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Greece Dedicated Server (1)


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Title: Greece Dedicated Server (1)

(/) Dedicated Server in Greece
ted ta Center Your Dedicated Server in
ro Da
Choose Dedicated Server f Server in Greece Get
Lowest Latency Rate Whe Greece Customer Visit
n Mis
sion Critical Application
Server Location
Intel Core i7-4790 3.5 GHz 4 cores
Hard Drive
2 128 GB (SSD SATA)
24 GB DDR3
374.47 See Details (/dedicated-server-detail/athe
Server Location
Intel Core i7-4790 3.5 GHz 4 cores
Hard Drive
24 GB DDR3
374.47 See Details (/dedicated-server-detail/athe
Server Location
Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 3 GHz 4 cores
Hard Drive
2 1 TB (HDD
32 GB DDR3
430.24 See Details (/d
Dedicated Servers In Greece Why is the
Dedicated e(terlv001e32r341n29e457e) ded? The
Dedicated servers are that one which provides the
best hosting solution comes with package plans
that benekt any business website with powerful
performance. The good dedicated server is there
for giving a website to perform more fluidly,
smoothly with a steady increment in business
growth. Dedicated servers come with fully
customized resources and tools that will be
dedicated only to you and not shared that happens
in the case of Shared servers. Business and
Technology in Greece Greece is a country in
Southeast Europe and rich in its history and
traditions, cultures. Greece is the
most preferred tourist destination in the world.
Hence, there is no less space in business
awareness in Greece. The country has evolved
with its business culture too. The progress in
business and marketing is providing success from
all aspects. The capital of Athens in Greece is
one of the most successful knancial hubs in
Greece. Technology is also smart and rich in
Greece in the current times We as the most
trusted dedicated server hosting provider in the
country of Greece is aiming to become the full
local international server hosting dealer for
different businesses in Greece. Our Greece
Dedicated servers are located in Athens and
there are more than 119 countries in the world
that have our best performed dedicated servers.
We have all kinds of dedicated hosting plans
available for your business like Cheap dedicated
hosting, semi-dedicated servers in Greece,
Managed dedicated hosting, unmanaged dedicated
servers in Greece. Why choose a Dedicated Server
in Greece? There are numbers of businesses
growing around Greece and based on your needs for
your business site, we provide you best and
affordable dedicated hosting to suit your needs.
As your business is extending at a rapid rate,
you deknitely look forward to the Dedicated
server plans for your business. Dedicated servers
are smart
enough to handle your business website as it
comes with an optimized set of hardware and
software tools that will provide any business
effective performance. All the resources will be
entirely dedicated to your access and you can
customize anything as when you need to do that.
Th control Panel option with customized services
and software packages will facilitate you with
all your
the dedicated servers makes it really special
personal needs. Additionally, the smart security
manageme more than any other hosting plans. A
unique IP address alwa oriented issues for your
nt for ys w
ill make you safe and out of bothering for SEO
hat will help you with all the ways whenever
There will be 24/7 support from the expert
technical team o you will be requiring help for
the server management.
f us t
What are the types of Operating System
provided in Greece? CentOs A free and
community-supported platform compati Linux
(tel0013234129457) with Red Hat Enterprise and
it is one of popular
Ubuntu An open-source and free Linux
distribution and compatible with Debian. Debian
Another popular Linux distribution and
open-source platform and also known as Debian
GNU. Fedora A Linux distribution and powerful
platform supported by the large Fedora
community. Free BSD A Unix based platform
originated from Berkeley Software Distribution
and it is also free. Windows Server All
Operating Systems provided by Windows Branded as
Windows server and no other products here
included except the OS. What are the different
Dedicated Servers we provide in Greece? Greece
dedicated servers are placed in Athens, the
capital, and the most powerful knancial hubs in
Greece. The servers are highly efkcient and in
demand too. We suggest you pr-booking with us for
dedicated servers in Greece. Dedicated Servers
in Greece The Intel core series and Xeon series
for processing are performing successfully. We
have 24 GB, and 32 GB DDR3 based RAM functioning
effectively for different businesses in Greece.
Bandwidth we offering is 100 Mbps 10 TB Fair
Usage which is giving customers high
satisfaction. Hard Drives like HDD SATA and SSD
SATA are fair enough with capacities to provide
you a perfect space. Two types of IP addresses we
provide are IPV4 and IPV6. There is an option for
bundling or clustering different servers to make
a full new smart package server. You will have an
extra IP address that is fully unique for each
and every active website and that will be
absolutely free of cost even we do not charge for
setup. Since we
What are the benefits of buying
mainly provide the unmanaged dedicated servers in
Greece, you need to set up all the whole servers
either by yourself or by the skilled technical
team. In cases, we have managed dedicated servers
and a Semi-dedicated hosting plan too.
Dedicated Servers in Hosting Ultrso? Hosting
Ultraso provides all suitable plans for buying
Dedic Dedicated servers available. The Dedicated
hosting plan we additional growth to business by
more clients engagements dedicated servers in
Greece that we provide can set up a ne Benekts
form us to you are following.
e( Servers
in Greece. There are affordable
ated prov and w inc
ide, can give your business website the
they will be long-lasting in nature.
Choosing rementing fluctuation for your business.
(tel0013234129457) r more, you can contact us.
Additional IP Option We will be providing an
extra IP addre
ss. Fo
  • Managed Dedicated Servers Do not worry we have
    also managed dedicated servers in permittable
  • Guarantee for Money-Back We provide you a
    money-back guarantee on the time left on your
    subscription if you are not satisked with our
  • Bitcoin Payment Availability We care for your
    money and we have the facility for Bitcoin
  • 24/7 Support team Our technical team is there to
    help you in all possible ways and will be active
    all 24 hours a day.
  • IPMI Access facility Our Dedicated servers in
    Greece are associated with IPMI (Intelligent
    Platform Management Interface).

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