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Stuck in lockdown and finding it difficult to go to a parlour? No worries, here giving you suggestion of the best skincare product to give you the best skin at home – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Lockdown and no parlours? Get Glowing Skin at
home with the Best Skin care Products
Having a Habit of looking at a mirror at all
times? Touching your Skin now and then to check
its condition? Dont worry this is completely
normal. When our skin looks better we also feel
better and it also helps our self confidence. As
Skin is the largest organ in our body so it is
very essential for our general health, if we
help taking care of it, it will help taking care
of us, so now we understand why its important to
take care of our skin. Now the next question is,
why do we need to use skin care products to take
care of our Skin? Our skin cells are shedding on
a daily basis, so taking care of it daily is
very important. As a famous saying goes,
prevention is better than cure so by applying a
skin care product like face toner, a good
moisturizer can prevent invasive treatment down
the road. At the same time, we live in a time
where there is so much pollution and the weather
is changing constantly, so its very important to
take care of our skin condition now rather than
regretting it later. Choosing the right natural
skin care products is very important because it
can make our skin better or spoil it , choosing
a product that has less chemicals and
its ingredients are naturally extracted ,it will
help to make our skin better naturally and that
is what these following products will provide.
These are the products it provides that help our
skin be at its best at all times.
Whitening face Moisturiser
Applying moisturizer daily is a good habit for
maintaining a fabulous skin. The reason is that
our skin especially the area of our
face,ears,neck and chest are very sensitive to
the changes in the environment around us, and
they are the most frequent area of the body
known for developing skin cancer, since these
area shed skin cells more rapidly than any other
part of the body and therefore we need to
moisturise to repair itself , in the process it
allow younger skin cells to rise to the surface
and while we apply moisturiser we end up
massaging our skin which help to stimulate blood
circulation and new cell generation. Whitening
face Moisturiser cream helps to add vitamin A
and vitamin B5 which increase fairness and build
moisture levels in our skin, it also brings in
antioxidant vitamin C and E which helps to
protect new skin and fight skin damage. It helps
to even the skin tone,it solves the problem of
acne prone skin, dull skin and so gives
sensitive skin the boost it needs to repair
itself and stay healthy. by doing so it will
help to bring brightness in our skin. Applying
whitening face moisturiser everyday will help
reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness
or oiliness since both are harmful for skin and
cause common skin conditions for acne. At the
same time daily moisturizer ensures that the
skins blemishes are camouflaged . That is
because moisturizing tends to make the skin have
a slight sheen and those with any tint or self
tanner even out different skin tones. The most
important time to use moisturizer is after a
bath,shave or exfoliation. Moisturizing after
bath is very important because hot water strips
all the moisture and
oil out of our skin, leaving it parched and
dry.While hot water may be relaxing, it also
wreaks out on our skin, so we should never skip
Rose Cocoa Moisturiser
The presence of cocoa butter can replenish skins
moisture and create a barrier to protect our
skin from moisture loss. Compared to other oils
and creams, cocoa butter tends to be absorbed
well without leaving skin greasy. However, cocoa
butter definitely helps skin maintain its
elasticity and will overall improve the
health and appearance of the skin on your also adds moisture,elasticity and sun
protection ,all these are desirable attributes
for keeping skin looking healthy. R ose cocoa
moisturiser with the presence of cocoa butter is
high in antioxidants, which help fight off free
radical damage to the skin. Free radicals can
cause skin aging, dark patches, and dull skin.
Protecting your skin from free radical damage is
crucial to keep it healthy and youthful also helps as an anti inflammatory
just another way it helps your skin withstand the
passage of is high in fatty acids and
helps hydrates the skin deeply,which will
effectively helps our skin to stay hydrates at
all time even at night. It contains oleic,
palmitic, and stearic acids, all of which
nourish the skin.especially for women during
pregnancy, women are encouraged to apply cocoa
butter over their bodies as its moisturising
properties are known to prevent the appearance
of stretch marks. Even in the case of scars,
cocoa butter helps repair the skin to reduce
unsightly marks and heal the damage caused to
the skin cells.
