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3 Promising Opportunities in Thermoplastics & Semiconductors


Thermoplastic offers a practical and reliable solution for making of semiconductors. This article discusses importance of thermoplastics for semiconductors, and various opportunities for the semiconductor industry. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 3 Promising Opportunities in Thermoplastics & Semiconductors

3 Promising Opportunities in Thermoplastics
  • Thermoplastic offers a practical and reliable
    solution for making of semiconductors. This
    article discusses importance of thermoplastics
    for semiconductors, and various opportunities for
    the semiconductor industry.

Thermoplastics and Semiconductors
  • Normally, plastic engineering is very easy and
    simple to handle. However, when it is used for
    engineering semiconductors, it poses a variety of
    challenges. Thermoplastic semiconductors design
    demand manufacturing under rigid and demanding
    environmental conditions, which make it tricky
    and challenging to produce. The thermoplastic
    engineers work directly with semiconductor
    specialists for understanding the unique
    challenges associated with every aspect of the
    semiconductor manufacturing process. From wafer
    processing cycle, through chip processing and
    handling, to packaging, semiconductors require
    continuous collaboration of specialists.
  • The era of technology has made the semiconductor
    industry relevant and in-demand more than ever.
    Various growing sectors, which are now being
    commercialized, require semiconductors. For
    instance, semiconductors are the basis for
    electronic components, which are the building
    blocks of billions of devices, including the
    Internet of Things and mobile device ecosystems.

  • All our communication devices are based on ICs
    and chips. From small and simple gadgets to
    complex servers, enabling cloud services, chips
    are the basic component of all machines. The
    drive of machine learning on the rise is
    influencing the growth of various other
    industries, inspiring many new startups to have
    attractive opportunities in the technology field.
    All these factors provide a boost for the
    semiconductor industry to expand and grow. The
    semiconductor industry expected a growth of 12
    in only 2017, and has been increasing since then.

The Internet of Things
  • Many organizations operating within the
    semiconductor industry are expanding their
    portfolios, so as to penetrate more into the
    technology industry, and offer wide range of
    services. Whether it is hardware design or
    software development, whether complex systems
    integration or getting into a niche applications
    such as smart watch, semiconductor remains
    relevant in each case. All tech-related firms are
    diversifying, and enriching their product range
    to have a wider market capture, across multiple
    sectors and industries.
  • The semiconductors are an important component of
    miniaturized IoT sensors, which are small
    powerful chips. They consume low power have high
    memory count and wireless connectivity, hence
    provide the basis for 5G revolution.

  • The high demand of semiconductor has its own
    downsides. The emergence of new vistas of
    technology, the number of market players, and the
    diversification of already operational players in
    the market put a strain on the demand of
    semiconductors, which comes into play with other
    market forces, and push the prices for raw
    materials take a hike. Such competitive
    environment compels the players to secure
    sufficient raw material supply so that they can
    remain relevant and compete with other players in
    the long run.

The Automotive sector
  • The usage of semiconductors for Automotive
    Electronics and industrial electronics saw an
    increase from 2016 to 2020. With the invention of
    new technologies and gadgets, the automotive
    sector is continuously undergoing significant
    changes to be responsive to changes going on in
    electronics sector. They are continuously in
    demand of semiconductors in order to integrate
    new digital advancements in vehicles.
  • The inculcation of semiconductors in automobiles
    present promising opportunity for semiconductors,
    however, there exists a technical challenge of
    integrating sophisticated technologies- such as
    wireless connectivity and artificial intelligence
    to cloud services and IoT.

  • Each stage of thermoplastic semiconductor
    manufacturing has its own set of difficulties. It
    includes dealing with extremely high
    temperatures, contact with abrasive solvents,
    exposure to highly aggressive chemicals, and
    environments of plasma under a vacuum. The usage
    of semiconductors in technology sector for the
    manufacturing of sophisticated tools and gadgets
    require the manufacturing to be done to its
  • Plastic semiconductors must be resistant and
    tolerant to every environment, and they must meet
    the strictest requirements of design. Since many
    giant industries rely on semiconductors, it is
    recommended to acquire chips from only reliable

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