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Digital Marketing for Yoga Studios


Want to know Digital Marketing Strategies for Yoga Studios? Explore the presentation for the same! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Digital Marketing for Yoga Studios

Digital Marketing for Yoga Studios
Isnt it a unique blend of Digital Marketing for
yoga studios and Yoga as a practice? Whenever
we read the term yoga, it always brings us the
traditions and values of Indian culture whereas
Digital Marketing is still booming and, is
categorized in one of the creative and
internet-based careers. Lets understand the
beautiful amalgamation of the terms in terms of
Digital Marketing for Yoga studios. Online
Marketing is essential to reach more audiences
and get recognized among most Yoga enthusiasts.
It is not just yoga but other businesses to
connect with their audiences.
Digital Marketing penetrates every industry
business, yoga studios are no exception in
that. Digital Marketing for yoga studios is
difficult from the perspectives of yoga
enthusiasts because it is an ancient practice of
asana, breathing techniques, bending, and
Every other bend needs to be in alignment with
each other, even if one of the alignments is not
appropriate it directly affects the overall
posture and that causes certain changes in the
body. Digital Marketing for yoga studios is
hardly digital-oriented. But, nowadays many
modern yogis are digital natives and are
comfortable online once they feel be on the mat
and start with the practice.
The distinction between ancient yoga and
contemporary yoga makes the modern life yogis
lives different and at ease with the lifestyle
of todays era. In todays era, yogis are
technologically driven and are easily adapted to
different cultures and diversifications, they are
flexible and in flow with the modern
lifestyle. The wonderful balance is that todays
yoga is a combination of ancient yoga and modern
yoga which is contemporary yoga, practiced and
adapted keeping in mind the flexibilities and
digital-oriented platforms.
Yoga is been able to create a space in peoples
lives in every other sphere of life. It is a
blessing for all of you, that it is in holds the
value of its worth. Importance of Digital
Marketing for Yoga Studios? In the year 2016, it
was reported that 37 Million Americans practice
yoga, which represents an 85 increase from the
20 million reported yogis of 2012. And,
noticing that an American spends around 4 hours a
day using mobile devices. It results that the
best way to grow your market is by capturing the
audience through digital platforms. It
naturally becomes vital for yogis to adapt in
todays world and it is needed for the
betterment and upliftment of their lives. So,
if you are a yoga teaching institute get more
yogis in your school and grow your school
through yoga marketing strategies for the same,
spread yoga to the masses and strap up with a
mobile-first digital strategy!
Or if you are trying to get started with Digital
Marketing for yoga studios then in the reading
ahead you will learn how to promote online yoga
classes in-depth to take initial steps and move
further. So, let us believe that you are a yogi
and wish to move ahead with the yoga marketing
strategies for your yoga studios or a school if
you teach! Lets begin! The first step while
considering yoga marketing strategies, you will
have to define and understand the target
audience before starting the complete yoga
marketing plan sample.
Once you have an idea who you are trying to
connect with, you can build yoga marketing
strategies that are effective and works for
them. The ideal Buyers persona is a
semi-fictional representation of your ideal
customer that will give your mind will give you a
clear mental picture of a person who is going to
be connecting with you for your services.
Picture Credits Google, source Bluleadz
For understanding the ideal Buyers Persona, use
data for market research that comes under yoga
marketing strategies. This is for a most first
strategy of the whole Marketing plan. Modern
yogis are physically active, technically sound,
and environmentally conscious, the
characteristics, age, occupation, background,
needs, and wants will help us to address their
needs effectively.
  • To make it more interesting, let us consider all
    the yoga marketing strategies as asana and
    understand in more in- depth.
  • Lets consider them your sun salutations, but
    like a yoga flow, each individual will find
    different poses that serve them better than the
    others, so you need to modify them as per your
  • The Digital Marketing for Yoga studios plan is as
  • Local SEO
  • Organic Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Asana 1 Local SEO
  • What is Local SEO in yoga marketing plan sample?
  • Local SEO is different from general SEO because
    it is location-
  • specific. This is how to get to set up your
    studios location.
  • First, claim your studio on Google My Business

  • What is Organic social media?
  • According to the buyers persona, you have
    developed start choosing the right platform that
    best connects to your target audience for
    Digital Marketing for yoga studios that include
    Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter,
  • Facebook.
  • The purpose of this yoga marketing strategy is as
  • It helps in building community
  • Establishes your content
  • Tracks your posts
  • Get you insights and real data
  • Helps to build new strategies
  • Answering how to promoting online yoga classes
  • Asana 3 Content Marketing
  • What is Content Marketing?
  • Content is the force that fuels every aspect of
    inbound marketing strategy, it helps in the
    following ways
  • Increases website traffic and visibility on
    search engines
  • Provides value to the audience.
  • Educate customers and makes it a credible
  • Asana 4 Paid Social Media

  • Asana 5 Email Marketing
  • This yoga marketing strategy is highly important
    for Digital Marketing for yoga studios because
    it creates a direct communication pathway. The
    process involves
  • Creating Email Lists
  • Segmenting your lists
  • Creating a Newsletter
  • Automating your newsletters.
  • I hope the asana served your Digital Marketing
    strategies for your Yoga studio and served you
    with the yoga marketing plan sample!
  • Now at the end of this blog, I strongly believe
    that you have an idea about how to promote
    online yoga classes. If you feel this was
    helpful for you dont forget to write down your
    views in the comment section below.

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