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Can Hypnotherapy Help Curb Alcohol Addiction?


The alcohol addiction hypnosis in Philadelphia is very helpful in re-framing your mind to stay away from alcohol abuse. Hypnotherapy is useful in providing new vision and goals with positive thoughts. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Can Hypnotherapy Help Curb Alcohol Addiction?

Can Hypnotherapy Help Curb Alcohol Addiction?
What are the frequent asked questions?
  1. Does Alcohol Addiction Destroys Lives and
  2. Have you been in the habit of drinking every day
  3. Do you get an urge to drink more than you
    normally did?
  4. Are you suffering from trying to give up on
    alcohol and fear that you might fail miserably?

If you want to find out your answers, you can
reach out for Alcohol Addiction Treatment in
Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment route that
has been proven successful for a number of
addicts and alcoholics in recovery. Hypnotherapy
is used to treat addiction and can only be
effective once the patients body is completely
purified from drugs and alcohol. Depending on the
type of substances the person was using, this
could take anywhere from a week up to a month. It
can be instrumental in helping people in recovery
stay on the right track. When a person
undergoes hypnosis, they are more susceptible to
suggestions and positive behavior models. Its
during this time that the hypnotherapist can help
guide a person in order to eventually aid them in
making good decisions about their lives and their
recovery. Once a person can achieve and maintain
a deep level of concentration, hypnotherapy is
extremely effective and useful.
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1. Hypnotherapy allows the patient to imagine in
detail a source of anxiety while in a controlled
setting. The patient is then encouraged to enter
a state of deep relaxation, rather than allowing
the anxiety to grow. This paired activity helps
the brain to associate the potential anxiety
trigger together with a calm state of mind,
allowing the brain to begin building new and
healthier pathways of behavior and emotional
3. Hypnosis treatment begins in earnest when the
hypnotherapist helps the patient achieve a trance
- like state, in which external distractions are
removed and the voice of the hypnotherapist is
placed at the center of the patients
consciousness. Once in this state, the patient is
encouraged to explore inner thoughts and
feelings, which he or she is able to see with the
type of rare clarity that is commonly associated
with meditation. This newfound concentration lets
patients use all of their inner resources to
contemplate the issues that otherwise trouble
them whether alcohol, cigarettes or other
drugs traumatic events or conditions which
ordinarily cause stress for the patient.
How does hypnotherapy work to reduce alcohol
2. At the same time, the hypnotherapist provides
calming suggestions for the patient under
hypnosis, in an effort to show him or her a path
toward healthier living. Included in these
messages is an invitation to view the world in a
more positive light, by embracing a generous
outlook toward the surrounding environment.
During each hypnotherapy session, the patient
remains awake and lucid, and in full control of
every decision regarding whether or not to act
upon the suggestions made by the hypnotherapist.
The duration of treatment varies according to the
condition being treated, as well as the mental
state of the patient.
4. The hypnotherapist acts as a guide for the
patient during this period of exploration,
suggesting a calm and observational approach to
each distressing phenomenon, rather than an
instinctive emotional reaction. After a period of
contemplation, including mental encounters with
the provocative stimuli, the hypnotherapist
encourages the patient to enter a state of deep
Dr. Tsan is a medical doctor, certified
hypnotherapist, homeopath, acupuncturist and
reiki master. He is an internationally known
specialist in hypnosis, neuro-linguistic
programming and practical extrasensory with a
gift to read and fix patients' medical condition
without use of special diagnostic and surgical
equipment. He established the Philadelphia
Hypnotherapy Clinic in 2000 to convey to
the patients the state-of-the-art the newest and
the hottest advanced techniques of
Clinical Hypnosis in Philadelphia and Neuro-Lingui
stic Programming (NLP) for individual health care
management. Over doze of Alcohol occurs in an
attempt to cope with difficult emotions.
Moreover, because of the way the brain responds,
people can quickly become addicted. It's
treatment often requires a multifaceted approach
that incorporates counselling, lifestyle changes,
and a new vision and goals. The hypnotic state
may be brought about by a Dr Tsan using one of
many techniques. His Alcohol Addiction Treatment
in Philadelphia is gaining a lot of popularity
nowadays. In this, the dissociated state the
conscious mind releases and the subconscious mind
moves forward.  
Dr. Victor Tsan
If you or someone you know in Philadelphia or
nearby is struggling with alcohol addictive
behaviour, consider looking online for Alcohol
addiction Hypnosis in Bensalem, Richboro,
Conshohocken and other cities. Reach out to them!
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