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Why Magento is the best platform for developing eCommerce websites?


We’ll take you through some reasons that will prove that Magento eCommerce development services do make a difference. Now let’s check out the grounds why Magento for eCommerce is your go-to mantra for success: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why Magento is the best platform for developing eCommerce websites?

Do you know if success had a face, it would have
looked like Magento? Does this statement sound
analogical? Well take you through some reasons
that will prove that Magento eCommerce
development services do make a difference. It has
amazing features, seamless navigation, a
user-friendly interface, and excellent structure.
This is what makes Magento developed eCommerce
Websites to stand out from the crowd. Why Choose
Magento for eCommerce websites? Ecommerce has
become a phenomenon over the years. There are
around 86,000 active websites in the US only that
uses the Magento platform. It hits the second
position after WooCommerce when it comes to
websites using a platform.  Moreover, almost 60
of online buyers use mobile phones to order
products. Hence, you, as an online store owner
can not dismiss the power of Magento for
eCommerce websites. These are only some of the
evident statistics about the utilization of
Magento for eCommerce stores to excite you about
the potential of the Magento ecosystem. Brands
like Nike, Ford, Samsung, Foxconn, Lenovo,
Olympus, Mens Health, Samsung, Vizio, Nestle,
and millions of other websites use Magento
eCommerce CMS. Now lets check out the grounds
why Magento for eCommerce is your go-to mantra
for success
Open Source Magento is the number one choice for
eCommerce businesses as it is an open-source
platform. This simply means anybody with minimal
technical skills can use Magento website
development to his/her advantage. The Magento
Community Edition (CE) is absolutely free. You
can simply install or use any version of Magento
CE you need. In such scenarios, we recommend you
to hire a Magento expert. It will help you
expedite the performance of your Magento online
store and also promote your eCommerce website
with innovative features and functionalities by
developing or installing the Magento
modules. Magento Community One of the main
reasons why Magento for eCommerce holds a strong
position amongst its contenders is due to the
selfless service of the Magento Community. This
large community involves dedicated programmers,
developers, bloggers, project managers, CEOs,
product managers, etc. globally, who assist and
work with the popular Magento Community every
  • Emerged as an Ecommerce Platform
  • Here we would like to one more analogy. Magento
    is the soul of eCommerce. It is an ideal union
    made in heaven. Typically, Magento is the default
    CMS for every online business.\
  • Recognize the connection
  • Magentoecommerce Success.
  • Definitely, a deadly combination that ensures
  • This is why Magento is the most popular CMS for
    eCommerce websites associates with the fact that
    developers have developed Magento, especially for
    eCommerce websites.
  • Excellent Support
  • For any business, the support operations are an
    essential part of its growth. Conventional or
    online, support plays an important role in the
    growth and prosperity of a business. Hence, when
    it comes to Magento for eCommerce, the technical
    support team possesses significant importance.

  • High Performance
  • With views to the page load time, query
    processing time, and other active or static
    operations, once again Magento eCommerce is the
    hero. It assures the excellent performance of
    your website while using minimum server
  • According to user requirements, only a few
    hundred milliseconds of processing can
    effectively eliminate the risks of eCommerce
    websites with potential customers. Magento,
    coupled with advanced technology such as
    Memcached, Redis, Varnish, FPC, and optimized
    database options, can aptly provide to the needs
    of eCommerce businesses and their clients.
  • Flexibility
  • We all cherish authority and Magento
    Developers give you that authority. You, as a
    developer can possess comprehensive control over
    all the functions of your eCommerce website.
  • It is essential to note that Magento developers
    can always develop a unique and beautiful user
    experience/frontend based on several device
    accesses. Magento also provides you the
    possibility to customize the back-end of the
    Magento web store to satisfy particular

  • Mobile Experience
  • Ecommerce is a mobile-dominant. In order to make
    your online business thriving, you must focus
    your efforts on providing to your mobile-savvy
    buyers. This is why Magento for eCommerce is
    cooperative with smartphones.
  • The Magento platform supports HTML5 to enrich
    the shopping experience on mobile. Furthermore,
    it has the capability to adjust the image size.
  • With the Magento website, expect a high level of
    customization. With an in-built drag and drop
    feature, all you need is an exceptional mobile
    shopping experience
  • Ease of Integration
  • Magento for eCommerce websites enables you to
    integrate immediately with a huge number of
    third-party services including database
    applications, payment gateways, transportation,
    shipping, order tracking, etc. Also, the Magento
    platform provides you built-in Google tools such
    as Google Checkout, Google Analytics, and Google
    Base to assist you to monitor your websites
    performance while maintaining a birds eye view
    on the most advanced Magento eCommerce trends.

  • SEO Friendly
  • SEO is not lifeless. This comment holds validity
    for Magento CMS as well. Magento is an
    SEO-friendly platform. 
  • It comes bound with features including,
    sitemaps, positioning layer, SEO-friendly URL
    structure, URL rewrites, descriptions, tags, etc.
    that help your eCommerce website rank higher in
    search engines and serve buyers see you online
    with total ease.  If youre looking for a
    reliable Magento Development Company, then get in
    touch with us now

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