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Wire Harnesses & Cable Assemblies – The Manufacturing - Miracle Electronics


Partnering with professionally experienced and talented cable harness manufacturers in India can help you get products that are high on quality, well-tested for no compromise, and can be delivered to you on time. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Wire Harnesses & Cable Assemblies – The Manufacturing - Miracle Electronics

Wire Harnesses Cable Assemblies The
Manufacturing - Miracle Electronics When you want
to build an electrical system, youll need lots
of wires and cables, which makes it better to
replace them with fewer harnesses or assemblies.
Wire harnesses or cable assemblies will hold
multiple wires together, optimizing space, as
well as protecting the wires against climatic and
environmental conditions like heat, moisture,
vibration, etc. Thus, errors and faults are
eliminated, helping the functioning of the system
to run smoothly.
Are wire harnesses and cable assemblies the
same? So, when we speak of having wire harnesses
or cable assemblies, do you realize the
difference between the two? Generally, as a
layman, you may consider both of them to be the
same, but when you get down into the details,
youll notice that they are actually two
different things. Lets help you with
understanding the differences.
? Wire harnesses involve wires that are
individually sealed, and then wrapped in another
casing. But, these are not as durable, and are
thus used in small electronic applications and
internal systems. ? Cable assemblies, on the
other hand, are bundles of wires or cables in a
single heavy casing. This equipment can be easily
used in harsh environments because of the
heavy-duty thermoplastic rubber or vinyl used
for the casing, which helps hold up against
outside elements like extreme temperatures,
moisture, friction, abrasion, and
compression/expansion. How are harnesses and
assemblies made? ? Planning The first and
foremost step is planning, both the design and
construction. Without a pre-plan, no product can
be successfully made. In the case of harnesses
or assemblies, the type and size of wire needs
to be determined, to be used between each
connection. ? Prototyping A test version is
first created depending upon the plan. It helps
engineers know how the final product will look
like, while identifying any errors or gaps that
need to be rectified before building the actual
product. ? Wire cutting Once the prototype is
approved, its time to move on to the actual
product making, which involves first cutting the
wires to the required length. Wire-cutting
machines can be used here to automatically cut
the required wires in bulk.
? Wire stripping After cutting, the casing is
stripped back to reveal the core, which is then
fed into the necessary connectors. Crimping and
soldering the wires into their proper connections
can be automated with the help of machines. ?
Assembling The prepared wire-connector devices
are gathered up and crafted into a harness,
which is done majorly with the help of manual
labour. This is because each wire needs to be
fed through the harness, taped off, and measured
to make sure that the distances match the design
specifications. Partnering with the right
manufacturer Manufacturing harnesses and
assemblies is a time-consuming task, especially
because of the intensive manual labour required
in the last stage of assembling the equipment
together. And, in order to not waste any more
time, you need to get hold of a manufacturer who
knows the job well so that there is no time
wasted in making errors and rectifying them.
Moreover, the manufacturer you should must have
the right machines to make the process as
automated as possible, and the right tools to use
to speed up the processes that require manual
labour invested. Some of the most basic tools
that a good manufacturer must have are an
injection mould machine, wire cutter, wire
stripper, crimper, positioners, die sets,
insertion and extraction tools, and all sorts of
testers for testing the assemblies before
delivering them to the customers. Miracle
Electronics is one of the best cable harness
manufacturers in India you can approach to have
your harnesses and assemblies made, as they have
the right tools and machineries, skilled
engineers, and the best testing facilities to
build and test your products. Moreover, they are
also skilled at manufacturing customized wire har
nesses and cable assemblies (https//www.miracle
.net.in/blog/ultimate- customized-cable-harness-m
anufacturing-guide/) if you wish, each product
being certified and approved by DGAQA and MSQAA
for platform specific applications. For more
Information https//www.miracle.net.in/
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