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Complete Pathway to Find Best Mobile App Development Company


You want to develop a mobile app for your startup, so you have need a best mobile app development company. But you are confused or don't know that how to find or choose a right mobile app development agency, then don't worry! Here we have shared a complete guide to find the good app development company, you can follow this guide to hire a best mobile app development agency for your business. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Complete Pathway to Find Best Mobile App Development Company

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Complete Pathway to Find TheBest Mobile App
Development Company
(Protocloud Technologies)
  • In the last few decades, the technology curve
    has shown numerous diverging points. The presence
    of a tiny square box on your smartphone to
    perform a dedicated task is the technology
    curves blinking point. Today, mobile app
    development is an immaculate solution for Fortune
    1000 companies, startups, and sole proprietors to
    grow their business.
  • Every year the graph of the mobile application
    industry is scaling up. In 2017, roughly 178
    billion mobile apps were downloaded, and by 2022,
    it is projected to touch the mark of 258 billion,
    which means a whopping 45 increase in mere five
  • In this cut-throat race of apps, you cant
    assume to be a successful enterprise by just
    creating an app. Today, having an app development
    idea isnt sufficient. It is compulsory to have
    the support of the competent mobile app
    development company adorned with a highly
    proficient mobile app developer team. At
    Protocloud Technologies, we always say that
    developing an engaging app requires ninja-like
    coding skills and a comprehensive strategy to
    generate revenue.

How to Find the Best Mobile App Development
  • When you are hoping to leverage from the
    blooming mobile app development market to impress
    your customers and generate significant revenue,
    you need to find the best mobile app developer
    team. A team that can understand your business,
    competition, requirements, and objectives before
    offering a comprehensive app development plan.
  • You can win the half battle once you have tied
    hands with the optimal app development
    organization. So, to develop a successful custom
    app, you have to find your app development
    partner foremost. To pick the best mobile app
    development company out of the gigantic pool, you
    must consider some pivotal factors.

10 Considerable Factors
Factor 1. Mull Over yourRequirements
  • Before you start hunting for the ideal mobile
    app development company, you have to first figure
    out what you exactly want? The app development
    industry is very wide, with multiple app
    launching platforms, programming languages, user
    interface technologies, and so much more. Thus,
    you have to first determine what type of app you
    want? Once you know what you want, you can easily
    find out the companies that can offer the precise
    services. To understand your requirements, just
    ask a series of questions from yourself
  • Which app development platform you want to
    target, i.e., Android, iOS, Windows, or others?
  • Do you want to develop native or hybrid apps?
  • How many features do you want to include in your
  • What are the probable estimate of your user base
    and targeted customers?

Factor 2. Go Through Reviews and Feedback
  • Once you have narrowed down your app requirements
    list, you have to move ahead and look for the
    mobile app development companies that offer
    services similar to your needs. There are plenty
    of local and remote app development companies
    present today. Thus, you should shortlist a few
    companies based on their feedback and reviews.
  • Foremost, you can ask your friends, family, or
    business associates to provide references for any
    app development company. Next, you can go online
    and start looking for the testimonials mentioned
    on the companies site or social media pages.
    Today, it is impossible not to find the social
    presence of a good app development company.
  • Several app development company review websites
    are also present, including ProductHunt,
    TechCrunch, Mashable, etc. From these websites,
    you can check the ratings or feedback of the
    company. The benefit of analyzing reviews and
    feedback is that you can better understand the
    companys strengths and weaknesses. In short, you
    can analyze the quality and experience of the
    company in a broader spectrum.

Factor 3. Check Portfolios
  • To get a basic idea about the companies
    technical depth and strategical approach, you
    have to go through their portfolios. You should
    check portfolios of various app development
    companies to get a fair idea regarding their
    capabilities. From the portfolio, you can get
    information regarding the experience and
    technologies used by them. This will show you
    whether a company can handle your project or not.

