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How To Make Your WordPress Website Static With Plugin


With the term static in the title, no wonder you would have clearly understood what I’ll be talking about in this content. However, for the unversed, I would like to outline that we’ll discuss the method to create a static WordPress website using the WP2Static plugin here. Now the first question that you might be seeking an answer to is what a static website is, right? And once you get familiar with the WordPress static website. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How To Make Your WordPress Website Static With Plugin

How To Make Your WordPress Website Static With
With the term static in the title, no wonder you
would have clearly understood what Ill be
talking about in this content. However, for the
unversed, I would like to outline that well
discuss the method to create a static WordPress
website using the WP2Static plugin here. Now the
first question that you might be seeking an
answer to is what a static website is, right?
And once you get familiar with the WordPress
static website, the next
moment you want to know what are the advantages
of having a static site and should you consider
having one. Conclusively, its a lot to collect
information about and we wont let you wait
anymore. So, lets get an idea of what is a
static website and how it can benefit you. What
Is A Static WordPress Website? In an
ultra-simple language, a static website is a
virtual portal developed by a set of static HTML
files after separating the WordPress from the
front-end of a site. Once you have your sites
HTML files you can host it wherever you want, no
matter if you choose a completely different host
from what you are using for your actual
WordPress site. In other words, a static
WordPress website is a motionless platform where
everything looks like it is fixed. There would
be zero elements showing dynamic nature or
rendering anything movable. Take note that after
you have built a static site, you can use the
main WordPress dashboard to give it an appealing
look or create informative content. However, the
sad part is those changes wont be visually
noticeable to users instantly. To ensure the
changes are made, you will have to generate new
static HTML files and repeat the process every
time when you modify anything on your site. Are
you planning to have a well-optimized static
website for your company? You must give our
skills a try since we are the most experienced W
ordpress website design company. Ranging from
movement-less websites to dynamic ones, we can
develop all depending on our clients needs.
  • When You Should Consider Having A Static
    WordPress Website?
  • If minimal changes take place in your site over
    time, opting for a static WordPress website will
    be a good decision.
  • Do you know why most experts recommend having a
    static website? It makes your website load
    faster, consumes lesser server resources, and is
    mostly unaffected by actors with malicious
    intent. That means, apart from improving the
    performance, it also enhances the security of
    your site giving you more peace of mind than the
    unstable ones.
  • Who Should Have A Static Site?
  • The first sentence I want to put here - anyone
    who doesn't need to flaunt passing design trends
    in their website based on their area of business
    should be better off with static WordPress
  • Some examples I want to list out here for who
    should choose a static website
  • Businesses who display their range of products or
    services through simple-brochure like websites
  • Websites focused on creating basic portfolios or
    online CVs
  • Blog sites just willing to share informative and
    convincing content
  • Is a fast-loading site holds more importance for
    your business than a visually pleasing one? We
    strongly recommend getting a static WordPress
    website as soon as you can. This will help your
    visitors to fetch required information quickly
    and that will result in enhanced user experience.

