Incredible Testimonies | Total Joint Replacement in Mumbai | Dr. Chirag Patel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Incredible Testimonies | Total Joint Replacement in Mumbai | Dr. Chirag Patel


Read the following testimonials from patients who were treated by orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Chirag Patel. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Incredible Testimonies | Total Joint Replacement in Mumbai | Dr. Chirag Patel

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Incredible Patient Testimonies for Dr. Chirag
  • With loads of gratitude and appreciation, I would
    first of all like to thank Dr. Chirag Patel and
    his dedicated team for treating me with much care
    and determination. To what seemed impossible to
    me for a long span, wasnt so with their
    assistance. Dealing with knee joint issues had
    become a part of my everyday lifestyle. With
    severe pain that differed from time to time, I
    was struck by poor health issues that were
    completely beyond my control.

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Incredible Patient Testimonies for Dr. Chirag
  • I remember sitting down and thinking on certain
    days, Am I dealing with fractured or misplaced
    joints? and on second thoughts, it did feel like
    a rigid joint on days that made it impossible to
    move around and carry on with my routine duties.
    I cant quite list down the numbers of home
    remedies I tried on putting all of the advice I
    received from different persons into the works.
    Being a homemaker leaves me with so many
    responsibilities that I couldnt sit still with
    the uneasy feeling of not being able to do my
    duties around the house.

Incredible Patient Testimonies for Dr. Chirag
  • I finally decided to see one of my family
    doctors, who suggested one of the top orthopedic
    doctors in Mumbai. I was of course a bit worried
    and thinking to myself, Why do I have to see an
    orthopedic? Am I dealing with any severe case of
    a joint issue? Would I have to undergo any
    painful treatment? Its only natural for all of
    these doubts to build in but with much
    reassurance from my family doctor, I made up my
    mind. I was keen on getting my knee joint issue
    assessed and fully cured.

Incredible Patient Testimonies for Dr. Chirag
  • On meeting up with the specialist, I was truly
    relieved with the way the doctor interacted with
    me and helped me understand what I was dealing
    with. I was diagnosed with knee joint arthritis
    but to my relief, the situation was so well
    handled and taken care of. The doctor explained
    what caused the joint pain and suggested some of
    the best treatments. With the faith that Id
    built upon their services in just a couple of
    days, I was willing to go through surgery and it
    felt just right. After understanding how the
    surgery would help my situation and cure me
    fully, there wouldnt have been a better

Incredible Patient Testimonies for Dr. Chirag
I was thoroughly briefed on the pre-surgery and
post-surgery care to be administered. And
according to the schedules, I was able to plan
all of my activities. It wasnt mere luck that my
surgery turned out to be a success it surely
included the joint efforts of the doctor and his
team. I truthfully claim that Dr. Chirag Patel is
the best orthopedist in Mumbai. Even post the
surgery, there were impactful physiotherapy
sessions appointed, and I havent dealt with any
sort of knee joint pain posts that. I couldnt
believe that a surgery that I dreaded healed me
entirely without leaving back any issues. Its
without a doubt that if any individual
seeks total knee replacement in Mumbai then Dr.
Chirag Patel, in my opinion, is the most
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