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Mistakes To Avoid When Designing A Flexible PCB - Miracle Electronics


When designing a flexible PCB, there is a lot of extra attention to be paid because of the flexing nature of the board. This is why you should hire a professional PCB and cable assembly manufacturer in India for the job. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Mistakes To Avoid When Designing A Flexible PCB - Miracle Electronics

When designing flexible PCBs, a lot of extra
attention needs to be paid to every detail in
the design and manufacturing process. Overlooking
some basic stuff may cause design failure, and
thus lots of loss and damage. There are a lot of
common mistakes that are committed while
designing and manufacturing a flexible PCB.
Lets take a look at some of them, and learn from
them what we are not supposed to do.
Mistake 1 Incorrect conductor
arrangement Unlike solid PCBs , flexible PCBs can
twist and bend. This is why if there is any
incorrect conductor arrangement, it may lead to
hazardous consequences, especially during board
flexing. One way to minimize the stress is to
make sure that the conductors pass through
curved areas. This will help during
flexing. Mistake 2 Wrong setup of bends
Flexible PCBs are mainly made as they are
required to bend at some point or another during
usage. To make the PCBs capable of handling the
bend, it is important to check two main factors
the bendability of the council, and the number
of times the board will be turning. For a
flexible PCB to work perfectly, it is very
important to consider these two factors and set
the right bending area in the initial stages
itself, so that the right parts can be
manufactured that can fit perfectly for the
flexible circuit board. Also, the minimum and
maximum bendable limits should be ascertained
beforehand. Mistake 3 Inappropriate bridging
sections The curved areas and gaps within a
flexible board are critical design elements. It
is important to have perfect understanding of the
right bridging sections to place the slots.
Generally, the bridges should be designed around
the narrowest regions so that there can be extra
room for the slots, and better edges can be
achieved, making it easy to fit the deserved
curved PCBs. Mistake 4 Incorrect wire
routing Constructing the wire routing on the path
of a flexible circuit board can be quite tricky,
and is extremely important too as it is the base
of placing the active elements on the board. It
is important to avoid any kinds of beans and
minimize the ability of copper circuits to thin.
If not, therell be discontinuities experienced
when the course is bent or stretched. Mistake 5
Thoughtless hole placements When using the
through-hole method of circuit designing, it is
important to carefully plan the placement of
holes. The holes must never be near the bend
areas. They must be at a very safe distance from
areas that bend or flex. Mistake 6 Wrong layer
and component placements in multilayered
boards In the case of building multilayered
boards, it is important to place the layers
absolutely correctly. One mistake can jeopardize
the entire functionality of the board. Thus,
enough time should be taken to make accurate
placements. Also, the conductors should never be
stacked one over the other, as this will only
result in a thicker circuit board, which can
impact electromagnetic interference to a great
To avoid these and many other such disastrous
mistakes, it is important that you hire a
professional PCB manufacturer for the job, who
has enough experience of designing both rigid
and flexible PCBs. Miracle Electronics is one
such manufacturer who not only specializes in
PCBs, but also many other such electronic
components, which is why it has earned a
reputation as the best PCB and cable assembly
manufacturer in India.
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