How to resolve these 4 Common Communication Challenges faced by Small Business owners? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to resolve these 4 Common Communication Challenges faced by Small Business owners?


Find out some common communication issues to map preemptive measures, in time, for your business. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How to resolve these 4 Common Communication Challenges faced by Small Business owners?

How to resolve these 4 Common Communication
Challenges faced by Small Business owners?
(Source- Invoicera) Across industries
irrespective of niche, uninterrupted coordination
and communication are critical for achieving
goals. But, small businesses no matter how hard
they try, are somewhere incapable of maintaining
required coordination and communication (in any
manner) successfully. In order to positively find
solutions it is important to recognize these
challenges in the very first step.
Find out some common communication issues to map
preemptive measures, in time, for your business.
1. The Inability to Facilitate Business
Communications Effectively In a business,
stakeholders are many. Thus constant
communication is the key, both internally and
externally. Inside an organization, the
communication between management and employees
leads to tasks completion. Whereas, on the
outside, an impeccable communication with
suppliers, customers, and partners are just a
few. Majority of companies rely on personal
devices such as smartphones, laptops,
and landlines for business purposes and
communications. When missing one platform for
communication, it becomes slightly impossible for
businesses to track communication and jobs. An
ideal solution to the problem can be found in a
custom software solution for businesses that can
manage communication, for both internal and
external, through the same dashboard. It is also
important to understand here that communication
includes every message an organization sends
such as estimates, purchase orders, invoices for
external communications. And, inside an
organization, it works as project management,
staff management, time tracking, custom invoice
approval, and more.
2. Literally going on over the top to compensate
communication issues
If in your day to day activities you feel there
is a constant gap between you and your team, you
tend to overcompensate for your issues in a
manner that it adds unwanted pressure on your
employees. For example, when you feel the lack of
coordination in your team, you start calling
your team members often, or even schedule
meetings one after the other to compensate for
the arisen issue. Do you know this is the
situation where your team members when
being micromanaged, might feel distrust and lose
motivation? It will also deviate them from
fulfilling the actual job in hand. The problem
with this is that it can be interpreted by team
members as feeling micromanaged, ultimately
creating distrust in the workplace. In addition,
it takes your team away from the actual job at
hand. But, on the other hand, when you have an
effective AI system that streamlines workflow
management, the constant need to stay in touch to
stay updated ends. For an organization
conversations majorly happen for work alignment
and tasks that need an organization to track
time, staff management, project management, task
and workflow management. Thus, an effective
automated system can conveniently help you
manage the entire workflow without sitting on the
heads of employees all the time.
3. Constant Connection Cause Unmeasurable
Burnouts With the increase in usage of
smartphones and mobile devices, a working
individual even after switching off from the
workday is never off-duty. Such constant
intrusion in personal time can lead to
frustration. Because all individuals need some
time out from work. To encourage personal space
and time, start motivating employees for some
downtime from work. Ask them to turn off
notifications from business communications until
and unless work demands urgency. As an
organization, you can use technologies that can
help your employees track and update every
work-related information from a single dashboard.
So as other team members can easily access it as
and when required without poking each other for
every tiny need. Some features like online
project management, time tracking, task
management, staff management are always useful
for management and employees to communicate.
4. Remote Working/Scattered Employee Base Makes
Communication Difficult For a small business,
the trend of hiring part-time employees or
letting employees work remotely is not uncommon.
It helps them to reduce overhead costs. But,
letting your teamwork remotely isnt less than a
challenge for management. Such remote
working requires constant communication to
validate that work is getting completed in time
and productivity is maintained at the utmost
best. To enable such uninterrupted workflow, an
organization can keep track of its employees by
time tracking, staff management, online
approvals, online reimbursements (for on-field
employees). A Billing software for Small
business can put an end to every small business
query that youve been facing till date.
Let us now find out how Invoicera can benefit
your business with just one software solution
and put all your queries/issues of how and why to
Invoicera, a small business invoicing software,
has been changing the way invoicing is taken
care of from the past 16 years of its existence.
Constant upgrade and improvisations based on
business needs have always helped Invoicera swim
well with businesses to dwell the most desired
results. While the question of how it solves
business communications being an invoicing
software for small business is still unanswered.
So here is how it acts as a complete package.
This invoice software for small business is not
just limited to invoicing, it is rather a
complete business management tool that enables
you to manage in-house workflow, process and
every sort of communication with employees and
outside parties.
Here is a complete list of all the features that
you can host with Invoicera to make your
invoicing and communication convenient.
  1. Automation A completely automated software is
    capable of creating invoices and reminders
    automatically when defined. More so the
    customized workflow process helps in quickly
    escalating processes and getting it done.
  2. Customization For every business is unique, we
    know, therefore Invoicera comes with the ability
    to completely customize the entire billing
    process as per your business needs. From basic
    template customization to complete software
    customization, Invoicera offers all sorts of
    personalizations as per business needs.

  • Staff Management For a remotely working small
    business, it is important to manage staff
    efficiently to yield results. To facilitate this,
    the staff management
  • software built-in with Invoiceras invoicing
    software for small business allows you to keep
    track of every staff member, their projects, jobs
    and other activities through the same dashboard.
  • Project Management Manage multiple clients
    communications such as
  • invoices, estimates, billable hours, and more
    with a single dashboard allowing access to
    multi-management to ensure hassle-free processes.
  • Invoice Approval Process An in-house invoice
    approval process allowing you to include your
    entire team, associated in a particular project,
    to approve an
  • invoice before sending it to a client to avoid
    errors and further back-and-forth of invoices.
  • Estimate Management Pre-designed estimate
    templates allow quick creation of estimates in a
    completely professionalized manner to help
    businesses grab projects without a fail.
  • Time Tracking An efficient time tracking with
    small business invoicing software ensures
    correct invoicing and employee productivity
    tracking at once.

To know more about how Invoicera can help in
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