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How To Find Correct Curtains Online


Before you can choose the perfect drapes for your space, it's vital to get the correct window and curtain measurements. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Find Correct Curtains Online

How To Find Correct Curtains Blinds
How To Find Correct Curtains
  • Tip 1 Type
  • There can be many different types of curtains and
    blinds. Curtains are usually made of fabric with
    different thickness. But when it comes to blinds,
    they are mostly used as per the size of a window
    frame and hence their length and width are custom
    made accordingly. Standard blinds are 1/2-inch or
    1-inch in depth, and these are also known as
    mini-blinds. There are also Venetian blinds in
    which the depth is about 2-inches. As discussed
    earlier, they can be available in many types of
    tones and colors but likely wont be patterned.
    They can be a good selection for the bedroom, as
    they can effectively block much of the light from
    passing through.

How To Find Correct Curtains
  • Tip 2 Type
  • The material of the curtains should be chosen
    correctly.Curtains can be available in cloth as
    well as plastic material. Within cloth itself,
    you can get many types of options.
  • There can be thick material like a rug or
    interwoven material that can help in blocking
    light completely from entering the room.
  • There can be others which can be a bit lighter so
    that some light can pass through them.
  • This type of curtain will be well-suited for a
    living room or dining room where some amount of
    natural light is encouraging, whereas the former
    type of curtain might be better suited for the

How To Find Correct Curtains
  • Tip 3 Color Design
  • While selecting a curtain, it is essential to
    understand the color, style and interiors of your
  • Look at the color of your walls and choose either
    a matching or contrasting color for the curtains
    and blinds.
  • They can help in making a room look more
    attractive if a proper choice is made.

How To Find Correct Curtains
  • Tip 4 Room To Be Installed In
  • You should keep the room under consideration
    while selecting curtains and blinds. This is
    because if you select a half curtain for a living
    room, that may not suit the space.
  • Similarly, if you install a horizontal blind over
    a small window, its effects may not be
    pronounced, and it may not look great.
  • Thick curtains and blinds are suitable for
    bedrooms, while lighter ones are good choices for
    living rooms, depending on how much light you
    want to enter inside.
  • Therefore, the dimension of doors and windows,
    and their placement, should be considered before
    deciding whether you need a curtain or a blind
    for the purpose.

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