Important Features to Consider When Developing a Successful Social Media App - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Important Features to Consider When Developing a Successful Social Media App


Want to develop a successful social media apps like Facebook? Check out important features to consider when developing a successful social media app – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Important Features to Consider When Developing a Successful Social Media App

Important Features to Consider When Developing a
Successful Social Media App
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Social media, at present, forms an important part
of the internet. When you think of the last time
you used a PC device, laptop or mobile, chances
are high that you used one or the other popular
social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp,
Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
Social media apps dominate the app world by
providing the users with a comprehensive source
of online content. Regular users and social media
application development experts are quite aware
of the addictive power these platforms possess. A
small notification from any of your favourite
social media apps is enough to draw your
attention, irrespective of what you are doing.
That being said, its no surprise that social
media apps dominate smartphone users time.
When we talk about social media, the spectrum is
not just limited to the popular apps but includes
a host of other domains such as social media
website development as well. Incorporating useful
and common social media features in your app
makes a strong impact on the reputation and
growth of your business. An intellectually and
strategically developed social media app promises
impressive outcomes and brings about a fruitful
revolution in your business. Before considering
the important features of social media, lets
understand the numerous advantages involved
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Humanizing your brand
  • Establishment of your brand as a thought leader
  • Traffic generation
  • Boost to sales
  • Promotion of content

Features That A Successful Social Media App Must
  • Ease Of Connectivity
  • Social media apps are built with a common thing
    in mind-to bring together different internet
    users. The popular platform is utilized
    world-wide to connect with friends, family,
    colleagues, and others. It is nothing but natural
    then that the ease of connectivity forms the
    basis of building a successful social media app
    and equally successful social networking website
    development. For the purpose, your app and social
    media website design must have seamless
    navigation features. The process of signing in,
    logging in, or interacting should all be
    hassle-free. Your app must require small efforts
    from users to connect.

2. Extensive Customization Of Individual
Profiles One of the highly preferred features,
as observed by experts is the users ability to
customize his/her profile in order to stand out.
The world has moved beyond the usage of only
avatars in image displays to actual images of the
users. The advancements in technology have also
enhanced a users ability to upload videos or
images of their personal lives. The recent trend
clearly indicates that the better the users are
able to customize their pages, the happier they
are. To this effect, the addition of filters,
special fonts, and other ground-breaking effects
might work in your favour when developing a
social media app.
3. Ability To Expand User Following One of the
best examples here is Instagram. The platform has
thousands of millions of users from all across
the globe. As a result, a fan following can
easily be built across the app. anyone with some
talent can easily have a huge fan-base in a
relatively short period of time on the app. App
developers must take cues from Instagram and make
it as simple as possible. The easier it is for
users to connect and find a following, the
quicker do they get accustomed to the app and
want to use it more. It not just enhances the
social image of the app but also motivates the
users to post content.
4. Choosing The Right Platform In todays
advanced world, mobile app developers have the
opportunity to launch their apps on many
different platforms such as Android, Windows,
iOS, and more. However, it is not in your best
interest to launch the app on all the platforms
in the initial stages of your app development.
That platform must be chosen that best supports
your features and has the best interactive
medium. A platform that supports different
devices can help improve the performance of the
5. Easy Integration With Other Social Media
Platforms If you want your app to quickly gain
popularity, it is important to incorporate it
with other top social media apps such as Twitter,
LinkedIn and Facebook. Outbound sharing works to
your advantage. It not only enhances the
popularity of your app but also leads to an
increase in the number of organic users.
Additionally, users must be able to invite their
friends to use messaging channels such as SMS,
Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and more. A
personalized experience can be made possible via
deferred deep linking.
6. Privacy And Security Social media is aimed at
promoting user interaction. However, in the
absence of adequate privacy and security
features, lines can be crossed. Users might end
up losing their important data or personal
information. This can lead to cyber-crimes. With
the provision of advanced levels of privacy and
security, all of this can be avoided. It builds a
users trust. Therefore, proper measures must be
taken to maintain security at the highest levels.
7. Notification And News Feed A successful
social media app integrates and compresses all of
a users activities into a single view. It paves
the way for easy discovery of all the contents.
Its news feed acts as an important tool to
generate a constant flow of pertinent content
including videos, photos, articles, etc. to
enhance discovery as well as interaction amongst
users.Other important features of social
networking sites and apps include user support,
consistent updates, bug fixes, ability to post
reviews, update statuses, leave comments,
like/dislike content, share different forms of
content, etc.
Conclusion Social media app development requires
great experience, expertise, and know-how. An
expert can comprehend the mind-set of the target
audience to make it successful in the long run.
Hiring a professional mobile app development
company can help you accomplish your purpose to
convert your idea into a business-driven app.
Thank you
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