in Indore who
has been able to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate
many people suffering from minor to major ACL
injuries. Dr. Manish Maheshwari is also a sports
medicine specialist responsible for putting many
sportsmen and women back into their game. 
Let us look into some major types of ACL
injuries. Several conditions of varying levels
causing instability to ACL have been seen.
Sprains, avulsion fractures, ACL deficiencies and
complex ligament injuries are some major type of
conditions that inflicts injury to the ACL. Many
times it is seen that ACL occurs with associated
damage to another part of the knee like another
ligament, meniscus or articular cartilage. 
Types of ACL injuries are described here below
  • Grade I-ACL sprain The mildest of the ACL
    injuries which could be treated without surgery
    is the Grade 1 ACL sprain. This occurs when the
    ligament is overstretched by does not cause a
    tear. The knee stability is not compromised in
    this case and some very light symptoms of
    tenderness, swelling, moderate pain and may also
    cause some movement limitation of the knee. It
    could be healed at home, with proper guidance
    from the knee joint specialist, by resting the
    knee along with medications and some support to
    avoid strain on the knee. Applying ice is also a
    part of the remedy and anti-inflammatory
    medicines could be taken if prescribed by your
    orthopedic doctor.
  • Grade II-ACL sprain When the fibers of a
    ligament are partially torn a Grade II ACL sprain
    is said to have occurred. This injury is not very
    common and will also have the same symptoms of a
    Grade I ACL sprain, but the severity and
    intensity of the symptoms will be higher. The
    type of treatment for this type of tear would
    depend on the patients age, activity level,
    symptoms and fitness goal intended to be

  • Grade III ACL sprain This type of injury to the
    ACL is more common in athletes. Fibers completely
    torn into two sections causing swelling,
    tenderness, severe pain and complete instability
    are termed as Grade III ACL sprain.
    Reconstruction surgery is most likely the
    treatment path for this type of injury. Dr.
    Manish Maheshwari is the top ACL reconstruction
    specialist in Indore. 

  • Avulsion Fracture This type of injury is more
    common in children and skiers. The injury occurs
    when the ligament tears by breaking a piece of
    the bone it is attached to, caused by overuse or
    muscular contractions. 

  •  ACL Deficient Knee As the name suggests, the
    nonexistence of ACL in the knee is called ACL
    deficient knee. This can be treated in younger
    patients and in patients who are required to walk
    on the uneven landscape, by surgery. ACL
    deficiency can be overcome by decreasing activity
    but could cause collateral damage to the
    meniscus, cartilages and could also lead to
  • Complex and Multi-ligament injury Injuries
    caused to ACL with or due to other injuries to
    other parts of the knee joint may be termed as
    Complex ligament injury.

Whatever the injury type it should be immediately
shown to an expert and treatment to be started
accordingly. It is of utmost importance not to
delay type of injury from being treated, as it
may cause a lot of complications and aggravation
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