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Shipping Container for Hotels and Restaurants - Top Universe Inc


Top Universe Inc offers shipping containers as a valuable modular construction material to be considered when designing a hotel and restaurants in the Philippines. They have the structural capability and design parameters to produce a standard, living hotel in a variety of ways. Shipping container Restaurants are both sustainable and cost effective due to the repurposing of the container itself. Being easy to transport and adapt into any kind of environment, containers have proven particularly successful when transformed into various types of accommodation, from hotels to hostels, or single-room retreats as we shown in Presentation Contact us today to know more! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Shipping Container for Hotels and Restaurants - Top Universe Inc

Top Universe Inc offering shipping containers for
the hotel and resort industry in Philippines In
every size and shapes with best possible rates
Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Shipping Container Hotels
  • Is Containers Hotel and resort has cold rooms?
  • Is Right for Storing Seasonal Furniture in
  • Is Container Hotel Right For Modular
  • How Are Shipping Containers Constructed for
    Hotels and Resort?
  • Size and Dimensions of Shipping Containers for
  • Advantages of Container Hotels.
  • Features of Container Hotels.
  • Some Country Wise Examples of Containers Hotels.
  • Conclusion.
  • About Top Universe Inc.
  • Contact Us.

It may not sound like the most comfortable place
to lay your head, but steel shipping containers
have become the latest trend in hotels. What? You
mean those big steel crates loaded onto ships and
trains to transport cars, books, coal, wheat and
other cargo too expensive to send by air? Yes!
While it sounds crazy, shipping-container-turned
hotels are innovative and creative, and for the
most part, you dont even know youre in a
shipping container. An important plus Theyre
eco-friendly as well.
Shipping Containers Hotels
Not only are the hotel rooms made from
recycled shipping containers, but they are also
for sale. Top Universe Inc designed
containers hotel for people who might be
interested in a living in a container home.
Guests can stay in one of six shipping
containers, each with a living room, kitchen,
bedroom, and bathroom.
Is Container Hotels and Restaurants Has Cold
  • With new hotel and resort developments, and when
    refurbishing existing properties, chill and
    frozen cold rooms can cost a large amount. Top
    Universe Inc can help to significantly reduce
    these spends with its quality containers. Their
    advantages include
  • food-grade stainless steel and aluminum interiors
  • many different sizes with variable door designs
  • internal lighting and 'person-trapped' alarm
  • operating set point of -40 to 30C or -40 to 86F
    at ambient temperatures up to over 50C/122F
  • self-diagnostic refrigeration with digital data
    logger and remote monitoring options
  • new technology such as low-power Thermo King,
    Carrier or Daikin refrigeration
  • 100 weather-resistant exteriors.
  • In many countries, the renting period can be
    customized, ranging from a day to a week to as
    long as the unit is needed - in the case of an
    emergency breakdown or an event where extra
    refrigeration capacity is needed (such as
    catering events, concerts or exhibitions, for
    example), the Top Universe Inc are ideal.

Is Right for Storing Seasonal Furniture In
  • Around the world, many hotels use seasonal
    furniture. When the weather is inclement, it can
    be best to store such items away to ensure their
    protection, and what better way than with a
  • There are three options for buying containers for
    your dream hotels
  • Purchase a new or used container.
  • Buy a container for a short, medium or long
    period of time.
  • Buy a container at a Top Universe Inc
    self-storage site, or use its loaded-storage
    option if access is not required 24/7.

Is Container Hotel Right for Modular
  • Low-cost staff accommodation can be supplied as
    finished units and, in some cases, as flat-pack
    modules for assembly on-site. The shipping
    containers range includes simple rooms, such as
    offices or gate-security rooms, luggage and
    personal X-ray security tunnels to complete
    on-site living areas for staff.
  • Containers can be modified or purpose built to
    many applications, and container bars and cafes
    are currently in vogue, as they are low cost, and
    offer an alternative and modern architecture.
    There are even entire hotels that have been built
    using shipping containers as building blocks.

