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7 Best RPA Use Cases & Applications For Diverse Industries


Robotic Process Automation has been proved crucial for diverse industries including Finance, Supply Chain Management, and more. Know each RPA use case in detail in this file. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 7 Best RPA Use Cases & Applications For Diverse Industries

The customer's demand is enhancing day by day
seeing this for small, moderate and large level
businesses is necessary to adopt modern
approaches. It has been witnessed that the
organizations which are integrating advanced
technologies like Robotic Process Automation
(RPA) into their back-end operations are able to
increase the exponential growth of business
metrics. Last year 24 of large organizations
and 9 of small- and medium-size organizations a
dopted RPA.
Source Statista
What is RPA? RPA in Simpler Words In simple
words, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a
productive way of operating tasks that can
simply be organized by the use of Artificial
Intelligence (AI). Worldwide in 2020, R PA
market revenues are expected to surpass 2.9
billion. It has been estimated that if growth
continues in the coming years, then the market
value is set to reach more than then billion by
Top RPA Use Cases for Different Industries
If I talk about industrial growth, then RPA
really benefited various industries by
simplifying the diverse business processes.
Well, to implement this automation process in the
it is better to hire RPA developers that will
help you to understand and make effective use of
this technology. RPA Implementation in Top
Growing Sectors RPA helps various industrial
sectors. Lets view the top growing sectors which
are involving RPA in their processes.
Source Protiviti
Let's view how RPA benefits different industries.
  • RPA use cases in the Healthcare Sector
  • Source Google
  • There are plenty of automation precedents in the
    healthcare sector. Healthcare gets a lot of
    benefits in using the business automation
  • Let's view how RPA is helping the healthcare
  • Payment processing Well, we all know that in the
    healthcare department, most of the staff get
    busy in managing the patient's payment and
    somewhere this also causes troubles for the
    patients family and other staff. But all this
    can be avoided by involving RPA in the
    healthcare payment department.
  • Claims management Claim management in the
    healthcare sector is generally a time taking
    process as it also involves a lot of paperwork.
    But this task can be easily managed by using
    RPA this bot software can accurately handle the
    claims with the help of predefined parameters.
  • Patient registration Most of the healthcare
    companies use RPA for managing patient
    registration as this process is also time taking,
    but with RPA bots, it is just a few second
    tasks. The software bot fills the registration
    form details within no time and allows the staff
    to handle further works.

Source Allerin (RPA in healthcare)
  • RPA use cases in Manufacturing Industry
  • Source Google
  • Numerous RPA use cases are there in the
    manufacturing sector this helps the
    manufacturing industry in getting errorless and
    simplified procedures.
  • Let's view how RPA use cases helping
    Manufacturing industries
  • Strategy and reporting The foremost benefits of
    RPA in manufacturing are that it can produce
    accurate and detailed production reports and
    confer a clear image of the upshot. It expedites
    robust decision-making and swift response to
    production obligations.
  • Inventory administration RPA in inventory
    administration can be employed to automate
    emails, monitor inventory levels, paperwork
    digitization and the need for products.
  • Bills of material RPA software bots can generate
    accurate invoices, and for this, it extracts the
    data to grant error-free data.
  • Customer Experience When it comes to enrichment
    in communications with the
  • client RPA can be employed to help in maintaining
    and enhancing the customer's experience.

  • RPA use cases in Telecom
  • Source Google
  • Few best Robotic Process Automation use cases are
    recorded in the telecom sector. The RPA in
    telecom helps in focusing on important tasks like
    to provide affordable, fast, and cutting-edge
    solutions to their clients. From the IT
    industrys you can Hire RPA developers this will
    help you to get impactful RPA software.
  • Let's view How RPA applications helping Telecom
  • Account inspection Telecom industry needs to
    perform user account check tasks, and this
    checking is done for those who opted for a
    postpaid account. This task is quite boring, but
    it can be interestingly done with the help of
  • Report generation Well in telecom sector
    operators require to manually generate reports
    of connectivity problems and send it to
    officials. For doing this work, RPA is best.
  • Easy query forwarding RPA bots can collect
    emails from users and other stakeholders and
    send them automatically to the concerned person.
    This simplifies
  • the staff task.
  • Number porting One of the excellent robotic
    process automation (RPA) examples in
  • the telecom industry is customer number porting,
    a method that can be automated without any