Factor 4. Strength of Developers
  • An app development company is nothing without
    its mobile app developer team. If a company
    doesnt have competent and skilled app
    developers, it cant provide the best quality
    services. Thus, you should examine the strength
    of mobile app developers working with the
  • Most companies disclose the credentials and
    experience of their developers on the companys
    website. But, if you dont find team information
    on the website, you can ask directly about the
    team. You should ask questions related to past
    work experience, technical knowledge,
    domain-specific knowledge of the developers. If a
    company has developers who can create an app
    according to your needs, only then should you
    hire such a company.

Factor 5. Measure Security Standards
  • It has been a problem for many enterprises that
    their app idea hit the market without their
    knowledge. Probably, some app development company
    doesnt follow the high-end security standard to
    protect project ideas. One small negligence on
    the idea protection part can create a humongous
    problem for you.
  • Thus, you should ensure that the development
    company follows strict guidelines to ensure your
    app designs safety. The app design and layout
    remain confidential before it is launched. Thats
    why the development company should sign the
    non-disclosure agreement with you to protect the
    rights of your app idea. Before signing the
    non-disclosure agreement with your development
    company, read all the terms and conditions of the
    agreement carefully.

Factor 6. Managerial andIn-house Strength
  • It isnt important for the management to possess
    technical knowledge, but it is a plus point if
    they have. If management has technical skills,
    they can better understand your technical
    requirements and ensure that developers adhere to
    them. Moreover, risk management becomes extra
    smother with the tech-savvy management team.
  • Apart from knowledgeable management, a company
    should have a complete in house team. In case of
    any trouble, the company should have the support
    of the different developers so that they can fix
    the issue without any hassle. The company should
    have a competent in house team to deal with any
    critical situation. Thus, communicate queries
    related to managements technical knowledge and
    in house competency with the company prior to

Factor 7. Delivery Schedule
  • One of the important norms of picking a
    development company would be measuring them on
    the delivery scale. Delivery needs to be timely
    without compromising the quality. If you want to
    launch your app on time, you have to bind your
    app development company with a timeline and take
    written confirmation. Always include the delivery
    details in the contract with the room for
    modifications because to get the perfect app
    some trials are required. So, pick the company
    that adheres to time.

Factor 8. Pocket-Friendly Solution
  • The cost of developing an app varies based on
    the features, platform, and functionality. Thus,
    when you are looking for an affordable app
    development solution, you have to compare prices
    quoted by multiple firms. You should not pick the
    cheapest or high priced company. Just focus on
    the quality of the services, but without breaking
    your bank.

Factor 9. High-end Test Measuring Standards
  • Mostly, custom apps are encountered with
    technical errors and bugs. If your app constantly
    fails or crashes, it will eventually lose the
    interest of the users. Thus, your app development
    company needs to offer you something more than
    the dynamic app design and development
  • The companies should follow some of the latest
    manual and automation Quality Assurance and
    testing measures to ensure that the final product
    doesnt have any technical errors or bugs by the
    time it arrives at the app stores. There are a
    series of pressure and performance tests
    available that app development companies can
    perform to analyze the apps smooth functionality.

Factor 10. Maintenance andRepair Services
  • A good mobile app development company doesnt
    leave the side of clients ever. They should
    provide technical maintenance and repair services
    after the launch of the app. It is a very common
    situation that the app encounters some issues
    while live on the App Store or Play Store.
    Therefore, the company should always be ready to
    handle troubleshoots.
  • Some companies even offer one or two-year free
    maintenance services to their clients. Moreover,
    apps need to be constantly upgraded with new
    features on the demand of users. Thus, you should
    keep the criteria of after-sale services
    prominently in your mind while selecting the
    ideal app development company.

Select Best MobileApp Development Company
  • The definition of the best app development
    company is different for everyone. For some,
    affordability is the key, and for some,
    after-sales services are important. Thus, you
    should select the best company based on your
  • However, if you are looking for a complete
    application development company with all the
    vital features, you can try the services of
    Protocloud Technology right way. From
    affordability, reliability, and authenticity to
    maintenance, our mobile app development team
    possesses all the qualities of the best mobile
    application design company.

(Protocloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)
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