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Cambodia Air Conditioner (AC) Volume, by Types (Room, Commercial) Analysis


Cambodia Air Conditioner Volume more than 140 Thousand Units in 2019. By Types Room AC [Window, Split(single & multi) & Commercial AC (PAC)] and Share Analysis – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Cambodia Air Conditioner (AC) Volume, by Types (Room, Commercial) Analysis

Cambodia Air Conditioner Volume
Cambodia Air Conditioner Volume
Cambodia Air Conditioner Volume
Cambodias air conditioner market is expected to
grow in the upcoming years. The main reason for
this growth is raising temperature and humidity
level in this Asian country. Recently Cambodia
has imported air conditioners from Thailand to
fulfill its requirement for air
conditioners. The demand for air conditioner has
risen due to growth in the middle-class
population and increasing urbanization in the
country. The use of energy-efficient, inverter
supported, and IoT based air conditioner will
boost the air conditioner market in Cambodia. Air
Conditioner demand in Cambodia was more than 140
Thousand Units in the year 2019. The market for
Air Conditioner in Cambodia is growing year on
year, this growth is due to rising middle class
population, increasing number of houses,
buildings and other structures comprising demand
of Room Air Conditioners (RAC), including window
type and small-sized split type ACs as well as
Commercial Air Conditioners.
Cambodia Air Conditioner Volume
Cambodia Air Conditioner Volume
RAC demand is given from 2016 to 2019 and
Commercial Air Conditioners demand is given
from 2013 to 2019. Cambodia Air Conditioner
demand was more than 140 Thousand Units in the
year 2019. This report contains Air Conditioner
sales volume of houses, buildings, and other
structures, and completed units including heat
pump types for both cooling and heating. Portable
type ACs and fan coil units used for a hydronic
system are excluded in the report. In the report
Room Air Conditioner sales volume consist window
type and small-sized split type ACs as well as
residential-use multi systems. Commercial Air
Conditioners demand consists of commercial-use
medium/large-sized split type ACs, remote
condenser type ACs, single packaged ACs, and VRF
systems, including unitary type ACs and unitary
type heat pumps.
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Cambodia Air Conditioner Volume
Cambodia Air Conditioner Volume
  • This report is divided into 8 Chapters
  • Introduction  First Chapter provides the
    introduction of Cambodia Air Conditioner Market.
  • 2. Executive Summary  Third Chapter provides
    executive summary of the report, key points of
    Cambodia Air Conditioner Sales Volume are given
    in this chapter.
  • 3. Cambodia Air Conditioner (AC) Volume  This
    chapter provides consolidated sales number of Air
    Conditioner in Cambodia. The numbers are covered
    for each year from 2013 to 2019.
  • 4. Volume Share Cambodia Air Conditioner
    (AC)  This report covers sales of Room Air
    Conditioner and Commercial Air Conditioner, sales
    volume share from the year 2013 to 2019.
  • 5.   Cambodia Room Air Conditioners This report
    covers sales of Cambodia Room Air Conditioners
    from the year 2013 to 2019.

Cambodia Air Conditioner Volume
Cambodia Air Conditioner Volume
7.   Cambodia Commercial Air Conditioners  This
report covers Cambodia Commercial Air
Conditioners sales volume for year 2013 to
2019 8.   Segments of Commercial Air PAC
Conditioners Segments of Commercial Air PAC
Conditioner Sales Volume is provided in this
Cambodia Air Conditioner Volume
Cambodia Air Conditioner Volume
  • Table of Contents and List of Figures
  •  Introduction
  • 2.  Executive Summary
  • 3.  Cambodia Air Conditioner (AC) Volume
  • 4.  Cambodia Air Conditioner Volume Share
  • 5.  Room Air Conditioner (RAC) Sales Volume
  • 6.  Segments Room Air Conditioners
  • 6.1  Window-Type Air Conditioner Sales Volume
    6.2  Split-Type Air Conditioner Sales
    Volume6.3  Split-Type (Multi) Air Conditioner
    Sales Volume
  • 7.  Commercial Air Conditioner Sales Volume
  • 8.  Segments Commercial Air Conditioners

Cambodia Air Conditioner Volume
Cambodia Air Conditioner Volume
List of Figures Figure-01        Cambodia Air
Conditioner (AC) Volume (Thousand), 2013
2019 Figure-02        Cambodia Air Conditioner
(AC) Volume Share by Room AC Commercial
(Percent), 2013 2019  Figure-03      
 Cambodia Room Air Conditioner (RAC) Volume in
(Thousand), 2013 2019 Figure-04      
 Cambodia Window-Type Air Conditioner Volume in
(Thousand), 2016 2019 Figure-05      
 Cambodia Split-Type Air Conditioner Volume in
(Thousand), 2016 2019 Figure-06      
 Cambodia Split-Type (Multi) Air Conditioner
Volume in (Thousand), 2017 2019 Figure-07  
     Cambodia Commercial Air Conditioner Volume
in (Thousand), 2013 2019 Figure-08      
 Cambodia Commercial PAC Air Conditioner Volume
in (Thousand), 2013 2019
Cambodia Air Conditioner Volume
Cambodia Air Conditioner Volume
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Cambodia Air Conditioner Volume
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