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How To Organize WordPress Websites (5 Tips To Implement)


So, our today’s topic is going to be the most basic one that probably each one of us needs to be well-informed about. Don’t you think the same? Well, we all build websites with some priorities in mind and that’s no different from catering to our visitors in the best way possible. When we started researching how to offer a great user experience to our visitors, one of the answers we came across was by organizing your website in a neat and clean manner. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Organize WordPress Websites (5 Tips To Implement)

How To Organize WordPress Websites (5 Tips To
So, our todays topic is going to be the most
basic one that probably each one of us needs to
be well-informed about. Dont you think the same?
Well, we all build websites with some priorities
in mind and thats no different from catering to
our visitors in the best way possible. When we
started researching how to offer a great user
experience to our visitors, one of the answers
we came across was by organizing your website in
a neat and clean manner. Now you might be
thinking that you already have a
well-designed website up and running, so what
additional changes you need to make this time
and most importantly why you need to do that,
right? Hold on for a moment, we will explain
everything and that too in a comprehensive
manner. Before that I would like to highlight
here our Los Angeles web d esign company that
offers plenty of qualitative ROI-focused
services for business development. What our
agency SFWP Experts is best known for includes
offerings such as WordPress web design, web
development, plugin development, theme design,
SEO, PPC, and more. So, if your online business
is going through a bad phase, whether it is low
traffic, conversions or engagement, contact us
instantly to get it well soon. With that
finished, now its time to enter the core matter
of this content What Is Website
Organization? Website Organization refers to the
process of arranging your website information in
a way that it looks easily understandable for
your visitors. The main focus area when
organizing a WordPress website is a
user-friendly design and easily accessible
pages. If your website appears easy to use and
understand from the standpoint of visitors, it
will draw more users attention and deliver an
awesome user experience. Not to mention, thats
what the end goal of the website organization is
and you need to achieve that. Is your website
recording a high bounce rate for the last couple
of days? Have you thought what could be the
reason behind it? If not, I must tell you
that there are many things to pay attention to,
to find out the reason for a higher bounce
rate. For the most part, complex web designs,
improperly placed menu items, and poor quality
blog posts makes the way for increased bounce
rate. And just so you know, having a higher
bounce rate directly affects your website
ranking in the search engine results. So, if you
want to be Googles favorite and rank on the top
of search results, get in touch with our
innovative W ordpress website design company
today itself. Now that you know what does
website organization mean, its also important
to understand why you need it though. Why Do You
Need To Organize Your Website? Website
Organization is one of many necessities in
todays scenario because it encourages your
visitors to interact more with your site. The
better the layout of your website, the better the
user experience it offers. Note that the term
website organization not only refers to the
placement of your menu items, buttons, and
informative pages at easily noticeable
locations. But it also includes making each and
every page of your website accessible to
visitors, no matter what page they are on. To be
specific, it should not take more than 4 clicks
to go from one page to another within your
site. Lets say a user wants to know how to
install a WordPress theme on a website. He
types the exact query in Googles search box and
hits enter. A list of results displays on his
screen and your website is the first one. He
clicks on your websites link immediately after
seeing the search engine results. But when he
visits your website, he cant find the content he
was looking for because everything looks so
messed up and cluttered. Its not
easy for him to go through your long blog post
and see where you have discussed the matter he
is searching for. In that case, its likely he
will abandon your page and go to your
competitors site. Of course, post some repeated
actions like this your bounce rate will increase
and your website will be thrown out of the first
page of Google. This will reduce your visitors
count and may result in a huge revenue loss.
Therefore to prevent your website from getting
treated like this, its important to organize
your WordPress website beforehand. In case you
dont want to do this menial task yourself and h
ire a design e xpert for the same, collaborating
with our Los Angeles web design company will get
you a solution. Our Wordpress developer
professionals review your website thoroughly and
analyze the pain points your users might be
going through but you never realized that. Post
that we will enhance the look and feel of your
site by placing all your buttons in the right
places, re-arranging your blog posts and
assigning the correct tags and categories to
your articles. This will bring a drastic change
in your users experience and you will be able
to gain back your visitors. Since this is done,
now Ill tell you how a site structure should
look like What Is A Good Site Structure? A
Good Site Structure can be defined as the shape
of a tree in which all the branches are joined
to a single trunk. So, when you are designing
your site make sure it looks as simple and
organized as a tree. Every page of your site
should be connected to each other and can be
accessed from anywhere within your site. Here
is a picture representing how the structure of
your website should be
  • While we have shared a major portion of important
    information about website organization, there is
    still something left to be educated about.
  • Lets take a deep dive into the tips to organize
    your WordPress website easily.
  • 5 Best Tips To Organize Your WordPress Website
    (All Are Tried And True Tips)
  • Simplify The Structure Of Your Main Menu
  • The first and foremost thing you need to do for
    organizing your WordPress website is arrange
    your main navigational menu in a simple manner.
    See it is not compulsory to put every page in
    your main menu. Because if you do that your menu
    structure may look absolutely cluttered.
  • Instead look for other ways to include all pages
    on your website and make sure each of them is
    properly included in your main menu. All the
    items your menu comprise should be linked to
    different pages of your website, ensuring none
    is left.
  • We recommend to land yourself on Googles search
    engine and look for articles that are especially
    written for creating the best structure for the
    main menu.
  • Review And Reassign The Categories And Tags For
    Your Blogs
  • If you have been writing blogs for a long time
    for your site, there is a higher chance your
    categories and tags would have been messed up.
    So, its necessary to review them yourself and
    update if any error shows up.

