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Guide To Successful Telehealth Visits For Patients


Are you utilizing telehealth services for the first time? Look at this all-in-one guide to successful telehealth visits for patients from CapMinds most recent blog. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Guide To Successful Telehealth Visits For Patients


  • The ongoing changes in healthcare delivery during
    this pandemic should minimize the impact of
    patient surges on facilities.
  • To do so, the healthcare systems need to adjust
    the way they evaluate and care for patients using
    advanced technologies. 
  • Telehealth visits help patients to receive care
    from their homes while minimizing the risk of

Telehealth Telemedicine
  • Telehealth refers to electronic and
    telecommunications tools and services used to
    provide distance care.
  • In the same way, telemedicine refers to the
    practice of medicine using technology to deliver
    care at a distance.

The Key Difference
  • The key difference between these two is scope.
    Telemedicine refers specifically to remote
    clinical services, while telehealth refers to
    remote non-clinical services besides.

What Patients Can Do With Telehealth Services?
  • Home-based diagnostics and gadgets support
    telehealth services by permitting patients to
    work with a portion of the testing on their own
    that was already just accessible in specialists
  • Blood pressure checks, blood sugar checks, heart
    rate checks would all be able to be effortlessly
    done at home, and the data immediately sent to
    your doctor for telehealth follow-up.

Telehealth Visits For Patients
Safety Security 
  • Privacy is an important factor for telehealth
    visits because, without it, patients wont feel
    comfortable accessing their care virtually.
  • Creating a physical location that has complete
    privacy, audio and excellent video capabilities
    for telehealth virtual visits is ideal.

Safety Security 
  • First, pick a quiet room and secure It needs to
    be quiet enough that you can hear your doctor
    easily, and your doctor can hear you.
  • Second, the location needs to be secure, so that
    unauthorized people wont be able to overhear
    your private healthcare information.
  • It also needs to be secure so that if you are
    being examined as part of the visit, someone
    doesnt walk in on you.

Efficiency And Comfort Planning
  • Within your selected area, you also want to have
    everything you need handy, Ensure you have any
    relevant medical devices, medications, or
    required items in an accessible area.
  • Having these stored close to where youll be
    participating in these sessions will be essential
    for as many sessions as the clinician schedules
    with you.

Efficiency And Comfort Planning
  • The internal medicine specialist also recommends
    having your insurance cards close at hand in case
    your physicians office requests the information
    before or after the consultation. 
  • Design for telehealth visits from the home may be
    similar to the set-up for home offices but should
    provide adequate support to access any
    health-monitoring equipment used by the patient.

The Adoption Of Technology Matters The Most
  • Both the patients and the healthcare providers
    need to have a device with a screen, maybe a
    smartphone, tablet, or desktop.
  • Make sure that the devices are ready with good
    internet service and video capabilities for your
    telehealth services.

  • While U.S healthcare is focusing more on treating
    the COVID-19 patients, we have seen a massive
    acceleration today in the use of telehealth
    services to make sure care is delivered on time.
  • During this period, healthcare organizations
    across the country start investing more in
    telehealth solutions to create familiarity with
    virtual care.

  • Need assistance in implementing the right
    solutions for your practice?  CapMinds telehealth
    services can transform the way healthcare is

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