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Cracked Tooth Causes and Treatment by Brampton Dentist


It is sad, that sometimes our teeth break off and they won't grow like nails. So be cautious about it and get to know the causes and treatment of cracked teeth in this Article. It will help you save your tooth. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Cracked Tooth Causes and Treatment by Brampton Dentist

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Chipped milk tooth what to do? Around every
third child loses a baby tooth or a piece of it
at some point while playing or exercising. If a
milk tooth breaks off or loosens significantly,
the horror is often immense - for young and old.
How to deal with the situation correctly Do not
move the milk tooth and, in any case, see a
dentist as soon as possible. It can prevent
further damage to the tooth and the surrounding
teeth. Also, milk tooth lesions are often
associated with injuries to the jawbones. Treat
it by a Dentist Countryside Dr. experts. If the
bleeding is very heavy, ask your child to bite a
tissue handkerchief. It is also helpful to cool
the mouth or cheek from the outside with
compresses or similar aids.
Permanent teeth pain and discolouration Do you
have pain or notice black discolouration on your
teeth? This can be the cause Explain Dental
Pain - Dentist Countryside Dr Severe pain
indicates that the damage in tooth's nerve. If
the dentist suspects this, he will check how
sensitive the tooth in question is. It gently
irritates the nerve if you flinch, the nerve is
alive. If you don't feel anything, it may mean
that the nerve is damaged and the tooth needs to
be extracted. It is also possible that the nerve
was only damaged by the accident and will recover
after a few days or weeks. Has the dental nerve
checked at regular intervals?
Saving a broken tooth first aid First of all,
the person concerned has the most important task
himself. He must collect the tooth parts and
bring them to the doctor. If the broken piece is
part of the tooth crown, these can usually be
glued on again relatively. It is also possible to
replace them with knocked-out teeth. You mustn't
lose any time and treat the tooth or the tooth
parts. React fast If the tooth loss causing
bleeding, you should stop it by biting on a cloth
handkerchief or gauze bandage. Do not clean the
fragments with water or alcohol - even if there
is blood, mud, or other substances on the tooth.
Otherwise, they would discolour and also hold up
worse. The periodontal membrane in particular is
sensitive If too much time passes before the
tooth is reinserted, the cells die. So every
minute counts. Many of those affected do not
notice the termination until later. Because the
area feels rough or sharp-edged or because food
remains get stuck. If you notice such
abnormalities, contact your dentist as soon as
Diagnosis and treatment at the dentist Describe
exactly what happened to the dentist. Did you
have an accident? How did it go? Did your tooth
break off while exercising? Or did you suddenly
have a piece in your mouth while you were
eating? Treatment followed by the dentist in
Brampton is Initial checkup X-rays show the
dentist to what extent the tooth, its root, and
its surroundings have been damaged. If damaged,
there is a risk of bacteria entering the dentinal
canals. If the nerve is injured, it can become
inflamed and die. The dentist will decide whether
a root canal treatment is necessary to prevent
this. All damage and injuries must be explained
to the Dentist Countryside Dr. In this way,
problems can be traced back to the incident years
later. This is especially important when it comes
to the assumption of costs by the health
insurance company.
Gluing and building If only a small corner of
the tooth has broken off, it can in most cases be
glued back on with special dental plastic. If the
piece has been lost, broken into splinters, or
dried out, it depends on the size whether the
doctor has to completely build up the gap. If
only a small corner is missing, the tooth is
simply ground smooth and fluoridated. Bridge or
implant If a tooth cannot be preserved, a
denture is required. Bridges and implants are
available here. Bridges are firmly fixed on the
neighboring teeth. For an implant, an artificial
tooth root has to be inserted into the jawbone.
Once this has healed, the dentures can be
attached to it. If the tooth nerve was also
damaged when the tooth broke off, it can be very
painful. It also becomes difficult to reattach
the fragment. It may even be necessary to remove
the nerve and restore the root before the damaged
tooth can be treated with a crown or filling.
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