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Are Your Cable Harnesses Over-Engineered - Miracle Electronics


If you think your cable harnesses are being over-engineered, you need the best cable harness manufacturers in India who can help you with the right kind of suggestions, a scaled-back design, and substituted components. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Are Your Cable Harnesses Over-Engineered - Miracle Electronics

Are Your Cable Harnesses Over- Engineered? -
Miracle Electronics
When you want your project to be a success,
youre looking for cable harness manufacturers
in India, who can provide you with robust cable
harness designs and the best quality components
that can meet, or even exceed, your requirements.
But, what if you dont have the amount of time
that the manufacturers are asking you to give
them? Then, you ask them to take up your special
case, willing to pay even a little more. We have
all been there at least one time in our lives,
havent we? But, when its about having your
cables manufactured, the budget could go a
little higher than expected, when you opt for an
urgent delivery. Thats because cable
manufacturers will certainly charge a little
higher as compared to your other manufacturers
like tailors, bakers, or other artisans. So,
what do you do in such a situation then? Worry
not. Despite of the situation you are in, there
are still certain things you can do to bring down
the costs into line with your goals.
Work on the design Design is the first step
towards manufacturing. You may have designed an
awesome cable harness that can perform well in
every kind of situation, but it is this
exceptionality that has added even more to your
spiked-up costs in case of emergency. So, look
again, and see if you really need such an
exceptional cable. Obviously, having a
well-performing cable harness is a good thing,
but you may work it over if its not really
needed. For instance, if your cable harness will
not need to work in conditions that are exposed
to extreme temperatures or abrasions, you need
not include the same aspects into your design
you could instead opt for simpler harnesses to
lower the costs. So, scale back your excellent
design to a good one to fit closer to the needs
of your particular application, not only to
reduce costs, but also the lead times. Having
the right manufacturer by your side can help
analyze your design to look for opportunities
that can help achieve your goals without going
overboard. Substitute components Just like the
design aspects, you can work over the quality of
your components too. You may have included
exceptional high-quality components into your
design, which may be either a little more
expensive, or difficult to obtain, resulting in
either costly or delayed deliveries. For
instance, using military-specific connectors in
applications that have nothing to do with
military or defense work isnt bad, but
certainly adds to the cost for nothing. When you
want things to fall within your budget, you
could opt out of these rugged and high-performing
connectors, and choose good quality regular
connectors instead that provide essential
functioning, while being readily available at
lower costs.
Look out for a flexible manufacturer Whether
during crisis or not, you must always work with a
manufacturer that is flexible. What we mean by
flexible is that the manufacturer should be
skilled at working in every way. There are
certain manufacturers who work only with certain
brands, certain components, and certain tools,
in their own certain ways. This is a good
procedure to follow, but in times of crisis, when
you either want to alter the design or
substitute components, or make any other such
changes, such manufacturers could only make it
difficult. But, if you have a flexible
manufacturer, they will be willing to work as
per your requirements, to serve you better and
in time, even if that means compromising on their
comfort zone a little. Miracle Electronics is
one such manufacturer you can rely on. They are
the best cable harness manufacturers in India
who work keeping in mind the requirements of
their customers at all times, while also
providing them with the right advice and
feedback on their designs and thoughts, to make
them better cost-effective customized cable
harnesses for their applications
cable-harnesses-application/). For more
Information https//
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