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Sunscreens Gel is a lot less harmful than the sun


We all know that beauty brands use chemicals in their products but how much sunscreen gel can be harmful compare to the sun and get to know the best Sunscreen gel SPF 50 without harmful chemicals in this ppt – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Sunscreens Gel is a lot less harmful than the sun

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Skin Problem from Sun Skin cancer and other skin
problem that is caused by the sun are the most
common in India, Most are caused by prolonged
contact with UV rays, which are also the cause of
sunburn, premature aging of the skin, and
cataracts. To protect you from this, the FDA
recommends applying 2mg/cm2 of sunscreen gel to
achieve maximum benefits
Safety measurements on Sunscreen gel However,
the safety and the composition of these
protective screens cause concern, especially on
the Internet. Sunscreens are accused, among other
things, of containing Toxic substances and
nanoparticles which can cause cancer Promote the
development of melanoma, or lead to vitamin D
deficiency, which is linked by the medical
community to metabolic diseases including
osteoporosis and rickets in children, and to skin
cancer. While the majority of these claims stem
from misinterpretations of scientific studies,
some deserve attention to demystify the
dangerousness of sunscreens.
Toxic substances in Sunscreen gel There are two
types of active agents in a sunscreen gel
chemical filters, composed of organic molecules
that penetrate the skin, and mineral filters.
Which acts as a barrier to the surface of the
epidermis. Some broad-spectrum products, which
protect against both UVA and UVB rays,
combine. Most of the gel sunscreen available in
stores contain one or more of 17 chemical
including avobenzone, Mexoryl SX, octinoxate, and
Harmful ingredients in Sunscreen Gel According
to the Environmental Working Group (EWG),
oxybenzone, also known as benzophenone 3, can
mimic the behavior of hormones. At least in fish
that were exposed o high doses. In humans, the
only health problem identified is
photodermatitis, a skin reaction triggered in
some people by exposure to the sun. The
octinoxate and enzacamène have, for their part, a
low potential to act as a hormone and thus the
possibility of disrupting the reproductive system
of rats who eat. This does not correspond to the
normal use of Sunscreen Gel and prevent any
extrapolation of the results of human Beyond
filters, there is another ingredient pointed out
retinyl palmitate, also known as retinol. This
derivative of vitamin A is added to sunscreens to
reduce the aging of the skin. A 2012 study by
the US Toxicology Program showed that retinol
accelerated the development of tumours and skin
lesions in mice exposed to UV light. But it is
difficult to extrapolate this observation to the
risks of skin cancer in humans. In short, we can
choose to avoid these ingredients out of
sunscreen at least retinyl palmitate, but for the
moment, it has not been shown that they are
harmful to humans.
Do not inhale Sunscreen gel Nanoparticles can,
however, cause lung damage when inhaled, which is
the case when choosing sunscreen spray. In
short, the nanoparticles contained in mineral
sunscreens are not harmful to health either,
unless they are inhaled, for example by using
sunscreen spray. In this case, they can cause
lung damage.
Which Sunscreen Gel is Best It could be hard for
you to find the right product without all these
harmful ingredients. Most of the cases popular
brands use these ingredients. But here is one
brand Derma Essentia that offers the safest
Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 in India. That you can buy
from their website where they have mentioned
their ingredients of Sunscreen Gel SPF 50.