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How a website impacts the growth on your forex brokerage business


It’s the year 2020 and there is no denying that we have a very thriving digital ecosystem which we participate in parallel to our regular lives. The advent of gadgets keeps growing day in day out with ever so capable laptops and desktops, the almost indispensable smartphone and we are moving into smartwatches as well these days! for more details contact us at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How a website impacts the growth on your forex brokerage business

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Why is having a website necessary in todays time?
  • Gone are the days where a simple business card
    and a big logo outside your office building is
    sufficient to establish your name in the Forex
    brokerage market.
  • In order to thrive in the rapid-paced digital
    era, it has become imperative for businesses to
    have an established digital presence, which is
    seen in the form of a website.

10 Impactful ways in which a website can amplify
the progress of your business
Core Idea
  • A well thought out website with a neat design can
    have a tremendous effect on your business
  • As we stated before, having a good digital
    presence has become very paramount these days and
    the fact is that your forex business website is
    what makes the first impression to your client.
  • More than that, having a good website will impact
    your brokerage business growth primarily by
    giving it a massive boost in terms of visibility
    and brand credibility.

Feature 1
  • The most optimal online marketing method
  • The power and impact of internet marketing is
    something that cant be stressed enough these
  • In the age when everyone is looking for the
    answer to any questions, they have through search
    engines like, having a website puts
    you directly in front of their eyes.
  • Once they find you, you can give them
    comprehensive details about your products,
    offerings, services, USPs, special offers and
    what not.

Feature 2
  • Creating an impactful first impression
  • Just having a website simply isnt enough to make
    a good first impression on your clients and
  • You should try your best to strike the right
    balance between quirky and easy-to-use. In fact,
    if you feel that you dont wish to risk it, a
    simple and elegant approach to design always
  • Remember, to always give priority to user
    experience whilst concluding on the design of
    your website. You can avail the services of
    professionals who offer custom forex website
    design services and know whats the best for your

Feature 3
  • Establish authority in your segment
  • When people type a search query on any search
    engine, it wont come to you as a surprise, that
    they always prefer going for the topmost search
  • By holding the top positions on a search result,
    your brokerage can establish a dominant position
    in your business domain.
  • By filling your website with compelling content
    and utilizing the proper SEO (Search Engine
    Optimization) tools, you can rise through the
    ranks and the top spots in search queries,
    instantly making you the preferred choice for
    your customers.

Feature 4
  • Manage your marketing database with CRM
  • In conjunction with having a good website, you
    will also have to indulge in online marketing.
    Your website should definitely have fill-up
    forms, subscription buttons and so on so that you
    can stay in touch with the people interested in
    availing your services.
  • A CRM software will basically help you collect
    all the incoming customer data and do all the
    storing, organizing and arrangement on its own.
  • This will come particularly handy when you have
    thousands of interactions with visitors on a
    daily basis.

Feature 5
  • Educate your visitors and gain their trust
  • For the financial market, many concepts can get
    quite confusing. This is where you as a brokerage
    business can capitalize the opportunity to
    educate your customers and garner their trust in
  • You can put up an assortment of educational
    content like blogs, videos, seminars, newsletters
    etc. and offer your customers every bit of
    information about the market that you can.
  • When you show your customers that you have sound
    knowledge about what you are doing, you impart
    them with the confidence that they can have faith
    in what you do and go ahead with what you offer.

Feature 6
  • Review your efforts with analytics
  • Data is the most valuable currency in the online
    world. When it comes to a forex business website,
    theres a lot you can do with the information of
    the visitors you get.
  • By using analytics tools like Google Analytics,
    you will get to know a lot about your visitors
    such as their location, the device they are on,
    the browser they are using, and so on.
  • Based on the data you receive, you can make
    improvements to your website or your business
    offerings. This will allow you to stay on top of
    your game at all times.

Feature 7
  • Expand your reach across the world
  • Thanks to the internet, geographical limitations
    are a thing of the past.
  • Anyone sitting in any part of the world can
    pretty much see your website and what you have to
  • Even if they cant directly avail your services
    in the region they are in, they can very well
    recommend it to someone else who may be able to.

Feature 8
  • Keep your business up to date with ease
  • In the event that you are making changes to your
    offerings such as your trading schemes or new
    products that you wish to sell, having a website
    makes the process as simple as it can get.
  • With the latest content management systems
    available nowadays, anyone in your brokerage firm
    can edit the content present on your website in a
    very uncomplicated manner, without the necessity
    of hiring a professional.
  • Most importantly, these changes take place
    immediately the moment you click a Save button
    on the CMS. You can save your money to invest on
    the bigger projects or major revamps.

Feature 9
  • Enhance your Customer Service
  • One of the best aspects of having a forex
    business website is that you can cater to your
    customer concerns in a much more streamlined
  • Starting from having a dedicated FAQs section to
    answer common doubts to Chatbot integration to
    live chat support, theres a lot you can do to
    assist your customers effectively.
  • You can also set up contact forms and email
    options and allow them to have a more direct
    conversation with you. This form of 2-way
    conversation support aids a great deal in
    improving their trust in you as a company, thus
    funnelling in more business.

Feature 10
  • Cross-Platform Integration
  • All forex business websites nowadays have become
    very intuitive and responsive and automatically
    shrink or resize themselves to fit on a mobile
    screen and scroll effortlessly.
  • Sanfrixs proprietary web trader application
    works on the same concept of ease of use across
    different platforms.
  • It can function on any browser on any operating
    system and functions without the necessity to
    download any additional applications.

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