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Fight with CORONA and Safe Your Permises and Staff


Plz find presentation use of Thermal Camera as per Guide Line World Heath Organisation – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Fight with CORONA and Safe Your Permises and Staff

Do Installation of Thermal Camera Detect Corona
Patient (SAFE)
  • World People Suffering From CORONA India Still
    not Serious

World Guide Line for Inspection of your People in
Work Place and Public Events
  • CDC (United States Center for Disease Control and
    Prevention) issued COVID-19 to send potentially
    exposed critical employees back to work. In order
    to ensure continuity of operations of essential
    functions, CDC advises that critical
    infrastructure workers may be permitted to
    continue work following potential exposure to
    COVID-19, provided they remain asymptomatic and
    additional precautions are implemented to protect
    them and the community.
  • These precautions include
  • Pre-Screen Employers should measure the
    employees temperature and assess symptoms prior
    to them starting work. Ideally, temperature
    checks should happen before the individual enters
    the facility.
  • Regular Monitoring As long as the employee
    doesnt have a temperature or symptoms, they
    should self-monitor under the supervision of
    their employers occupational health program.
  • Wear a Mask The employee should wear a face mask
    at all times while in the workplace for 14 days
    after last exposure. Employers can issue
    facemasks or can approve employees supplied
    cloth face coverings in the event of shortages.
  • Social Distance The employee should maintain 6
    feet and practice social distancing as work
    duties permit in the workplace.
  • Disinfect and Clean work spaces Clean and
    disinfect all areas such as offices, bathrooms,
    common areas, shared electronic equipment
  • Prescreening and regular monitoring are the first
    line of defense. These are primarily based on
    taking an individuals temperature, since COVID
    19 results in a fever. The assumption is that
    normal temperature is 98.6 degrees and fever
    begins at 100.4. However, found the average
    temperature is more like 97.7, and a fever
    typically begins at about 99.5 degrees. This
    study found that, on average, women had slightly
    higher temperatures than men, and temperature
    decreased slightly with age. They also found that
    body temperature seems to run on a circadian
    rhythm, with the lowest readings in the early
    morning, peaking in the late afternoon, so
    temperatures, should be taken several times a
    day. At any rate there needs to be a way to
    monitor an individuals temperature and track it
    to their individual norms to detect any abnormal
    fluctuations which may indicate an infection.
    Taking a temperature may impose some risk since a
    person administering the test may need to be
    close enough to insert and read a thermometer or
    use a forehead scanner. A safer approach would be
    the use of a thermal camera that is built
    specifically for fever detection that measures
    different parts of the face and then runs a model
    to ascertain the right temperature. Hitachis
    elevated body temperature sensing solution
    includes a thermal camera that can scan at a
    distance of 1 to 3 meters and takes about 1
    second for the analytics to read key facial
    points. It can be set to scan and alert at
    various ranges, for instance a different range
    may be specified for women versus men or for the
    elderly. It also measures multiple points on the
    face in order to maximize accuracy, which is
    rated to /- 0.3C (/- 0.6 F), depending on
    optimal configuration.
  • The thermal camera is part of a detection and
    containment workflow for the first layer of
    prevention, maintaining social distancing without
    invasive or labor-intensive methods while
    offering privacy protection.
  •     Thermal cameras detect high temperatures in
    crowds without invasiveness of IR gun to
    forehead, and allowing faster throughput and
    freedom of movement
  •  Automated alerts for temperatures above a
    preset threshold are pushed to Hitachi
    Visualization Suite software, showing location of
    detection and real time view, and the event is
    recorded for later analysis
  • Digital incident footage, PDFs, audio, etc.
    are stored and managed in the Hitachi
    Visualization Suite Archive, with chain of
    custody and incident details stored in
    independent folders
  • 3D lidar or video analytics provide foot
    traffic information for statistical analysis,
    with privacy protection. 3D Lidar can be used to
    monitor the social distancing guidelines.

