How is Smart IoT Enhancing the Lives of Indians Today - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How is Smart IoT Enhancing the Lives of Indians Today


Internet of Things (IoT) is serving not just humans but humanity transforming the Indian industries. Go through the presentation to know more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How is Smart IoT Enhancing the Lives of Indians Today

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How is Smart IoT Enhancing the Lives of Indians
The dawn of Digital Transformation marks the
beginning of a technological revolution. This
decade is all about connecting people to smart
devices and transforming the way business is
done. As we step into the digital era, smart
cities, smart homes, smart retail, smart farming,
connected cars, connected wearable devices, and
connected healthcare is gaining popularity.
Surely, the Digital era brings a connected life
for Indians with a connected society. In the
technological rat race, the Internet of Things
(IoT) has become an important trend transforming
the Indian industries. It has the potential to
bring in the next industrial revolution serving
not just humans but humanity.
The IoT cloud platform stores huge data generated
by the sensors, websites, and applications
enabling real-time solutions, responses and
analytics. As the world turns increasingly
digital, IoT has unlocked its potential to change
interactions between humans and machines thus
transforming lives. As the world is getting
smarter day-by-day, a variety of industries plan
to embrace IoT over the coming years.
Organizations have adopted or plan to adopt IoT
solutions by the end of 2020.
How is IoT Enhancing the Lives of Indians
Smart Home Automation
IoT helps you design a smarter home where you can
switch of lights post leaving your house or turn
on AC before reaching home.
The IoT enabled smart home is a combination of
smart devices and applications capable of
controlling lighting, security, home
entertainment, etc. These devices are connected
in a mesh network enabling flexibility to operate
one device by the action of others. IoT enabled
smart homes to function in real-time, which is
the need of todays generation.
Rise in Smart Home Market by 2022
Smart Wearable Technology
Wearable technology is considered the ubiquitous
implementations of IoT until date. The IoT
enabled smart watches to help you track your
heartbeats, the distance you have walked,
calories burnt and much more. Connected to your
smartphones, these wearable devices are capable
of controlling your calls, business meeting
calendar, notifications, etc. These IoT enabled
wearables are highly energy-efficient and
Connected Vehicles
Connected Cars on Roads by 2020
IoT enabled connected cars are transforming the
automobile industry creating self-driving cars.
These connected cars are a smart guide helping
you avoid clogged roads. They can notify you of
the tasks on the way to your destination.
IoT enabled cars to help you leverage the comfort
of auto temperature adjustment in the car, voice
command-driven radio system, and navigation
system. They generate the maintenance
notification before the car breaks down
instructing the owner to take it to a garage.
The digital era will see most of the Indian
cities using intelligent technologies like IoT to
construct energy-efficient, environment-friendly
and smart infrastructure.
Smart Cities
IoT Enhances Agriculture
Industrial IoT has marked the second wave of
green revolution by enhancing agricultural
productivity at a low cost. IoT has enabled
farmers to monitor the water tank levels in
real-time empowering a more efficient irrigation
process. In addition, IoT sensors have helped
farmers to track down the time required for a
seed to grow a vegetable.
IoT enabled smart farming to improve the
agricultural system with a clear observation of
humidity, temperature, soil, etc. It not only
saves the time of farmers but also reduces the
extravagant use of water and electricity.
Smart Retail
Retailers in 2020 consider IoT to be the smart
choice for their retail solutions due to security
reasons. IoT has transformed the retail outlets
into smart stores, which have the potential to
serve customers depending on their tastes, needs,
and habits in real-time. Retailers are using IoT
to personalize their store and offer customers
the products they are looking for. IoT has
enabled retailers to study the buying behavior
and spending pattern of consumers from the data
collected by smart devices
IoT for Healthcare
The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a
technological trend currently embedded in
multiple industries including healthcare. IoT
enabled healthcare solutions to offer real-time
health monitoring via connected devices saving a
patients life in case of a medical emergency. It
gathers real-time medical data and transfers it
to doctors for tracking the health conditions
generating continuous alerts to the patients via
mobile apps. Experts are using smart IoT for a
statistical study of drugs saving time and money
involved in the manual approach.
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