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Hotel Content | Hotel Content API | Hotel API


TripFro provides Hotel Content, Hotel Content API, Hotel API Provider to travel agencies, tour operators and travel companies globally. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hotel Content | Hotel Content API | Hotel API

Hotel Content
Hotel Content Drive Higher Booking Conversions
and Increase Your Hotels Occupancy Rate and
  • Are you a hotel aggregator looking for a hotel
    content provider to set up a hotel booking
    engine? Hotel Content APIs are a set of web
    services XMLs to obtain the hotels/resorts/accommo
    dations contents/deals globally.
  • TripFro is the leading hotel content provider
    that gives you the best hotel content API that
    gives you real-time hotel rates availability
    and hotel booking/cancellation reports.
  • Hotel Content APIs have taken the travel industry
    from the traditional booking process to the most
    advanced OTA systems towards the next level,
    increasing its productivity and customer
  • Hotel Content API is a web service that provides
    online search and booking functionality for
    hotels. These hotel APIs manage rates,
    availability, and a variety of accommodations
    that allow you to offer the best options for your
    ideal stay in a particular place.

Hotel Content
  • It will be implemented with your travel portal
    with multiple payment gateway integrations to
    boost customer experience.
  • So, if you are developing an amazing hotel
    booking platform or app and looking for a hotel
    content API provider for hotel inventory-contact
    TripFro today.
  • By integrating the Hotel Content API into your
    system, you will be willing to provide your
    customers with access to diverse, consolidated,
    and valuable travel content.
  • Hotel Content API develops travel portals for
    travel agents based on their needs and gathers
    hotel data from global hotel providers to
    simplify the hotel search and booking procedure
    to deliver the best customer experience. In
    global time, Hotels have several room types,
    images, and facilities.

Who is the Best Hotel Content API Provider?
  • TripFro is a leading Hotel Content API Provider
    that connects all Hotel content suppliers
    enabling you to provide a large selection of
    hotels to your customer. Improve the user
    experience by displaying the opinionated Hotel
  • Delivering robust, high-performance, customized,
    and customer-centric Hotel Content to boost your
    businesses, sales, and overall profits. Enjoy
    instant and accurate search results, helping to
    boost your website performance by delivering
    optimized results at faster speeds.
  • Our ongoing process to offer the widest possible
    option of merchandising content enables you to
    optimize your service, irrespective of customer
    needs. So, whatever your customers' travel
    desires, you're always considering the best
    services to offer them.

Why Hotelier needs a Hotel Content API
  • Improve online branding - Our team can keep your
    business relevant through multi-channel brand
    management (e.g. emails, brochures, RSS, hyper
    sites, dynamic content management, etc.)
  • Mobile optimization - TripFro Content API offer
    mobile optimization, instantly adapting report
    and content for multiple devices.
  • Content management - Save content in a draft
    state, manage it through folders or taxonomy,
    easily update site navigation, restrict access,
    auto-publish, -these are all features that will
    allow your business to control its contents
  • Extensibility - Your Hotel Content integration
    will support your expansion

Find a suitable hotel for your customers each
time and make new conversions and sales.
  • To maintain the accuracy, compliance, the
    relevance of information, offers, and prices, all
    small or large websites require content to be
    added or modified regularly. A hotel content API
    allows you to manage content on your website with
    no web programming technical knowledge.
  • There are a variety of alternatives to
    integrating an easy-to-use content API into your
    system you get a powerful database of valuable
    information shared with your employees and can be
    searched, retrieved, and used for a wide range of
    products. However, your end-users benefit most
    from the Hotel Content API they get to see
    fresh, updated content, videos, images, and more.

Hotel Content
  • With a defined set of standards, features, and
    functionalities, your website integration with a
    hotel content supplier can help you build more
    customers, retain and engage emerging customers
    as well.
  • We at TripFro provide customers with unique and
    customized solutions based on their needs and
    requirements. The USP of TripFro hotel content
    API is that it gives you the option to modify
    your website without becoming overly dependent on

Features of Hotel Content API
  • Offering full and up-to-date hotel content at all
  • Multiple user accessibility
  • SEO-friendly
  • Website content management
  • Multi-users with Role Access control
  • Hotel information
  • Website inquiries management

Features of Hotel Content API
  • Supplier management
  • Booking management
  • Data access control based on user role (i.e.
    defining information that users or user groups
    can view, edit, publish, etc.)
  • Facilitate data access
  • Control data validity and compliance
  • Reduce duplicate inputs
  • Improve user experience by displaying opinionated
  • Improve communication among users
  • Define data as almost anything documents, text,
    pictures, phone numbers, etc.

Advantages of Hotel Content API
  • An effective website has to be constantly updated
    and well managed with hotel content management
  • Easy in customization
  • Easy in implementation
  • Easy to use and robust user interface
  • Easy workflow management
  • Scalable to a large corporation and small
  • Powerful and secure
  • Easy to use interface
  • Design flexibility

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