  • Key Features
  • Thermal 256 192px, 7mm Lens
  • Visible 2MP, 8mm Lens
  • White Light and Loudspeaker Alarm
  • Temperature Accuracy 0.5F (With Blackbody)
  • Thermal Body Temperature Measurement
  • Blackbody working with thermal camera
  • Accurate temperature measurement, safe and
  • Non-contact screening, fast pass
  • Multi-person measurement, efficient access
  • Visual abnormal alert to facilitate back-tracking
  • Non-mask detection for the intelligent controls
  • This kit includes
  • 1x Thermal Camera
  • 1x Blackbody working with thermal camera
  • 2x Tripod for blackbody and thermal camera
  • 2x connector for the tripods
  • 1x 16 Channel AI Deep Learning NVR
  • 1x Fever Screening Management Software

How This Solution Work
How This Solution Work
  • The Human Body Temperature Monitoring solution
    offers the latest hybrid thermal network camera
    that combines a Vanadium Oxide (VOx) sensor with
    a 2 MP visible-light sensor. The solution also
    provides a blackbody calibration device that
    maintains a constant temperature as a reference
    point for the thermal camera. The thermal camera
    coupled with the blackbody calibration device and
    a feature-rich 4 TB Network Video Recorder
    delivers a contactless solution for continuous,
    contactless, and non-invasive temperature
  • Human Body Temperature Measuring technology
    assists in preventing the spread of viral
    diseases by allowing for quick, accurate
    detection of elevated body temperatures. Thermal
    imaging equipment can easily be installed and
    implemented to detect elevated body temperature
    in environments such as airports, hospitals,
    clinics, office buildings, cruise ships, and any
    large public gathering location.

Thermal Camera and Function
  • Uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) Technology
  • Thermal cameras use an uncooled Vanadium Oxide
    (VOx) sensor that delivers higher thermal
  • sensitivity in a more compact and
    cost-effective package. Vanadium Oxide cameras
    are also more reliable, as
    compared to other thermal imaging technologies,
    due to less moving parts.
  • High Thermal Sensitivity
  • The VOx detector offers high thermal sensitivity
    ( 50 mK) that allows thermal cameras to
    distinguish objects in a scene with minimal
    temperature differences. The camera captures
    detailed images where thermal contrast between
    object and background is minimal.
  • Smart Alarm
  • The camera is equipped with a white-light
    illuminator and an external speaker that can be
    triggered when the camera detects an abnormal
    event either via the thermal or the visible-light
    sensor. The camera also takes a snapshot of the
    scene and can record the snapshot.
  • NVR Functions
  • The NVR combines Analytics algorithms with ePoE
    technology into an all-in-one network video
    recorder. This NVR uses a powerful multi-core
    processor to provide 4K resolution processing for
    applications where impeccable image details are
    required. In addition, the NVR can be employed as
    edge storage, central storage, or backup storage
    with an intuitive shortcut operation menu for
    remote management and control. The Analytics
    algorithms significantly improve accuracy and
    reliability, as compared to standard intelligent
    features, to achieve precision human facial
    analysis. The NVR processes 24 facial images per
    second on up to four (4) channels of video stream
    face recognition and supports 20 face databases
    that can store up to 100,000 total face images.
    The Analytics facial recognition extracts

  • Face Database Management
  • In addition to the 100,000 facial images, the NVR
    database also stores names, genders, birthdays,
    nationality, address, and ID information
    associated with each facial image. The NVR also
    offers powerful and configurable database
    management features that can be applied to each
    face recognition channel independently.
  • Real-time Face Recognition
  • Analytics performs real-time facial recognition
    on up to four (4) streaming video channels
    simultaneously. The server captures and analyzes
    facial features to determine gender, age,
    expression, glasses, moustache, and mask, and
    then can record the faces and store the
    associated structured data. The server also
    filters incoming video to display faces that
    match target features.