  • Remember categories and tags play a key role in
    helping your visitors find the desired content
    quickly. Not just that, it also helps search
    engines to read, understand, and index your site
    quite easily.
  • In case you want to refer to some source to know
    how to allot the right categories and tags to
    your blog posts, dont forget that the internet
    is at your disposal.
  • Link Your Articles Written On The Same Topic
  • Internal linking is a fruitful way to utilize the
    maximum potential of your blog posts.
  • It helps your site to be more usable in various
    ways such as
  • It allows your visitors to gather complete
    information about certain topic by going from
    one post to another
  • Increases the period of user engagement on your
  • Allows search engines to understand how your blog
    posts on the same topic have been distributed.
  • So, my suggestion for you is to link your old
    posts with new ones whenever you publish it on
    your website. This will not only improve the user
    experience but help you build a community of
    loyal readers.
  • Deploy Breadcrumbs If You Have A Large Website

This will not only make your site easier to
navigate but help you deliver a good user
experience. In case you dont know how to
implement breadcrumbs on your WordPress website,
we suggest checking out Yoast SEO plugin for this
purpose. 5. Make It Easy To Access All Pages of
Your Website While your main aim is to engage
and convert visitors as quickly as possible, you
can do this by allowing them to access any
information they need as quickly as possible.
Make sure they can go from any page to any page
on your website within 4 clicks. Anything more
than that will affect the user experience of
your visitors. If you are not able to make your
site easy to navigate for your viewers, we have
one perfect solution to this problem. Simply get
into conversation with the accomplished
designers of our Los Angeles web design company
and they will tell you how much time it will
take to make your site easily navigational. Once
you take our services, you will be happy to see
increased user engagement and thus conversions on
your site. What Did We Finalize? While website
organization may look like a huge task, it not
really is if you follow the tips mentioned
above. Sometimes, you might not know that your
cluttered website is contributing to a poor user
experience and that is resulting in lower
conversions. Once you fix this issue and make
your site look more professional, there is a
higher chance users' interaction with your site
will increase significantly. And if that
continues for a long time, no doubt you will see
a growth in your sales as well.
Do you have any questions about how to organize
WordPress websites? Drop it in the comments
field below and we will answer you at earliest.
Bear in mind that we are open to your queries
and concerns 24/7 since we aim to establish a
good relationship with you. Apart from this, we
would also like to cater to you with services
like WordPress web design, web development,
website support and hosting, search engine
optimization, internet marketing, and many more.
If you need them, contact SFWP Experts
immediately since it is the best result-centric
web design company in Los Angeles. Read More
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