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Preventing Water Ingress On Electrical Assemblies - Miracle Electronics


Preventing water ingress on wire harnesses can be done by following certain important manufacturing tips, which is why it is important to have your wire harnesses manufactured by professional wire harness manufacturers in India. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Preventing Water Ingress On Electrical Assemblies - Miracle Electronics

Preventing Water Ingress On Electrical
Assemblies - Miracle Electronics
What happens when water and electricity come
together? Obviously, its a very dangerous
combination! Water is an excellent conductor of
electricity, so if youre probably in touch with
water, and electricity comes in contact, youll
probably be electrocuted!
But, you may have also seen heavy equipment used
in environments where water is present. How is
it that such equipment is protected against
water then? What about the electrical cables and
harnesses present within? Is it not affected in
the case of water ingress? Obviously, when water
comes in touch with the cables and harnesses,
the consequences can be deadly! There could be
electrical shorts, malfunctioning of the
equipment, shock hazards, fire, or even death,
in case of a high voltage application! No
matter what the outcomes of water ingress into
the harnesses, it is absolutely important that
the water ingress is prevented. But, how is this
possible? Lets take a look.
  • Understanding the working environment
  • The first step to preventing water ingress is to
    understand the type of working environment the
    equipment is to be used in. Will the equipment
    be completely submerged into water while in
    operation, or will it be rained upon? This
    information will help you use appropriately
    rated components in the design. Thats because
    different environments require varied levels of
    protection. This is where IP codes come into
    play, which are two- digit numbers that indicate
    how resistant components are to intrusion by
    solid particles and liquids. It is important that
    appropriate IP-rated components are used that
    meet or exceed the requirements of the working
  • Other tools and tips
  • Other tools and tips that can help prevent water
    ingress are stated below.
  • Overmoulding can help protect small electrical
    components like resistors, capacitors, diodes,
    and PCBs.
  • Gaskets can seal the junction where multiple
    surfaces meet, used typically to help make
    something that wasnt designed to
  • be watertight.
  • Sealed connectors and cord grips can protect elect
    rical enclosures from water ingress.
  • Installing hinges outside the gasket of an
    enclosure can prevent compromising the gaskets
  • Leaving a small gap between the conduit and
    connectors can help liquid/water to escape.
  • Using braided looms on wire harnesses can help
    liquids flow
  • through, instead of getting trapped inside the
  • RTV silicone can be used as a seal for small

Preventing water ingress on wire harnesses is
important to protect the equipment from failure,
and humans against shock or other serious
consequences. Getting in touch with professional
wire harness manufacturers in India, like Miracle
Electronics, can help take care of all of the
above, thus bringing to you protected and safe
wire harnesses for all your equipment and
environments. Every wire harness manufactured
here is certified for quality to ISO 9001,
AS9100C and the quality of the cable looms and
harnesses are certified and approved by DGAQA and
MSQAA for platform specific applications.
Moreover, ever wire harness manufactured here is
tested for dimension, weight, continuity, pull
test, and many other verifying processes that
ensure compliance to environmental
requirements. For more Information
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