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Soybean Oil Market By Consuming Country, Companies & Global Forecast


Soybean Oil Market will be US$ 78.99 Billion by the end of 2027. By Consuming, Producing, Importing, Exporting Country, Company Analysis & Global Forecast. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Soybean Oil Market By Consuming Country, Companies & Global Forecast

Soybean Oil Market
Soybean Oil Market
Report Description and Highlights
Soybean oil is a popular cooking oil that is used
by consumers all across the globe. The Soybean
oil has a significant role in making of
shortening and margarine. A number of factors
drive the global soybean market, including
factors like the emulsifying ability of the oil
and the oil's low-calorie content. It is
primarily used to prepare food products such as
margarine, frozen food, salad dressing,
shortening, baked food in many other products.
As per Renub research, Global Soybean Oil Market
will be US 78.99 Billion by the end of 2027.
Soybean Oil Market
Soybean Oil Market
Soybean Oil Market 2020 - 2027
Soybean Oil Market
Soybean Oil Market
The global soy oil market growth factors are
driven by increasing health awareness rising
demand for the developing region. The increasing
awareness for health makes soybean oil popular
rather than other vegetable oil has significantly
increased demand. The people's health-related
concern will benefit the Global soybean oil
market as it contains Omega-3-fatty acids (A Good
fat) and Vitamin E (Essential for skin). The
industry is being driven by the rising demand of
soybean meal (Soy milk, Soy nuts, Tofu etc.) and
livestock feeding product that has contributed to
the increasing demand of soy production and
rising demand of soy oil. Soybean oil is
considered to be the essential oil as compared to
other vegetable oil consumed globally. A great
majority of the world soybeans are processed or
crushed every year to produce meal and oil while
remaining are used directly for human
consumption. Besides, Soybean oil is also used in
non-food sectors like biodiesel.
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Soybean Oil Market
Soybean Oil Market
The soybean oil market was USD 52.6
Billion in 2020, and it is expected to grow with
a CARG 5.96 in future. The United State is the
keen producer of soybean oil in North America and
Argentina in South America in Soy oil production.
The geographical markets for soybean oil are
Europe North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America
the Middle East Africa. The companies in the
above market include CHS Inc, Kerry Inc, Fuji Oil
Group, House Food and Group Inc. Renub
Research report titled Global Soybean Oil Market
Volume" By Consuming Country (China, United
States, Brazil, India, European Union, Argentina,
Bangladesh, Mexico, Others), Producing Country
(China, United States, Brazil, Argentina,
European Union, India, Mexico, Other), Importing
Country(India, China, Algeria, Bangladesh,
Morocco, Peru, European Union, Korea South,
Colombia, Other), Exporting Country (Argentina,
Brazil, United States, European Union, Paraguay,
Russia, Bolivia, Other), Company Analysis (Kerry
Inc, Fuji Oil Group, House Foods Group Inc, CHS
Inc, Cargill Inc, Archer-Daniels-Midland Co.)
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Soybean Oil Market
Soybean Oil Market
Global Forecast for Global Oil Market Share - ()
By Consumption (2021 - 2027)
Source Renub Research Analysis Note
These are dummy figures actual data given in the
Soybean Oil Market
Soybean Oil Market
Consumption Market Volume breakup from 8
Viewpoints 1.    China 2.    United
States 3.    Brazil4.    Argentina 5.  
 European Union 6.    India7.    Mexico 8.  
 Other Production Volume breakup from 8
Viewpoints 1.    China 2.    United
States 3.    Brazil4.    Argentina 5.  
 European Union 6.    India7.    Mexico 8.  
 Other Import Volume breakup 9
Viewpoints 1.    India 2.    China 3.  
 Algeria4.    Bangladesh 5.    Morocco 6.  
 Peru7.    European Union 8.    Korea
South 9.    Colombia10.    Other
Soybean Oil Market
Soybean Oil Market
Export Volume breakup 8 Viewpoints 1.  
 Argentina 2.    Brazil3.    United
States 4.    European Union5.  
 Paraguay 6.    Russia7.    Bolivia 8.  
 Other All the company analysis has been covered
in the report from 3 viewpoints   
 Overview     Initiatives Recent
Developments    Revenue Company Analysis 1.  
 Kerry Inc 2.    Fuji Oil Group3.    House
Foods Group Inc 4.    CHS Inc5.    Cargill
Inc 6.    Archer-Daniels-Midland Co
Soybean Oil Market
Soybean Oil Market
Soybean Oil Market
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Soybean Oil Market
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