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InMotion Hosting – A Exclusive Hosting Company’s View


WordPress hosting (WP) remains the largest, but it's losing some momentum to the site builders on the market, as consumers really need an all in 1 solution. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: InMotion Hosting – A Exclusive Hosting Company’s View

InMotion Hosting A Exclusive Hosting Companys
  • InMotion has been in commercial since 2001, and
    has remained competing positively with large,
    publicly traded companies, despite being a
    privately owned company. Sunil shared with me
    what he see as the factors for the company's
    achievement, in addition to its latest offerings
    and plans for your future.
  • HostAdvice You are a single holding business in
    the manufacturing. Despite your dimension (Ranked
    20 from the US according to our research) you're
    privately owned.
  • Many years ago, when the hosting industry was
    still in its infancy, it had been hard competing
    against conglomerates such as EIG or the
    advertising budget which GoDaddy entities had.
    But over time, we stuck toward what left us
    succeed in the first place, which was our focus
    to client services. We know how saturated the
    hosting space is and here are a lot of companies
    out there whose service isn't up to par with the
    customer's expectations. InMotion Hosting was
    formed beneath the rule that clients come first,
    and over the years clients have spread the word
    about us letting us attain our 15th year of
    operation, since our beginning in 2001. So we
    believe being an independent, employee owned and
    operated firm is actually an advantage, as
    consumers these days don't like being a client of
    a publicly traded company whose objective is to
    appease their shareholders.

  • HostAdvice What is behind your approach to
    concentrate on Linux servers - why not cater to a
    programmer that prefers .Net and wants a Windows
  • Our choice to proceed with Linux servers needed
    to do with stability and scalability. Since 2001,
    we know that .NET has come a long way and is
    significantly more stable than previously, but
    we've been happy with the choice to be Linux
    specific through recent years. What's gaining
    momentum and which is losing speed, and , in your
  • WordPress hosting (WP) remains the largest, but
    it's losing some momentum to the site builders on
    the market, as consumers really need an all in 1
    solution. Hosting and WP are seen as pieces of
    this puzzle, rather than the true solution, so
    we've seen a decrease in that CMS space. InMotion
    Hosting is attempting to close that gap by
    producing a WP net builder which turns your WP
    install into a drag-and-drop builder it is named That is something we launched this
    past year and have tens of thousands of customers
    on it building sites quicker and more readily.
    Drupal is gaining greater momentum on the
    Enterprise level and has a great foothold with
    .edu and large business clients. This is based on
    conventions and word of mouth in the business.

  • HostAdvice You don't offer hosting. A. What are
    the advantages of using your VPS hosting vs
    hosting? B. If someone insists on cloud hosting,
    which service would you recommend (AWS, Google,
    Azure, etc.)?
  • Really, perhaps this could be the first
    announcement for this, but we're close to
    launching a pure cloud product. We have listened
    to our customers and are producing the product as
    we speak. We just released the brand new Higher
    Availability VPS servers in February of 2016,
    which gives higher end platform tools to the
    masses on a VPS. We're the first to do this just
    like we were the first to provide free SSDs with
    our VPS. Within the next few months, we'll be
    introducing a pure cloud merchandise, so we'd let
    clients to return to us in the not too distant
  • HostAdvice Where is your customer service
    situated (US/outsourced) and what are the
    principal advantages of that?
  • We are pleased to tell our customers that our
    support isn't just 100 US based, but they are
    our workers, trained by us and operates within
    our office not a third party hired because a
    telephone center. Each one of our employees is
    trained in-house and managed internally. No one
    is outsourced.
  • HostAdvice Where's the customer service situated
    (US/outsourced) and what are the principal
    benefits of this?
  • As stated earlier, we had been the first ones to
    place free SSDs on VPS platforms. What we did was
    attentively do some advertising analyses and a
    client survey to see what attributes are the most
    wanted. We listened and created a product in line
    with our clients' needs. Since that revamp this
    past year, we have kept before the game, and are
    constantly updating the stage to find the men and
    women exactly what they need. The greater
    Availability is just one of those upgrades. And
    moving forward, we will have that cloud product
    as well to handle everyone's needs. We have
    managed to remain ahead by listening to what our
    customers desire.

  • HostAdvice What is your marketing strategy
    focusing on?
  • Product. We've lacked a product team internally
    for several years, but only a couple years ago we
    created a staff specifically to figure out what
    the customers want and aligned our products
    accordingly. Among the initial projects for that
    group was that VPS revamp, and that has been a
    massive success. So we are continuing with
    producing better and bigger products for our
    client base to utilize.
  • HostAdvice what's your marketing strategy
    focusing on?
  • HostAdvice It's been 15 years since you began
    Inmotion Hosting. What would you do differently
    today, when awaiting?
  • Use better hardware. There was one time in the
    very beginning where we'd tried to spare a few
    dollars by going with a less costly hardware
    vendor for some'similar' products. Ever since
    that time, we've always utilized the cover of the
    line Dell servers and parts. However, if we could
    go back in time, we would not have gone with an
    alternate hardware solution for our clients. We
    will never make that mistake again and we are
    glad we learned that lesson very early on