Touchless Biometrics with Body Temperature
  • Thermal Security Network Camera which combines
    thermal and visible light video security imaging
    with safety video surveillance based on the
    detection of temperature measurement thresholds.
  • A perfect choice to improve safety in the
    premises of public areas such as hospitals,
    factories, schools, commercial buildings,
  • An excellent choice for security professionals
    around the world

Safe Nature Safe Earth
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Important Segment and Focus Industries
  • Solar Power PV Plant Rooftop ,Ground Mounted,
    Water Floating
  • High Energy Storage System and Public EV Charging
  • Power Generation Thermal , Hydro ,Gas Base
  • Power Transmission and Distribution Uday,
  • Oil Gas Refinery, Pipe Line, Tank Form and
    Terminal Receiving Station, Petrol and Gas Pumps
  • Large Process Plant (WTP, Chemical, Food,Pharma,
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  • Police Communication Centre , Army, Naval and
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  • Telecommunication BTS, Exchange, Wireless ,
    Smart Intelligence Pole ,GPON Project
  • Energy Management and Monitor Project
  • Highway , Toll Way and Tunnel Automation Project
  • Data Centre Project
  • Smart Grid Project

Trading Products Details
  • Data Loggers ,Communication Networking
  • Ethernet SW Managed and Un Managed (Operating
    Voltage 12VDC -110VDC,230VAC)
  • Media Convertor Single and Multimode
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Protocol Convertors 61850,Modbus,Canbus,Bacnet,
    Profibus ,Foundation Fieldbus
  • Protocol to FO Convertor
  • Data Logger Analogue Digital I/Os
  • GSM Products
  • SMPS Power Supply 12VDC/24VDC/48VDC
  • Surge Protection for Power ,Data and
  • Complete Drone with Solution
  • Lithium Batteries for Industries
  • Data and Communication Cable and Accessories,
    Profibus DP and PA , Foundation Field Bus
  • Ethernet and FO Cable Outdoor and Armor
  • Special Cable Connectors CHAdeMO GBT and CCA
    for EV Chargers
  • High Energy Storage Battery and Public EV
    Charging Station (3KW-50KW , 120KW-300KW)
  • Maintenance Free Earthing ,ESE Type Advance
    Lightning Protection, Exothermic Weld Products
  • MC 4 Connector with Fuse Only
  • Out Door Engineering Plastic and Metal Junction

Our Focus and Expertise
Drone and Its Application
Thermal Security Network Camera- Body Temperature
Detection Solution
NVR WITH MONITOR The NVR detect whosever has more
temperature, with show it by highlighting it on
cctv monitor and if a person with more
temperature comes in office, then NVR send a
massage to the all cameras to track mode. and all
camera start tracing the person.
Thermo graphic camera fixed on office Main door
The camera will detect the temperature of the
human and then send message to NVR, and whosever
has more temperature, with show it by
highlighting it on cctv monitor
CAMERA/Office In Side Area It is covering social
distancing if someone does not follow social
distancing rules the CCTV system will generate an
alarm that will sent message to head office by
email/sms (HR). .
Walk Through Metal Detector with
Body Temperature Measurement
Metal Detector -is a walk through metal detector
with thermal and body temperature detection
technology, The generates an alarm when a user or
passengers body temperature is above normal
(37.3?) and when it detects a wide range of
metallic items. i-Effectively detects body
temperature in high-traffic areas,ii-Infrared
body temperature detector
Dont follow social distancing ALARM
How do-mask detection and body
temperature measurement Access Control devices
How do-mask detection and body temperature
measurement Access Control devices work? Along
with the latest launch of our touchless
biometrics product series, we have prepared a
images demonstrating how these body temperature
measurement access control devices work. This
images covers our Access Control terminals,
turnstiles, barriers, and metal detectors
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CORONA Alert Using Thermal Camera
Thermal Security Network Camera- Body Temperature
Detection Solution
Accurate Forehead Temperature Measurement and
Facial Recognition for Multiple People
CORONA Alert Using Thermal Camera
You are in Right Hand We are Right Partner For
YouGenuine and Professional DEAL
CORONA Alert Using Thermal Camera
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