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3 Top Features Of Gutenberg Editor In WordPress


When Gutenberg editor was released with WordPress 5.0 on December 6th, 2018, probably no one would have expected that it was going to hit it big in the market. Even I didn’t expect that it was going to be so advantageous for our content creation. But now when we have it on our computer screen, we see how easy it is to build our pages with Gutenberg block editor. To do that, you need to just drag and drop certain blocks, embed text and media content. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 3 Top Features Of Gutenberg Editor In WordPress

3 Top Features Of Gutenberg Editor In WordPress
In this post, we will throw some light on
WordPresss Gutenberg Editor thats a powerful
tool for creating, editing, and managing your web
content. We will take a brief look at its useful
features that are specifically added to enhance
the user experience of its users. But before we
head any further, I would like you to pay
attention to our web design company in Los
Angeles that's been working for over nine years
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tell you SFWP Experts doesnt only do that but
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their new potential customers through our SEO,
and online marketing techniques. Taking a U-turn
from the introduction, now heading to the title
of the article to understand it in a better
way. Introduction When Gutenberg editor was
released with WordPress 5.0 on December 6th,
2018, probably no one would have expected that it
was going to hit it big in the market. Even I
didnt expect that it was going to be so
advantageous for our content creation. But now
when we have it on our computer screen, we see
how easy it is to build our pages with Gutenberg
block editor. To do that, you need to just drag
and drop certain blocks, embed text and media
content, and finally, you are ready with your
layout. This way I can say that the Gutenberg
Editor just changed the way we used to create
our posts and pages earlier. Inspired by its
usefulness for designers and others alike we
thought why shouldnt we create a blog featuring
all its offerings. So lets see next what a
Gutenberg Block Editor offers. But before you
dig deeper into its features or functionalities,
I would like to inform you that if you want to
create a brand new homepage for your WordPress
website, you can simply refer to our e xperienced
Wordpress website design company. Our design
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you stunned.
  • Now without delaying a second more, lets see the
    top 3 features of Gutenberg Editor.
  • 3 Best Features of WordPresss Block Editor
  • COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere)
  • This is one of the highlights of Gutenberg Block
    Editor that allows you to create content for
    your website just once and then publish it on
    different platforms without any additional
    edits. You can use the content developed in
    block editors in emails, websites, mobile
    applications, social networks, and all. The good
    thing about this feature is that content created
    in Gutenberg is treated as the main source of
    information thats shared on various platforms.
    As a result, the reformatting cost of the content
    for each individual platform gets reduced.
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    convert your potential customers? You can get in
    touch with the representative of our Los Angeles
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    to your site.
  • Content Usability From Google Docs Without
    Losing The Original Format
  • There are times when we need to partner with
    other writers to create long, comprehensive, and
    valuable content for our readers. That time we
    need to use some online platforms where we can
    contribute to the content together. In that
    case, a few platforms like Google Docs, Dropbox
    Paper, and Coda fit our purpose and we dont
    look any further. Now when you create the
    content collaboratively in Google Docs, you need
    to copy and paste to the

Gutenberg blog post. While doing that, you will
find that the Gutenberg editor doesnt change
the original format of your post and it looks the
same as it was before in Google Docs. It does
the job so well that you wont notice a single
difference between both the formats and your
original formatting will be preserved. For
instance, bullet lists are replaced by list
blocks, images are placed where they were
before, and the headings display the same as it
was earlier. This makes the whole experience of
content transfer and consumption a lot
better. Does your post layout look old school?
You should consider giving it a revamp if you
want to increase your user engagement. In your
pursuit, creative designers of our Los Angeles
web design company are ready to help and drive
more traffic to our site. All you are supposed to
do to leverage their skills is to get into a
conversation with us and allow us to work on
your blog design. 3. Art Direction Another
feature that you will find amazing in the
Gutenberg Blog Editor is Art Direction. The
editor features multiple fancy blocks that allow
you to create unique and beautiful layouts on
your own. Whats more, it also assists you to
give a gorgeous look to your page that helps you
create a separate identity of your own. This way
even if your site is designed using simple and
plain-looking themes, you can modify the
appearance of your content to set it apart from
other blog sites over the web. If you like this
feature of Gutenberg Blog Editor, you should
definitely give it a try. In case you want to
give a professional touch to your page design,
you can make contact with our web design company
in Los Angeles. We
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  • With that over, now its time to understand how
    Guteneberg Editor assists users while editing
    the content.
  • How Block Editor Assists Users When Editing The
  • Provides Real-Time Preview
  • It's great to know how your work looks when you
    are performing it. Isnt it? The Gutenberg
    editor allows you to experience the same. It
    gives you a precise preview of the content and
    shows how it will be viewed on your website. And
    the best part is you can see that while editing
    your content.
  • Notifies About The Errors
  • One of the best things about the Gutenberg editor
    is that it warns you about any error that takes
    place while creating your content. Lets say you
    are writing an article about a certain topic and
    suddenly you jumped from 2nd heading to 4th
    without mentioning the 3rd one, then it will give
    you a warning message about the error that took
    place. Thats not all, even if you are setting
    up colors of your text apart from its background
    and if the contrast between both of them aint
    clearly differentiable, you will be immediately
    notified by the Gutenberg Editor. Moreover, what
    you may not expect but it does is help you
    resolve such issues instantly.
  • Suggest Ways Enhance Your Content

Another user-friendly feature that this editor
has got is to connect with third-party
applications and review the post you have
created. Those third-party services can suggest
how to correct your grammar, why to use a
different title or tag, or simply translate the
content into the language your target audience
knows well. There are various plugins available
in the market that allow you to translate your
content from English to Hindi or Hindi To
English. Conclusion Now that you know the real
potential of Gutenberg Block Editor, its time to
take it in use and give your pages a completely
new look. Powering over 35 of websites on the
internet, WordPress knows how to make its
software more usable for its users and it does
exactly that. The day when you become a
WordPress user you should be rest assured all the
resources, features, and services you need to
run and manage your site will be made available
to you effortlessly. However, as far as the
matter of the Gutenberg Editor is concerned, it
is still the top-notch content creator in the
space. Do you have any questions about the
Gutenberg Block Editor? Let us know in the
comment box provided below and then we will reply
to you with the most relevant answer. Apart from
this, if your WordPress website looks dated or
you think it needs a complete makeover, you
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