Cocoa butter is also known as theobroma cacao, or
cocoa seed butter. Cocoa butter benefits the
skin because its a great emollient, which means
it works to moisturize deep down to keep skin
soft. Its thick consistency makes it ideal for
keeping skin moisturized even in winter. It is
also perfect for areas prone to especially dry,
rough skin. Again, a cocoa butter moisturizer
wont actually help to diminish acne
scars. Instead, if you have dry, flaky skin due
to acne scars then you may be able to help
restore smooth, soft skin by keeping it
moist. When we moisturize our acne scars, its
best to select a product that is non-comedogenic,
which means it wont clog your pores, as clogged
pores can lead to acne in some cases. That's the
reason choosing rose coca moisturizer is the best
option since it is free from any chemical and
all its ingredients are naturally extracted.
Tea Tree Face Gel
The Tea Tree Face Gel is enriched by tea tree oil
, Tea tree oil is very popular in treating acne
because of its anti-inflammatory and
antimicrobial properties. It helps to calm
redness, swelling, and inflammation. It can even
help to prevent and reduce acne scars, leaving
you with smooth, clear skin. Tea Tree Oil is
becoming a popular ingredient in skin care
products and its not without reason. Tea tree
oil is a natural way of curing skin ailments. It
is capable of treating a wide range of problems
be it blisters on your skin, pimples and
acne. Its main origin is from Australia, the pure
essential oil of Tea Tree is prepared
by distilling the leaves of a tree named as
Melaleuca Alternifolia. This oil is a well known
topical antiseptic and antifungal treatment with
superb acne fighting properties.Tea tree oil
contains terpene, a typical oil that kills the
microbial action on the skin.
Terpene attacks propionibacterium thus,
protecting the skin from the bacteria causing
acne and reducing the level of acne breakout. Tea
tree oil also cleanses the pores of your skin
and restricts any further growth of bacteria in
them. Tea tree oil prevents acne. For those of
us who are suffering from acne because of oily
skin, you can count on tea tree oil to regulate
your overall sebum production and reduce the
size of your pores so that less oil gets
accumulated in them.Sometimes even the best of
cleansers are unable to clean your pores well and
this is because oil and dead skin cells stuck in
these pores repel water. But tea tree oil is able
to mix with natural oils produced by the
sebaceous glands. Because of this, it penetrates
these pores easily and cleanses them
effectively. This helps in reducing the chances
of developing acne due to clogged pores. It has
all the nourishing properties that helps provide
the skin with the necessary moisture content
while protecting it against acne. Tea tree oil is
free from carcinogens making it a safe choice for
us. You can use it more often as compared to
other chemical products available in the
market. Tea Tree face Gel is a clear, fast
absorbing gel enriched with tea tree oil. It is a
natural antibacterial that controls and prevents
acne. This gel also works well against
blackheads and whiteheads.
Men Tone Up Cream SPF 30
A Men tone up cream SPF 30 is an essential part
of any mens skincare routine. With a
combination of BB cream and SPF, bb cream can
help improve the appearance of your skin, in
addition to providing coverage. BB creams
frequently contain antioxidants such Vitamin A, C
and E which can help improve skin elasticity and
brightness. It contains hyaluronic acid which
deeply moisturizes skin. It protects the face
from harmful diseases such as skin cancer , and
UV rays also speed up the aging process, causing
damage to skin cells that leads to wrinkles, age
,spots and pigmentation issues. In one of the
studies it reveals that it can slow down the
aging process by 24 just by using an SPF
product daily. The suns ultraviolet rays are
damaging to our skin.they mutate the cells and
lead to things like wrinkles, dark spots and
also skin cancer.and while full body cover up is
necessary for the days we spend outside in the
park or water.we need something especially build
for the face every single days.the best way to
ensure this is to use cream with SPF , they give
you all the benefit of nourishing,moisture-preserv
ing hydrator, plus they shield you from UVA/UVB
rays.There are many benefits that can be seen
from choosing cream that are integrate with SPF
into our daily facial moisturizing routine. This
can take as little as a quick application of
your daily facial cream product, in the morning,
before our skin is exposed to the sun through
the course of our day.Skin protected from the
sun through a face cream with SPF can help to
retain the ability of collagen production. The
retention of moisture within the skin is
otherwise depleted from sun exposure. Skin
creates collagen. With the maintained ability of
the skin to create collagen, it will help the
skin not only appear moisturized but also be less
prone to fine lines and wrinkles. A good face
cream with SPF can reduce the instance of
developing carcinoma of the can reduce
the chance in which laser or cosmetic procedures
are required to correct damage that has already
been caused by the skin.As part of the natural
aging process of the skin, many people experience
discoloration through many certain areas of the
skin. These discolored areas of the skin can be
reduced through proper protection from the sun
through the use of men tone up cream that contain
SPF. With Men tone up cream which is a
combination of both bb cream and SPF, will help
men be at their best on a daily basis even on
their busy schedule everyday.