carry out this task, you dont need to look for a
professional partner here and there when our Los
Angeles web design company is already at your
disposal. How To Generate A Static WordPress
Site Using Plugin For this tutorial, we have
used WP2Static Plugin that comes in free and
paid versions both. From my viewpoint, the free
version should be enough for you, but if that
isnt the case you always have a choice to get
premium add-ons priced at just 25. Now lets
get started with steps to create a static
website 1. Build A Source WordPress
Website First thing first, install WordPress and
set it up just like you normally do any other
day. For instance, I have created a WordPress
site using a demo site from the Astra
theme. Now you can host your site online with
any web host you find suitable for your purpose.
If you are searching for a cheaper solution,
getting a free Local development tool from
Flywheel or WP Engine should fit your
requirement. Once you have done that you dont
have to be concerned about your website
performance anyway since visitors will never come
here. The only thing you need to keep in mind
when creating your WordPress site is that some
features or plugins wont work once you convert
it into the static form. For example, you might
face issues with the comment section
and contact form plugins on your site. However,
there is a solution - if you want these features
to be part of your static website, I advise you
to pick Typeform for your forms, and Disqus for
your comments. They work just fine with static
HTML and don't utilize your central resource
database as well. Dont you want to create
your static website yourself? You can transfer
the accountability on our shoulders since we are
proficient in providing such solutions to our
clients worldwide. When you collaborate with us
not just the W ordpress developer experts team
at SFWPExperts will ensure high performance of
your static WordPress website but also that it
looks apart from your competitors in a number of
ways. 2. Choose And Set Up Your Web Host Next,
you need to choose the platform where you want to
host your static site. Choices available for you
include cloud hosting service, managed and
dedicated hosting solutions, GitHub/GitLab/BitBuck
et pages, and others. However, as far as
WP2Static goes, you can leverage built-in
services like GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket pages,
Rackspace Cloud Files, Amazon S3, CloudFront,
and many more. Basically, the idea behind
choosing these hosts is you can automatically
upload your static site once you extract it from
WordPress - thats a super-easy way to do things
right. Not just that, it will also facilitate the
process to update your site down the
road. Besides, WP2Static also allows you to be
independent with your choice, meaning if you
want to host your site with other hosting
providers, you can export it using an FTP server
or a ZIP archive.
In this guide, Ill show you how to make your
site ready using the ZIP archive method. Its
because this method is more accessible than the
FTP server and can be used anywhere too. All you
are required to do is get the files from the ZIP
archive and put it wherever you have planned to
host your site. Looking for a reliable web
hosting solution? A call to our SFWPExperts can
help you to come up with the perfect choice. Keep
remembering that our web design and development
team is heavily experienced, so much so that
they can recommend all the finest resources your
website should take in use to function well. 3.
Install WP2Static Plugin And Do The Configuration
Task Once you are done with your WordPress set
up and decided where you will host your static
site, its time to install and launch the
WP2Static plugin. Download it from
and then head over the WP2Static tab found in
your WordPress dashboard. After you have reached
there, click on the Deploy static website tab and
select the destination where you wish to host
your reformed site. As said earlier, we will be
proceeding with the ZIP archive method for this
tutorial, so we will proceed with that
now. Once you have selected the destination from
the drop-down menu, you will get to see some
settings for that specific choice. In the case of
ZIP archive, you will be asked to enter the
destination URL for the website that you will
have up and running. For instance, if you are
hosting your static WordPress site at
https//, you need to insert
this in the box placed in the front of the
Destination URL.
Post that click on the Start static site export
button placed at the bottom left corner of the
page. As soon as you do it, WP2Static will
convert your WordPress site to a static site
quickly (depending on how big your site actually
is). Once this process gets completed, you will
see a success message on the screen. However, in
the scenario of the ZIP archive method, youll
also view a button to Download ZIP, right beside
the Reset to default settings button. If you
open that ZIP file, youll see your static site
in the form of multiple files. Now, you need to
just upload those files to your server via FTP or
cPanel File Manager in order to make a static
version of your site live. Hey, now you have
successfully built your static WordPress website
so let it run on the web. 4. Re-Setup Your Site
When You Edit Something As I have said earlier,
since your source WordPress website is separated
from its static version, you will have to take a
bit of a long route to update your site.
Whatever the changes you will do in the source
site will not immediately reflect in the static
version. So, to do that, you will have to
re-execute the steps from the third one and then
you will be able to see the modifications in
your site. Summary There you go! The process
to make your WordPress static website - I hope
it is clear to you now. In case you have any
questions about the WordPress
static site generator, dont forget to ask it
from experts at our Los Angeles w eb design
company. To be clear, we have the most
knowledgeable and experienced team in the entire
US for visitors-oriented website design and
development. Once you have partnered with our
agency SFWP Experts, you can get access to a
wide array of services under one roof such as
WordPress web design, web development, website
hosting, search engine optimization, and
internet marketing among others. Read More
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