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Brand Positioning – Key Benefits and Strategies to Look Upon


The Sheppard is an experience-driven and creative brand positioning agency in LA that helps top brands to flourish in the market. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Brand Positioning – Key Benefits and Strategies to Look Upon

Brand Positioning Key Benefits and Strategies
to Look Upon
  • More than half of the shoppers build brand
    relationships because of shared values. As
    customers focus more on brand and less on price,
    retailers have an opportunity to distinguish
    themselves from their competitors. Branding is
    not only an opportunity, but its also a
    necessity. And here comes the role of the
    best retail branding agency LA.

Why Brand Positioning is Significant?
  • A well-defined brand position has a number of
    advantages for businesses. From providing a
    conceptual template for your brand to creating
    effective marketing messages to structuring your
    pricing and the services you offer and more,
    brand positioning offers so much to your business.

Key Benefits of Brand Positioning
  • It enables you to stay focused on your specific
    target market. When a limited set of services
    offered to a limited audience, marketing becomes
    extremely effective and powerful. Your
    business/brand is perceived as a high-value
  • It distinguishes you from your competitors
    efficiently. It helps you realize the factors
    that set you apart and enables you to talk about
    your business in a way that will make your
    prospects get excited.
  • It opens new ways to win new clients. Brand
    positioning equips and empowers your business
    development team with critical arguments that can
    be used for nurturing and closing processes by
  • It drives creative resolutions. When you realize
    the core message you need to communicate to your
    prospects, making informed decisions throughout
    the creative process becomes effortless.
    Positioning plays a role of DNA of your visual
  • It also drives service development and pricing
    decisions. Having knowledge on how to make
    comparisons with your competitors helps you
    decide what new services you need to offer and
    when. Your positioning affects the services you
    offer and the pricing decisions.

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Types of Brand Positioning Strategies
  • Cost-driven Positioning It is one of the most
    challenging brand positioning strategies unless
    you have an integral cost advantage. Offering the
    same services at a lower price isnt that easy as
    it sounds! In such case technology incorporation
    can be your best bet. Use technology more
    effectively than your competitors or rivals to
    excel in cost-driven positioning.
  • Industry Specialization Strategy This strategy
    allows you to keep your focus tight on your
    marketing and evolve your services as per the
    changes in the market effectively. Industry
    specialization implies that your firm has deep
    experience in working with similar businesses.
  • Niche Service Specialization This strategy makes
    you focus on offering those services that arent
    widely available through competitors. In short,
    you will be offering specialized services which
    will help in generating strong demand.
  • Role-focused Specialization Targeting a specific
    function in the organization is what this
    strategy implies. Instead of specializing in a
    specific service, this strategy makes you target
    a group of people. These people or buyers will
    perceive you as more tuned in to their needs and

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