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Colon Cancer || Indore


The word cancer in itself is a nightmare , but with the enhancement in medical field most of the cancers have found their treatment. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Colon Cancer || Indore

  • Colon Cancer

The word cancer in itself is a nightmare , but
with the enhancement in medical field most of the
cancers have found their treatment. It is the
major cause of death that kills around 9.6
million people. When we talk about colon cancer,
it is the most drastic cancer of digestive system
.Colon cancer finds its origin in the large
intestine or colon that is the last part of
digestive system in the form of small lumps or
the benign mass.The colon cancer is common in all
ages but attacks mostly on elderly age group. It
may sometimes be of colorectal category,
originating from colon and spreading throughout
the rectum.  
The Symptoms Of The Colon Cancer That You Must
Not Avoid ? The lumps when present in small
size may not show any marked symptom . ?
Irregular bowel habits , may result in diarrhoea
or constipation ? Bleeding with defecation. ?
Stomach pain , cramps and gas. ? Discomfort ?
Weakness and fatigue ? Unexplained weight
loss   The disease does not show any marked
symptom in initial stages and in cases where
symptoms are seen they vary according to the size
and nature of the cancer.
Who are at risk? ? Those who are in older age
group ? Those who have a family history of
similar disease. ? Low fiber , high fat diet. ?
Poor dietary habits ? Overweight ? Those who
smoke or drink. ? Those who undergo radiation
therapy.  How can you prevent the incidence of
Colon Cancer? ? Improve your dietary habits. ?
Regular exercises ? Maintain appropriate
weight ? Avoid drinking and smoking. ? Go for
regular check up to early diagnose the lump. How
Can You Catch the Cancer In Initial Stage? ?
Colonoscopy is a method where a scope is inserted
inside the colon to detect the lump ? Blood tests
are done to detect presence of some carcinogenic
chemicals ? Abdominal and pelvic CT scan to know
the extent.
What are the treatment approaches? ?
Polepectomy is minimal invasive surgery to remove
the small polyps or the cancerous lump. ? Another
minimal invasive approach is endoscopic mucosal
resection. ? If the above methods do not succeed,
the small lump can be removed by laparoscopic
surgery ? In cases of malignancy, partial
colectomy that is the removal of affected part
of colon is done where the healthy part is
reconnected. ? When none of the options work, the
solution is ostomy that is creating an opening in
abdominal region to let the waste find an exit. ?
For advanced cancers chemotherapy is done where
drugs are used to destroy cancer cells. ?
Radiotherapy is done to destroy the devastating
cells by radiations. ? Targeted drug therapy is
used to block the abnormalities of cancer
cells. ? Immunotherapy is a treatment approach
where the body mechanism is itself prepared to
target cancer cells. A cancer is a disease that
target your mind along with your body , the
person facing challenges must get palliative care
along with the support of family members, mental
support and a trusted doctor.
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