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Mistakes to avoid with your sunscreen gel


Protecting yourself from the sun is important but there are many things that you are going mistake with your sun protection sunscreen gel. So get to know in this PPT and avoid mistakes with your sun protection. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Mistakes to avoid with your sunscreen gel

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Thinking that sunburn is the only danger to
avoid What happens You think that by exposing
yourself in small doses, you are avoiding
sunburn, which remains in your eyes the main
damage that the sun can do to your skin. The
dermatologist responds "Sunburn is very
unpleasant, but it is an epiphenomenon compared
to skin aging and cancers induced by UVA
rays".  Sunburn is caused by 90 by UVB Ray and
UVA responsible mainly for skin aging and
cancer. And that's the whole problem there is
no clinical sign, no warning message indicating
that we have taken too much UVA. And if we
protect ourselves from UVB without protecting
ourselves from UVA, we also deprive ourselves
of the signal that is sunburn. But in fact, sun
protection has evolved and there is no longer
any sunscreen gel that wouldn't protect against
UVB rays without also protecting against UVA
rays. The regulations impose the following ratio
the anti UVA protection must be equal to or
greater than one-third of the anti-UVB protection.
Satisfied with an SPF 15 when you have dark skin
or already tanned What happens as your skin
supports the sun very well, and is already
tanned, you only put an SPF 15, thinking that it
is good enough. You believe that tanned skin is
protected skin. Sunscreen SPF 15 is
insufficient because, in real life, you never
put in the required quantity, so you have to
divide your solar index by two for low indices,
or even by four for the highest
indices. Dermatologist recommend using Sunscreen
Gel SPF 50 for best protection
Relying only on sunscreen gel for protection What
happens By applying the Sunscreen Gel SPF 50,
you feel that you are protected and that you can
expose yourself as much as you want. The
dermatological answer Sunscreen Gel is not
enough. If there is one point on which
dermatologists are insistent, it is
this Sunscreen Gel is not the only tool for sun
protection, far from it.  Their message is not
to voluntarily expose you in a lounge chair to
tan during the hottest hours, because all
indirect exposure is more than enough to take
color. Sun protection is first and foremost a
question of behavior.
Forgetting to get over it after getting out of
the water What is happening waterproof Sunscreen
gel SPF 50 is advertised as resistant or even
very resistant to water? So you put some before
swimming. When you get out of the bath, you skip
the reapplication, feeling that you are still
well protected. The dermatologist answer the
most recent sun products formulated to resist
water perform well, but in some cases, you need
to reapply after bathing. As a reminder, waterproo
f Sunscreen gel SPF 50 is formulated to hold
even after two 20-minute baths, and a very
water-resistant product with four 20-minute
baths But these conditions remain theoretical,
in the laboratory under standardized conditions,
and sometimes it is better to reapply the product.
Start using sunscreen gel SPF 50 sunscreen Your
tube from last year is still at the bottom of
your bag, you'd rather finish it before you start
the new Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 by Derma Essentia
A dermatologist recommendation. Beware of an
open tube of cream, even if it can be used for 12
months. The product is often abused (sand, heat,
etc.), but it is formulated to resist it. You can
very well end your hit from last year if this
12-month deadline is not exceeded.
Derma Essentia Sunscreen SPF 50 Gel / Gel Based
Sunscreen active ingredient 
Natural ingredients are Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmeth
ane,  Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Butylene
Glycol, Benzophenone-3, Phospholipids, Saxifraga S
armentosa extract, Glycerine, Thermus Thermophillu
s Ferment, Aloe vera extract, extract, Biosacchari
de gum 4, Carbomer, Triethanolamine,
Phenoxyethanol Fragrance. To remove tan from
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