Tea Tree Face Toner Mist
Tea Tree Oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
properties that make it ideal for use in this
natural recipe to help soothe the skin while
restoring it to its natural pH balance. This
natural pH balance helps skin to better absorb
other beauty products and moisturizers so the
skin stays nourished. Tea tree oil is used on the
face to treat skin conditions such as spots,
pimples, blemishes, dryness, infections .The oil
has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties
which make it ideal for treating and soothing
skin conditions. Tea Tree Face Toner mist helps
to remove dirt, pollution and other impurities
which may still remain after washing the face
with a cleanser and with an edition of tea tree
oil it makes it an ideal active ingredient for
skin protection and to clear blemishes and
scars. Tea tree oil on the skin will help relieve
dryness and even reduce oiliness and because of
its anti inflammatory effects, it will also help
to reduce itchy skin.It can hydrate skin and
reduce the dryness that makes you itch. If your
skin is itchy due to inflammation, it could help
with that, too. Due to its natural antibacterial
and anti-inflammatory effects, tea tree oil helps
to reduce redness, unclog pores, and promote
healing of existing breakouts. Tea tree oil for
pimples is an exceptional method for reducing
inflammation and calming red skin associated with
acne breakouts.The antibacterial, antiseptic,
anti inflammatory, anti everything and more
properties of tea tree oil are the main reasons
acne cant stand a chance against this. Pores
clogged with bacteria and dirt are sterilized by
tea tree's antiseptic qualities. Inflammation is
also reduced by tea tree's anti-inflammatory
powers. This ingredient not only kills the acne
causing bacteria and reduces the inflammation,
but it moisturizes and hydrates the skin after
treatment. Tea tree oil is an all-in-one
treatment that reduces acne and simultaneously
heals the skin. Tea Tree Face Toner Mist can be
sprayed all over our face and shoulders. This
all natural and herbal spray is safe to wear all
night and will help nourish our skin. The Tea
Tree Oil will heal your skin of all the damage
done throughout the day. Get the much needed
care while your skin gets the nutrients it needs
to restore itself.
Glow Gang Watermelon Face Toner Mist
Watermelon in skin care products offer benefits
for the skin such as hydration, delivery of
nutrients and amino acids, antioxidant
protection, and mild exfoliation. Watermelon is
92 percent full of water, which makes it great
for the heat and humidity of the summer, and
especially helpful for those with dull and
dehydrated skin.Watermelon in skin care most
likely takes advantage of the content of vitamins
such as A, B6 and C, and antioxidants like
lycopene contained in the fruit,Antioxidants
benefit the skin by reducing free radical
formation and retarding the aging process.
Vitamin A can help with collagen stimulation and
therefore help to reduce the appearance of
wrinkles. Antioxidants deliver anti aging
benefits, and watermelon has many because it's
packed with all those vitamins, as well as
vitamin E, which provides protection against UV
radiation from the sun.Toners are most helpful
and necessary for people with oily or acne-prone
skin, or for people who want extra cleansing
after wearing makeup or other heavy skin products
such as sunscreen. G low Gang Watermelon Face
Toner Mist helps to hydrate the face. It will
leave your skin revitalized even when you're on
the go ,it also helps to close pores and tighten
cell gaps after cleansing, reducing the
penetration of impurities and environmental
contaminants into the skin. It can even protect
and remove chlorine and minerals present in tap
water.Humectants are present in it, which help to
bind moisture to the ingredients such as
hyaluronic acid or squalene, both of which
boost moisture, plump skin cells and hold in
hydration.The beauty of a mist is that you can
use it several times a day.
Face toners prep the skin for moisturizers and
serum while getting rid of excess oil and
stubborn dirt or makeup leftover on your face
after you wash it. Watermelon face toner mist is
fully natural,all ingredients are naturally
extracted to make our skin better naturally, it
suits all kind of skin from dry skin, oily skin
and different combination skin, it help removes
all acne, pimples and scars in our face, it help
our skin stay hydrated and clean.