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All You Need to Know About PPC Campaigning in 2020


Pay Per Click is a very popular appearance in digital marketing. It is the best convenient form of promotion. Be it generating leads, increasing sales, and growing brand awareness. Use it when you want instant outcomes. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: All You Need to Know About PPC Campaigning in 2020

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All You Need to Know About PPC Campaigning in 2020
  • PPC i.e. pay per click is a very popular form of
    digital marketing. It is the most convenient form
    of advertising as advertisers incur the costs
    only when users click their ads. Advertisers need
    to bid on the supposed value of a click with
    relation to audience type, keywords, platforms
    where it originates. You can use PPC for all
    types of campaign goals. Be it generating leads,
    increasing sales, or creating brand awareness.
    Use it when you need immediate results because a
    strategically crafted PPC campaign can provide
    you with tons of leads, traffic, and customers
    within a couple of hours of launching it.

  •  Best suited platforms for PPC
  • Google Ads is the best option for a PPC campaign
    as it runs on Google, Display Network sites, and
    Search Partner sites making it the largest
    pay-per-click platform. A 17-year-old medium,
    Google Ads was launched in October 2000. Since
    then, it has gone through several iterations. You
    can target small businesses to Fortune 500 all on
    this robust platform.
  • The next best option will be Microsoft
    Advertising. Just like Google Ads, it is a
    pay-per-click platform that shows ads on the
    Microsoft and Yahoo networks. It uses search
    partners also. It is mainly keyword-based
    advertising and has 137 million unique desktop
    searchers on the Bing Network as per
  • So what are you waiting for? Clients are
    searching for your products or services on the
  • As per a survey, around 93 of online activities
    start on a search engine. This gives your
    business millions of opportunities to be found on
    these searches through PPC.

  • Why is PPC important?
  • Another study shows that PPC advertising is among
    the top three sources for on-page conversions.
    You will be surprised to know that 65 of users
    who want to purchase something DO click on these
    ads! Whats more? Around 75 of people who search
    for some product or service do visit the store
    that they found online. That gives a good reason
    for any business owner or company to jump-start a
    PPC campaign of their own.

  • PPC advertising results
  • If you are a novice, we recommend you hire an
    experienced PPC specialist or an advertising
    specialist. It is a possibility you end up
    spending too much to get the benefits of PPC
    advertising. The best part of PPC is that you can
    set a budget for it. It can be as low as 5 a day
    to 500 or even more! It entirely depends on your

  • 8 Major Benefits of using a PPC Campaign in 2020
  • 1 Get the first look with PPC advertising
  • Just like walking in a store and spotting what
    you want, PPC advertising makes your ad appear
    above all search results. Its the first thing
    surfers will see when they type their search
    query. And being on top search results means
    higher conversion rates.
  • 2 Instant results with PPC with quality traffic
  • PPC is fast to give results. You can reach
    thousands of people who are searching for your
    product and service. Moreover, as people are
    searching for the problems you solve, you will be
    able to pull quality traffic. It will boost your
    website traffic as well. See how PPC advertising
    gets you thousands of clicks on your website.

  • 3 Get measurable outputs with PPC
  • Measure your ROI on PPC advertising by tracking
    which ad, keywords, or placements are driving the
    maximum return. Install conversion tracking to
    see the number of actual conversions. You can
    later use these metrics to make informed
    decisions for your PPC campaign. As search
    traffic gives the best conversion rates, you
    position your business to get more conversions by
    being on search engines.
  • 4 Independent from SEO or changes in Google
  • PPC advertising is very safe, unlike other
    organic methods. You need not be dependent on the
    changes that Google makes in its algorithms, or
    your websites optimization. PPC advertising is
    all about numbers. The amount of money you spend
    and the amount of return you get.

  • 5 Helps build your SEO
  • Strategize your SEO to its best through the
    insights you gain through your PPC advertising.
    It helps you identify the valuable keywords for
    your business. Some search keywords drive maximum
    conversions. PPC advertising helps you reach
    potential customers and educate them, but most
    importantly helps them make an informed decision.
  • 6 Smarter than other forms of advertising
  • PPC advertisers have immense data at their
    discretion and this gives them an advantage over
    other forms of advertising. As a PPC advertiser,
    you can advertise to your email contacts, website
    visitors, or people who visited your store. These
    increase repeat purchases from old clients. PPC
    also drives offline sales. When you have a
    physical location, clients will come to your
    store after seeing your ad. Though the
    transaction was not online, it started with an
    online search.

  • 7 Increases your brand recognition with PPCs
    targeted approach
  • Make people aware of your brands presence in the
    market through PPC advertising. Visitors on your
    site may not always purchase unless they are
    aware of what you offer. You will get an even
    better outcome if you can target your campaign by
    keywords at various locations. Hundreds of
    keywords are targeted at a time. Peoples online
    behavior and interests can also be targeted for
    precise results. Attain higher precision than
    traditional advertising and organic search.

  • 8 Pay only for what you gain
  • PPC is mainly popular because of its structure of
    payment. Only when someone clicks on your ad,
    you need to pay. This is very beneficial to
    businesses because even if 20,000 people saw your
    ad but only 100 clicked on it means you pay only
    for the 100 clicks. You can also set your
    campaign where you pay for conversions only! This
    gives a huge advantage to small businesses
    against huge companies when it comes to budget.
    Moreover, it allows you to look at results in
    real-time, which lets you decide if any
    adjustments are needed for the campaign.
  • When you need fast growth, and high sales
    immediately, PPC advertising is the way to go.
    You miss out on potential leads and sales every
    minute that you are not in the search engines.
    Knowing all competitors use it all the time
    without networking, or other advertising this is
    the best form of advertising with the best ROI
    for your business. Plan your strategies keeping
    pay-per-click in mind always and see the results
    by day one!

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