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What Makes Plywood Better Than Wood? - Mathaji Hardware


When you’re planning strong, long-lasting furniture for your home or office, make sure to approach the best plywood supplier in Bangalore to get your choicest raw material, because plywood is undoubtedly a better option than wood. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Makes Plywood Better Than Wood? - Mathaji Hardware

What Makes Plywood Better Than Wood?
Mathaji Hardware
Decorating a home with the right wooden furniture
can be intimidating for first-timers. Firstly,
the designs we choose depicts out personality
and the type of family we are. Secondly, the
designs we choose should also look relatable and
sizeable in the space we have. Then, the
furniture we wish to have should be of durable
quality, while also falling within our budget.
All of this, when combined, is way too much for
any person setting up a home. And, with newer
designs, newer materials, and newer technologies
coming up every day, it becomes all the more
confusing to choose what suits our requirements
the best. The key is to pick out the best from
the good-enough options.
Strength Coming to wooden furniture, there was a
time when real 100 solid wood furniture was
bought, which was then passed on from one
generation to the other because of the amazing
durability and strength it had. Are you still
willing to do the same? Are you still willing to
buy hardwood furniture for your home that will
strong for decades together, without having you
to worry about replacing the pieces for your
entire age!? Well, if the furniture is so
durable, there should be no doubt in purchasing
it, right? But, are you prepared to look at
those same pieces of furniture lifelong, with no
changes in colours, designs, and shapes? Clearly,
with newer and newer designs coming up every
day, things are getting old too soon. And, you
probably dont want to stick to your furniture
for 100 years. But, if you do get solid wood
furniture, you will have no other option than
sticking around with it for the rest of your
life! Plywood, on the other hand, is made of
plies of thin wooden chips, glued together with
an adhesive to form a panel of a specific
thickness. The plies are positioned such that the
direction of the grain in one ply is at right
angle to the direction of grain in the adjacent
ply. This positioning and placing of sheets of
plies makes plywood a durable and strong
material too. The best part is that if one set
of grains breaks due to stress or overload, the
other set running in the opposite direction can
resist the pressure, and hold the wood from
breaking. Moreover, with the modern processing
and production methodologies, plywood is made as
strong as solid wood. Thus, there seems to be no
reason why you dont want to use this
contemporary material. Moisture Solid wood is
made directly from the wood obtained from trees
by sawing the logs and then kiln drying the
slabs. This helps strengthen the wood and
eradicating all moisture from within, but it
doesnt let the wood fight against shrinkage due
to weather changes. This is where solid wood
lags behind. On the contrary, in the case of
plywood, the adhesive applied blocks the pores,
thus preventing the humidity around from
damaging the sheet. It is thus less susceptible
to moisture and
water damage proving as to why plywood is a
great choice for bathroom and kitchen
furniture. Both the reasons above are enough to
prove that plywood is a great option when you
want a strong piece of furniture, one that is not
prone to chipping, shrinking, and warping.
Plywood can be used to make innumerous furniture
pieces like cabinets, tables, sofas, chairs, and
shelves.Century plywood is made by pre-pressing,
with each veneer being treated with
preservatives before being pressed, thus
ensuring equal distribution of moisture and
adhesive. In addition, this plywood range is
designed to have extremely high capacity to hold
nails and screws, proving to be a bonus! Thus,
you can undoubtedly shop for Century plywood,
choosing from ranges of thicknesses available,
including 4 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm,
and 25 mm. Just walk into Mathaji Hardware, the
best plywood supplier in Bangalore, and choose
your plywood colour, texture, and thickness, and
ensure a great furniture piece to be standing in
your home soon! For more information, visit
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