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CMGT 555 education changes /


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Title: CMGT 555 education changes /

CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 Entire Course (June 2020) http//www.tut
-Entire-Course-June-2020   CMGT 555 Week 1
Individual SDLC Comparison CMGT 555 Week 1 DQ
1   CMGT 555 Week 1 DQ 2   CMGT 555 Week 2
Individual Project Plans CMGT 555 Week 2 DQ
1   CMGT 555 Week 2 DQ 2   CMGT 555 Week 3
Individual System Requirements   CMGT 555 Week 3
DQ 1
CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 Week 1 DQ 1 http//
  Projects are unique by nature, and
organizations each have their own specific needs
when it comes to managing systems projects. In
addition, there is never a superior SDLC
methodology, but rather SDLCs that will fit
certain projects better than others.
CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 Week 1 DQ 2 http//
  Projects that adhere to an Agile SDLC allow
for iterative development, leading to quicker
results for customers. However, many times the
requirements you have at the start of an Agile
sprint differ from the results you see at the end
of the sprint.
CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 Week 1 Individual SDLC
Comparison http//
Comparison   Youve been hired to implement
the CRM system for WeLoveVideo, Inc. Part of your
job is to propose and recommend a project
approach based on several models. A meeting is
scheduled for next week with the WeLoveVideo,
Inc. CIO to discuss your recommendations on the
project approach.
CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 Week 2 DQ 1 http//
  Well-defined business requirements are
essential building blocks to any system project.
If requirements are not written well, the input
to design and development phases will be poor.
However, well-written requirements will lead to a
much better project outcome in relation to
stronger designs and system solutions.  
CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 Week 2 DQ 2 http//
  Agile systems development provides
organizations with an iterative model, allowing
for quicker, more incremental results. However,
an Agile SDLC is also more flexible in terms of
the comprehensive project results, meaning
stakeholders may have a set of requirements going
in that are reshaped throughout the life of the
CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 Week 2 Individual Project
Plans http//
ans After consideration of your proposal
from Week 1, the WeLoveVideo, Inc. CIO is having
a hard time envisioning how the project would be
executed based on your recommendations. She has
asked your company to develop a project plan in
both waterfall and Agile so she can better
understand the implications to her team.  
CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 Week 3 DQ 1 http//
When developing system requirements, it is
very important that they be written in a way that
will allow for specific design and development
steps. Poorly written requirements may lead to
ambiguity, resulting in missing a stakeholders
expectations.    Develop one complete system
requirement for one of the following
activities    Option A Making a withdrawal at
an ATM. Option B Using your charge card for a
meal at a restaurant. Option C Buying a stock
using an online brokerage account.
CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 Week 3 DQ 2 http//
Depending on the type of project and the SDLC
applied, system requirements may be developed
differently. For example, many current projects
use the Agile SDLC, and build requirements based
on user-story format. A user story is essentially
a use case that describes how a specific user
would interact with a system. An example of a
user story tied to a customer using an ATM might
be, As a customer of the bank, I need to be able
to access my account from an ATM to understand
balances across all of my accounts.  
CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 Week 3 Individual System
Requirements http//
tem-Requirements   As you learned in Week 2,
requirements are a fundamental component to any
project. Depending on the SDLC applied,
requirements can be written in different forms.
For example, some requirements will be very
technically focused (technical requirements) and
are written in a manner that dictates what a
stakeholder expects the system to accomplish.
Another approach taken, often with Agile-run
projects, is to create a user story. A user story
focuses on different types of system users and
outlines more of a workflow that organizations
CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 Week 4 DQ 1 http//
Implementing a new system, or modifying an
existing one, can create organizational change.
This change can impact how employees work, how
information technology teams support the
business, and even how customers interact with
the organization.  
CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 Week 4 DQ 2 http//
  Resource Pluralsight UX-based Software
Design in the Week 4 - Required Learning
Activities folder    Waterfall projects may
dictate a different approach and rigor
surrounding design when compared to
Agile.   Consider the phases associated with both
waterfall and Agile. How you would approach
design for a new project, based off each of these
SDLC approaches? Consider User Experience Design
and Bottom Up Design approaches. Provide an
example of a project (either from your experience
or one you read about) and explain what documents
you would produce, why, and how that would affect
future phases of the project.
CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 Week 4 Individual CRM Design
Proposal http//
ign-Proposal   The stakeholders at WeLoveVideo,
Inc. are interested in understanding what the CRM
will look like prior to development. There are a
variety of ways the project team can approach
design, some being more effective in terms of
giving the stakeholders a view into what the
final product will look like. Some of the
approaches include a storyboard and presentation.
The storyboard provides a visual display, while
the presentation provides the necessary
information.   Develop a proposal presentation
of how you will approach the design for the
WeLoveVideo, Inc. CRM project.
CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 Week 5 DQ 1 http//
  Something that is easy to overlook, but
critical to the success of a systems project, is
the quality of the development work. Testing
needs to occur and is generally based on the
approved requirements and design.    How would
you best ensure quality when developing a new
system? Explain the inputs and outputs to
testing. Use any relevant examples you have from
your experiences within your own organizations,
or organizations that you are familiar with.
CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 Week 5 DQ 2 http//
  When developing new systems, teams tend to
focus on understanding the requirements of the
system at the start of the project. Until
requirements are known, its hard to understand
design and development components. Beyond this,
testing is an essential part of any systems
project, no matter what SDLC is applied.    When
do you think a project team should plan for
testing? Provide a justification behind your
position. Who do you think is the best
resource(s) to conduct testing activities, and
CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 Week 5 Individual Change Management
Plan http//
gement-Plan   Building a new software
application is just the start, as organizations
invest in software to help solve business
problems. For systems to be effective and have a
positive influence on organizational goals, they
need to address user experience and focus on how
best to gain new system adoption. The ideas for a
new strategy are compiled in a document titled a
change management plan. This plan contains
information about the new user experience, how
the new system will be supported, and the
communication plans to inform the system users,
which includes FAQs and instructions on how to
use the system."
CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 Week 6 DQ 1 http//
  Technology advances rapidly in the current
market and can become dated and obsolete quickly.
Organizations must keep pace with the evolution
of technology to compete and sustain a market
advantage.    What are some emerging technology
trends that have influenced your personal choice
of an SDLC, either in your experience or in
something youve read? Explain the trend and the
influence and effect it had on you. Were there
any issues? Would you recommend the same SDLC if
you had to do it again?
CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 Week 6 DQ 2 http//
Throughout this course, you have evaluated two
core SDLCs that are most commonly applied within
current organizations to manage systems
development projects. Consider the past 6 weeks,
and list your predictions on how current trends
will influence software development in the next
10 years. Cite readings, videos, or assignments
from the past 6 weeks that support your
prediction.   Post your answers to the discussion
CMGT 555 education changes /
CMGT 555 Week 6 Individual Customer Success
Story http//
uccess-Story   Your implementation was
successful, and its time to plan ahead for
future projects. One important piece of project
reflection and creating future proposals is to
use customer success stories. These stories read
as case studies and provide internal and external
personnel a glimpse into the decisions made
throughout the project. It provides the
opportunity to highlight the goals, results, and
impacts of the project. Customer success stories
are also used to predict trends in future
CMGT 555 education changes /