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Careers in Digital Marketing, You come across different things when browsing the internet. Such as some interesting and amusing memes, sometimes helpful, sometimes annoying advertisements, some viral videos, some incredibly published blogs, smartphone apps, etc. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: careers in digital marketing

Careers in Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Manager
  • This is one of the highest positions in the world
    of digital marketing. One must have at least 5-7
    years of experience in Digital Marketing to
    attain this position. The Digital Marketing
    Manager/Director takes care of the overall growth
    of marketing. S/he does this by designing tactics
    that drive more traffic, conducting digital
    marketing campaigns, making website changes, and
    constantly updating them, etc.

Web Developer 
  • Those are the people responsible for the awesome
    websites on the internet that you come across.
    The terms web developers and web designers are
    used interchangeably, but a web developers job
    is a particular one, whereas a web designer does
    a lot of stuff. You will be responsible for
    designing, coding, and editing websites as a web
    developer/designer, rendering them attractive and
    user-friendly. To get into this position, prior
    knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, and
    web programming is required.

Social Media Executive
  • Social networking workers are one of the coolest
    jobs but dont confuse it with just Tweeting and
    Facebooking, theres more to it. You are expected
    as a social media executive/manager to check the
    current social media trends and prepare
    strategies accordingly, collaborate on a regular
    basis with the content team and client support
    team, create quality content or video, etc. For
    this job position, knowledge of all social media
    sites and a lot of imagination are a must.

SEO Executive
  • If the company does not have people who can
    advertise it a well-designed website would be of
    no value and the company employs SEO executives
    who ensure that the companys website is all over
    the internet. The responsibility for getting
    traffic on the website and raising Google
    rankings lies with SEO executives. They must
    ensure that the content on the website is
    search-friendly, perform keyword analysis, review
    SEO tools, generate and submit sitemaps, etc.

PPC/SEM Expert
  • These individuals produce the sometimes useful
    and sometimes annoying advertising that we
    described above. They provide the business with a
    lot of leads, so there is a great demand for PPC
    professionals. You are expected to handle PPC
    keywords, divide ad classes, optimize landing
    pages, produce reports, provide suggestions for
    ad copies and graphics as a PPC/SEM expert, etc.

Content Marketer
  • You are great for this function if you think you
    can write better than what is already on the web.
    A digital marketers tasks include producing
    content that has all the characteristics of going
    viral. It will ensure that the content is well
    marketed through SEO, collaborating with other
    teams and integrating their content inputs,
    following content trends, etc. You would need an
    impeccable knowledge of the English language
    along with a great deal of imagination to get
    into content marketing.

  • A copywriters job duties are vast. One is
    prepared to collaborate with several individuals
    in the digital marketing team. For better
    reception, the copywriter will help the content
    team improve their content, help the social media
    manager post better words on social media
    platforms, and help the search engine marketer
    write better ad copies. Content is one of the
    most sought after options among Digital Marketing
    job opportunities in India. Skills required In
    English, a copywriter should be proficient. In
    order to fuel the sales funnel, he or she should
    know how to write compelling posts.

Inbound Marketing Manager
  • The criteria for an inbound marketing manager
    depends on the organizations form and scale. A
    content marketers and an inbound marketers
    roles also overlap. An Inbound Marketers tasks
    are to manage the funnel and conversion at each
    point. Optimization of conversion rates, drip
    marketing, and cultivating leads. The distinction
    between content marketing and inbound marketing
    is that while the content marketing manager
    focuses on implementing the plan, the inbound
    marketing manager develops a strategy on how to
    attract consumers using content marketing.

Conversion Rate Optimizer
  • For each stage of the marketing funnel, the art
    of increasing the conversion ratio is the work of
    a conversion rate optimizer. The CRO digital
    marketing specialist would have to collaborate
    with different individuals. For example, in
    designing landing pages that convert well a CRO
    expert may work with the inbound marketing
    manager. A CRO experts role is to use different
    instruments to achieve higher conversions.

  • We do not compare the scale of conventional ads
    to digital advertising at this point in time.
    Nonetheless, digital marketing is stable,
    straightforward with a limited budget and you can
    do a lot. Most importantly, have you acquired any
    technological knowledge? Its time to get ready
    to become a digital marketing specialist. Now
    that you know that digital marketing has an
    opportunity. If you want to learn to have a lot
    of job opportunities in digital marketing or if
    you are excited about marketing or brand building
    and want to learn new internet marketing
    strategies to add to your current skills. The aim
    of a digital marketing course is to bring your
    websites to life through content and strategies.
    Creativity and reasoning would require this.
    Composing useful content and making strategies
    involves a lot of imagination and new ideas.
    Digital marketing work will soon become an
    integral part of the business world. Its better
    to choose this dynamic career choice.