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How to Make a Social Media App like Instagram


Make a social media app like Instagram simply making a clone won’t give any desirable result. Besides, it takes a lot of time and money to even copy the platform. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Make a Social Media App like Instagram

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  • Several businesses have been inspired by the
    success of Instagram. It resulted in the
    appearance of other well-known photo-sharing apps
    like Snapchat, Vine, Flickr, etc. All of those
    apps make use of photo and video content which
    may vary in their functionality and core value.
    Once the uniqueness is found, there is a
    potential business scope in photo-sharing apps.
    But to make a social media app like
    Instagram simply making a clone wont give any
    desirable result. Besides, it takes a lot of time
    and money to even copy the platform.
  • In this article, we will discuss the things to
    consider while developing an app like Instagram.
  • To begin with, it is very important to have a lot
    of planning and preparatory work to develop any
    kind of mobile app. In the case of photo-sharing
    apps like Instagram the following steps are
    needed to be considered
  • Define the target audience and their preferences
    by conducting market research
  • Assess with other photo-sharing apps available in
    the market
  • Create and confirm a unique app concept

  • Decide the future strategies like goals, budget,
    deadline, and technologies to apply
  • Formulate marketing and PR strategy and start
    promotion from the earliest stages
  • Create communication channels with the users to
    get up-to-date feedbacks
  • Choose a top-rated social media app development
    company in New York, USA to design, develop,
    test, and launch the app.
  • Evolve the project further with additional
    functionality, design elements, and sprawl to new
    user groups.
  • Any photo-sharing app development requires a
    considerable investment and by creating one you
    not only want to implement your ideas
    successfully, but you want to make money out of
    it as well. Here are three widely used and most
    appropriate ways to monetize your app
  • Sponsorship and advertisements
  • In-app purchases
  • Proposing extraordinary deals to dynamic users
  • Once you have all the preparatory resources
    ready, start building the social media app from
    its basic version. The first version should be
    equipped with the core functionality and the
    uniqueness should be in the features, concept,
    design, and branding which would be responsible
    to distinguish your app from the others already
    available in the market. Keep the following
    features in mind

  • Spontaneous user-navigation
  • Clear designs of UX/UI
  • Striking graphics and visual element
  • Custom-made feed
  • Well-functioning application
  • Before concluding this part, here is a list of
    tips and recommendations for creating a
    photo-sharing app. These things are very
    important and you may want to reconsider them to
    succeed in developing an app comparable to
  • Turn up with a unique and brand new photo-editing
    tool inside the app which has new filters,
    effects, textures, properties, and editing
  • Creating a photo sharing app for a specific user
    group or a special themed app would be great as
    an app for designers, food-enthusiasts,
    animal-lovers, etc. that can provide some value
    to the user group and create a greater community.
  • Assist your users with some photo-editing lessons
    or share tips to create attractive user profiles.
  • Add practicality to photo-sharing features so
    that the users can share their photos between
    phones or any other devices swiftly without
  • Offer unique features to create themed photo
    albums and set post privacy options that will
    help the users to choose the audience with whom
    they want to share the pictures.

  • Here are some bonus tips on how to develop an app
    like Instagram
  •  Study the market and know your rivals.
  •  Outline the intention of your target audience
    and formulate their preferences.
  • Access a reliable company to build an MVR for
  • Set a budget before developing and try to get
  • Ensure that your app has something unique to
    offer to its users.
  • Test the final version repeatedly to avoid major
    bugs issues.
  • Maintain consistency and keep evolving.
  • Conclusion
  • Hopefully, we have discussed all that you need to
    know to create a photo-sharing app like
    Instagram. Keep in mind, that Instagram has
    gained its popularity by keeping the interface
    simple, providing good performance, and offering
    differentiated features. The key is not to create
    a copy of anything that is already popular among
    the audience but to come up with unique ideas and
    trendy features that will distinguish your social
    media app from others.
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