Dental Hygiene Tips for Your Healthier Teeth by Dentist Brampton - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dental Hygiene Tips for Your Healthier Teeth by Dentist Brampton


Bad dental health is not a good sign of a healthy life and it impacts our whole body. Know how to take care of your oral health here are the best dental hygiene tips for your healthier Teeth by Bramcountry Dental best dentist in Brampton. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Dental Hygiene Tips for Your Healthier Teeth by Dentist Brampton

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Brush your teeth correctly and effectively Poor
oral hygiene affects your quality of life and
seriously affects your teeth and gums. It
is recommended by the Dentist in Brampton that
you must brush your teeth twice a day, or ideally
after eating your meal, and floss before
brushing, at least once a day.  This should be
done with a soft toothbrush and fluoride
toothpaste, following the proper technique. The
purpose of this is to guarantee the elimination
of dental plaque and food residues while being
gentle enough to protect your enamel. To do
this, clean your mouth by holding the toothbrush
at 45 , straddling the teeth and the gum,
adopting a roller motion. Brush the top and
bottom teeth separately and all of their faces.
Brush your teeth at least for 2 minutes. To
clean surfaces that the toothbrush does not
reach, dental floss is an essential asset! Choose
a dental floss that fits your teeth and clean
each tooth separately, using a new part of the
floss for each tooth.
Maintain a good diet If you will eat healthy
food your teeth and body will feel
healthy. Dentist in Brampton have already
mentioned many times that you must limit your
intake of soda drinks and fast food and most
important too much sweet, avoid that. These
affect your tooth enamel and promote the
formation of dental caries. You must take
incorporate balanced food into your diet that
provides you with the right nutrients, vitamins,
and minerals.
Quit smoking If you are smoking, through it. The
consumption of tobacco, in all its forms,
seriously affects the teeth as well as the gums
and is one of the main risk factors for oral
cancer. Tobacco is responsible for a decrease in
oxygenation of the gums, which makes them much
more vulnerable to infections.
Limit your alcohol consumption Limit amount of
alcohol will not affect your body badly, because
a limited amount of alcohol can is beneficial for
you but consumption that in excess will affect
your teeth, body, and brain. Excessive
consumption is a major risk factor for oral
Drinking Water Dehydration is not good for the
human body. The more we drink water then more
beautiful and healthy we will be. Same with
teeth, Dehydration in the mouth is likely to be
affected by several oral problems such as bad
breath, gingivitis. Remember to hydrate yourself
sufficiently, and this, at all times. Dentist
nearby Brampton recommends drinking at least 2 to
3-liter water a day for better oral health.
Visit the dentist regularly Our last tip, but
not the least, is to visit your nearby Dentist
Brampton regularly for your cleaning exam and to
monitor your oral health.  It could be tough to
keel details about ever thing for your dental
care. And the toughest thing is to stay away from
the tasty food that you can't eat. The
appropriate number of visits is one to two visits
per year. It Will help you to get to know whether
can you drink soda or not according to your
dental health report.
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