How Are Shipping Containers Constructed for
Hotels and Restaurants?
  • Each shipping container starts with a big roll of
    steel, which is unrolled and cut into several
    sheets. This is done in dedicated factories with
    technically advanced machinery systems.
  •  Surface preparation of these steel sheets is
    then carried out using sand blasting and priming
    to remove rust, dirt, contaminants etc.
  • The sheets are then corrugated to improve the
    overall strength.
  • Roof panels and floor braces are separately made
    and sheets for wall panels are then welded
  • Square tubing is welded on the top of the walls.
  • Once this is done, floor panels are assembled to
    form a floor frame.
  • Door assembly and corner post assembly are
    also separately prepared.
  • The door assembly is then installed on the floor
    frame followed by installation of wall panels.
  • The corner posts, wall panels and door assembly
    are welded.
  • The roof panel is then assembled and welded.
  • Priming and painting is carried out.

Size and Dimensions of Shipping Containers for
  • A standard 20ft container dimensions are as
  • External measurement 20/8/86"
  • Internal measurement 193"/77"/79"
  • Floor area 150sqft
  • Maximum weight 2230kg
  • A standard 40ft container dimensions are as
  • External measurement 12.19m/2.44m/2.59m
  • Internal measurement 12.00m/2.33m/2.35m
  • Floor area 28.33m2 (305sqft)
  • Volume 66.83m3 (2360cuft)
  • Maximum weight 3950kg

Advantages of Container Hotels
  • They can be more cost-effective than
    traditional housing.
  • They're quick to construct.
  • They're modular homes.
  • They're durable.
  • They can be mobile.

Features of Container Hotels Rooms
  • Attached Toilet cum Bathroom (Sanitation Unit)
    with Hot water Geysers.
  • Modular Desk with Two Soft Close Drawers.
  • Suitcase Bench with provision for Fridge.
  • Single Door Wardrobes with Soft Close Hinges.
  • Provision for Television.
  • Wooden Decking with Canopy at Back.

Some Country Wise Examples of Containers Hotels
  • Four Hotels So Cool You Wont Believe Theyre
    Shipping Containers
  1.  Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort

Perched on a snowy mountainside, 7200 feet high,
this jumble of containers provides for a rustic,
industrial getaway, sporting environmentally-frien
dly features that are just as eye-catching. Foun
d in Gudauri, Georgia, the pyramidal cluster of
insulated, recycled shipping containers are
strategically placed and raised with steel posts,
leading to minimal impact on the environment.
  1. Flophouze Hotel

Located in Round top, Texas, this eco-chic hotel
was sustainably crafted with refurbished cabinets
retrieved from an FDA lab, windows salvaged from
a school in Philadelphia, and even countertops
made from old bowling lanes. The shipping
container incorporates a barrage of artifacts
collected throughout the owners travels,
emphasizing the meaning of old is the new new
through its vintage flares.
  1. contain hotel, czech republic

contain hotel in the czech republic is a pop-up
accommodation located on the elbe river near the
town of litomerice. the design comprises a 40
foot-long container stacked on top of two
perpendicularly aligned 20-foot containers, while
the property has been nicknamed the train
spotting hotel as a result of its proximity to
the nearby rail tracks.
Cargo containers are a valuable modular
construction material to be considered when
designing a hotel. They have the structural
capability and design parameters to produce a
standard, living hotel in a variety of ways.
Cargo container hotels are both sustainable and
cost effective due to the repurposing of the
container itself. Container hotels can be
designed very similarly to standard hotels, and
should be heavily considered in todays market.
Design standards like those presented in this
paper should be standardized in order to create
an efficient design process to produce cargo
container hotels on a larger magnitude. In order
to increase the popularity of these reusable
modular construction units, future architectural
engineers shall be promoted and they have to be
competent over basic design features. By using
existing design parameters of cargo containers, a
discussion group project has been created as a
real life problem. 
About Top Universe Inc
Top Universe Inc is a highly diversified business
involved in Shipping, Logistics, Freight
Forwarding, and Container Trading. We offer
quality new and used shipping containers in a
variety of shapes and sizes at the best prices.
Our inventory consists of 6ft to 45ft long
containers which are available as flat racks,
high cubes, open top, open side, and standard
boxes, as well as chassis in various lengths. We
also supply DNV and chemical storage containers
at competitive rates. Our all-steel boxes are
versatile enough to suit every need from
industrial storage to transportation to building
modular spaces while our dedicated team guides
you at every stage to ensure that you choose the
right container each time you buy from us.
Contact Us
28th Floor, Ortigas Center,  Pasig City Manila,
Philippines - 1403
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