  • RPA use cases in Information Technology (IT)
  • Source Google
  • The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the IT
    sector is ideally suited to streamline the
    development processes and increase efficiency and
  • Let's view how RPA applications are helping the
    IT industry.
  • Tool installation RPA can control the process of
    installing tools on the device and conserve
    employees working time.
  • Configuration Developers need to write codes for
    developing software, apps and
  • websites. RPA is excellent for initial
    configuration and setup of the coding
  • Automation testing Well, we all know that
    User-testing takes time if handled manually. But
    this process can be enhanced through RPA and even
    through this automation bugs can also be
    examined and fixed quicker than manual testing.

  • RPA use cases in Banking and Finance
  • Source Google
  • In the Banking and Finance sector, the chance of
    occurring error is maximum, but this can be
    minimized by using Robotic process automation
    (RPA). In the banking sector, RPA software is
    also known by the name of banking software. You
    can avail Banking software development services
    from the top software development company this
    will help you to build the software in a limited
    time frame.
  • Let's view how RPA applications are helping the
    Banking and Finance sector.
  • Credit Checks RPA software bots can now operate
    credit checks for loan prospects and recognize
    whether they meet in the loan payment parameters
    or not. This automation process helps in
    reducing the loan processing time.
  • Data entry Bankers need to fill the various
    forms manually, and this is such a waste of
    time. But doing this task with the help of RPA
    can save time and also minimize the error chance
  • Review applications Banks like United Overseas
    Bank automated their working
  • process of examining credit card applications,
    and this finally helped in increasing the speed
    and response time.

  • RPA use cases for Retail Industry
  • Source Google
  • Retail is a fully consumer-driven sector its
    fast-paced services allow this industry to gain a
    name in the market. Few tasks are there in the
    Retail industry, which entirely relies on the
    RPA, and this helps businesses to reduce their
    cost and increase efficiency.
  • Let's how RPA applications help Retail Industry
  • Product categorization RPA software bots can
    extract SKU data to support companies classify
    products and recognize their market share in
    various regions. It helps in saving numberless
    hours of work.
  • Product delivery and returns Delivering and
    returning a product includes a lot of
  • processing and customs. RPA bots allow checking
    the purchase record and accelerate the entire
    process of delivery and returns.
  • Inventory supervision RPA in retail inventory
    supervision plays a vital role. Robotic Process
    Automation (RPA) bots can present data for
    necessary items and inform the system when there
    is a deficit or surplus.

  • RPA use cases in Customer Service
  • Source Google
  • RPA can be utilized to increase customer
    relationships and deliver beneficial custom
    outcomes. With the help of RPA customer business
    can also improve the customer experience and
    enhance the customer stratification rate.
  • Let's view how RPA applications can help the
    Customer Service sector.
  • Quick primary responses With the help of RPA
    software bots, common customer queries can be
    solved this finally helps in offering an
    immediate response. In this case, for a better
    result, AI can be integrated.
  • Query forwarding RPA bots can solve queries in
    various categories based on set parameters and
    also automatically send them to the corresponding
  • Sales data RPA can be employed to automate
    customer relationship management by presenting
    factual data to sales representatives. This helps
    in saving time and money.
  • Data categorization Robotic Process Automation
    (RPA) enables organizations to
  • classify customers and recognize their journey's
    for better targeting, approaches, services.

Conclusion RPA usage in various industries is
increasing from a high pace. RPA usecases helping
businesses in different forms, and it ultimately
enhances business productivity. In various
industries, few RPA business case criteria are
considered most important those are
Source Protiviti Well if you are running the
startup, SME or large enterprises then you can
also implement RPA in your business automation
process. The RPA expert will help you in knowing
and making correct and effective use of this
automation technology. Original
Source https//dataversity.net/seven-rpa-use-case
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