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How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Organization? (1)


Hiring the agency which fits in your organization's business model and culture can be totally confusing. Here is a guide. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Organization? (1)

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency
for Your Organization?
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Digital Marketing campaign needs from inbound
marketing (such as Social Media Marketing, Search
Engine Optimization, blogs, Videos, infographics,
podcasts, newsletters, whitepapers, eBooks, and
more) can be outsourced from a Right Digital
Marketing Agency,leaving your organization to
focus on the job you do best. However Outsourcing
Marketing and Business Decisions to an agency can
be quite distressing, especially for the
entrepreneurs who are personally involved at
every level of Decision-making process. Hiring
the agency which fits in your organizations
business model and culture can be totally
confusing because the agency that you choose will
only have your companys best interests at heart
can be a daunting task.
Outsourcing the perfect Agency is essential for
the improvement of your business, it can be
expensive, time consuming and demanding. Hence
at 77million, we have streamlined important
points which you should never overlook when
hiring an agency Digital marketing strategy is
essential The most important processthat cant be
overlooked is while hiring right Digital
marketing agency is digital marketing strategy. A
well-analysed and well-performing digital
marketing strategy includes
Digital Marketing Objective Setting objectives
establishes a clear focus and direct aspiration
for your team. Once the objective is established
and analysed for outcomes, actions can be taken
for improvement or fill any void and what a
success will look like Your KPIs. Researching,
understanding and defining a specific target
audience Deep insights into customers behaviour
are a must in order to avoid delivering generic
messages. Most of the time companies are in hurry
to run a digital marketing campaign and dont
take time to truly understand their customers and
their problems. While looking for a Best Digital
Marketing company ask questions and try to
evaluate them on parameters like, who the target
audience for campaign is?
For effective campaign, your message needs to
reach the buyers that are looking for the
information regarding your product or service
hence your get an Information Qualified Leads
(IQLs). A Powerful Digital marketing campaign
designed by an agency will address prospects pain
points, speak their language and win their
loyalty. The Right Marketing Channel Based on
industry trends you will have to choose what
marketing channels to invest in. Each industry
differs completely, and so the digital marketing
agency should be able to strategize and come up
with the best marketing channel for your
business. Thus, Budget allocation for each
marketing channel should happen along with the
measurable goals.
High-quality content that your audience finds
useful Once you understand the objective, have a
fair understanding of your target audience,
chosen a right channel, next process is to
determine the topics, the flow,the memo,
customization, formats and types, concepts,
incentives as needed for the predefined campaign
. Right Digital tools Before zeroing on any
Agency, do little research and have a meaningful
conversation and ask how will you enhance
efficacy of the campaign by using a marketing
automation platform to its full potential. The
asset management, implementation tools, what can
you automate how you will connect customer data,
performance and insights.
A digital marketing strategy can bail out a
tremendous amount of time, capital, and resource
for organizations. With a strategic road-map,
your business will experience higher organic
ranking, website engagement hence quality leads
which automatically will take business in the
right direction.
Along with pre-laid out plan, the enablers which
are the integral part to achieve your plan cant
be overlooked, Choose best digital marketing
Agency that have the following qualities Flexibl
e enough to Adapt If the laid-out strategy is
effective or it needs some adjustments the same
can be easily found out through tools readily
available and the agency should be able to make
changes in real time. It will also facilitate you
to easily alter your resources to the ones that
actually work which in turn will cut down
irrelevant expenses.Thus you can intensify on
marketing approaches that will help your business
grow more efficiently. The findings can also be
applied to future campaigns to safeguard better
success rates. Most of the times agencies are
reluctant to accept and dont make necessary
changes immediately which strongly impacts the
marketing goal of the organisation.
ROI -focused Digital MarketingServices Present
day agencies dont shy away from quantification
they accept it and take the accountability for
performance. Having the ability to quickly
measure Impact of digital marketing investment
helps both the organizations and Agencies. Its
always great to outsource digital marketing
services from these types of agencies they are a
unique blend of science and creative
talent. Ideologies work well together Digital
marketingis complicated and fast paced compared
to conventional agencies.Conventional approach
would be totally different, and they will not
understand the details of digital marketing. It
is essential to work to understand the make-up of
the team. You should be able to relate with their
mission, background and ideologies. You should
also understand the client experience and
business benefits delivered, communication
channel etc.
Governance Framework Make sure before you start
working with Agency, you and the Agency are in
agreement of having a clear understanding and
oversights of each others objectives,
expectations, risk appetite, performance and
reporting requirements. Many relationships have
turned sour because of different expectations.
Well laid out communication and reporting plans
works well for the both the parties. Important
to be Transparent Last but not the least, claim
transparency in everything you do. You can demand
a clear justification of what you are getting and
what you would be paying for each item depending
on the services. They should be able to give you
detailed pricing model. Digital Marketing is
stood to become the most influential form of
marketing amongst other marketing methods. The
allurement of digital marketing isit helps in
growth of business of all shapes and sizes.
However, there are many tactics involved in
Digital Marketing and hiring an agency which can
provide best Digital marketing solutions for your
business can be quite confusing so here we have
missing piece for your puzzle i.e. 77million. 77
Million is a movement in excellence in
ROI-focused digital marketing that ensures
customer growth through creative and
out-of-the-box thinking. We empower customers
around the world to grow their businesses and
fulfil their dreams. We are transparent and
honest ALWAYS. Not only at the time of sharing
great results with you but also when and if we
fail. Our success has not sprung up because of
quality alone! We are unapologetic in our beliefs
and values and are proud of our moral
code. Contact us today  to discuss your digital
marketing needs or schedule a meeting.
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