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How To Create Responsive Tables In WordPress?


There is no denying the fact that tables are a great way to render comparative information. Often we see this when visiting eCommerce websites. No matter if you want to compare products’ features, service availability, or multiple useful information, tables are seemingly easier to convey data-rich information. Now you might be wondering when the same job can be done by a few chunks of text why one would need tables, right? Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Create Responsive Tables In WordPress?

How To Create Responsive Tables In WordPress?
There is no denying the fact that tables are a
great way to render comparative
information. Often we see this when visiting
eCommerce websites. No matter if you want to
compare products features, service
availability, or multiple useful information,
tables are seemingly easier to convey data-rich
Now you might be wondering when the same job can
be done by a few chunks of text why one would
need tables, right? Well, thats true up to some
extent since visitors tend to consume the
variable information faster through tables rather
than thick paragraphs. In addition, it lets
them make a well-informed decision on their own
based on the given data. That boils down to you
cant overlook the difference it makes to the
information conveyance. But, here thats not the
matter we will have a discussion about, instead,
we will sift through the process to design
responsive tables in WordPress. For the sake of
it, I would like to ask - can you recall the
design of tables you viewed a few years back on
websites? How were they? Means, if you were able
to watch the information easily or have to apply
a little external force to pinch and swipe the
screen? Have you got the point Im trying to
make? Wasnt it annoying to move the web page
left and right with a pinch to properly look at
the information contained in the table? The good
news is that these days tables have become
responsive and it can show you an abundance of
information nicely on a small screen like mobile
So, what the tale of flexible tables is, how to
create it, and which tools you should use to
design it, we will walk through everything in a
bit in this blog. But, before taking a deep dive
into the details, I would like you to introduce
you to the client-driven web design company in
Los A ngeles - SFWP Experts. Well-known for its
quality service offering in the IT and online
marketing field, this is the agency you should
reach out to get a quick fix to the problem your
website might have. Apart from this, with logical
thoughts and effective strategies, they will
also take your business to a whole new level if
you dont want to diverge attention from the core
activities of your online setup. Thats why,
you should definitely consider working with them
if your intentions are to avail services like
eCommerce web design, web development, theme
design, software development, SEO, PPC, and
online marketing. With that coming to a stop,
lets turn towards the additional information in
this article. Most Common Use Cases For Tables
To Represent Data 1. Feature Lists There are
various ways to use tables when showing a number
of features of the product. On eCommerce
websites, different products are categorized
based on the most pertinent features they have.
Doing this allows visitors to filter the results
based on what matters to them the most.
2. Pricing Tables If you are building a site
where services or memberships are sold, not
items, its still a good idea to display the
crucial information using tables. In case you
are running some sort of media and entertainment
app and want customers to purchase your services
in order to
access movies or shows, designing a pricing list
memberships will be a good idea to implement.
for variable At our Los
  • Angeles web design company you will get all the
    needed resources, required for creating
    beautiful pricing tables for such apps. Being
    actively involved in the IT and online marketing
    field, our experts can provide you professional
    help like responsive web design, web
    development, mobile app development, copywriting,
    c ontent marketing, and search engine
  • Catalogs
  • A catalog comes in handy to show off visitors an
    alphabetized or numerically ordered list of
  • Best of Roster
  • There is a myriad of sites on the web that
    provide an item-by-item report of the Top
    winners or Best of lists. There, tables are
    used as a convenient format to summarize the
    details of the article or report before readers
    scroll down to acquire more information.
  • In case, you want to get a professional touch in
    your table design, be informed that we have got
    your back. Having creative

  • designers and Wordpress developer experts in our
    team, we are potentially capable of meeting your
    web design expectations, no matter which portion
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    many more.
  • Directory Tables
  • Directory websites contain ever-growing and daily
    updated lists of information that people usually
    look after online. You can refer this to real
    estate listing sites, travel sites, informative
    directories, and other sites that include loads
    of complex data. If such information is not
    organized in the filterable table format,
    perhaps it would be difficult to consume the
    information quickly.
  • General Data
  • Among all sorts of readable information, there
    are some data lists that are nearly impossible
    to manage as loose text.
  • As you can see, there are multiple reasons to
    include a table design on your site, right? If
    you also have any piece of information that you
    are least informed about how to display it on
    your site, our suggestions and services can go a
    long way in facilitating the process.
    Collaborating with our Los Angeles web design
    company will provide you with several advantages
    like sustainable services, incredible customer
    support, and quick resolution of unwanted
    problems post project delivery. So, what

services can you expect from us -
gorgeous-looking web design, web development,
web support and maintenance, Email m arketing
and advertising, PPC, SEO, and the rest. With
that reached end, lets turn to the core matter
of the content - how to build responsive tables
in WordPress. How To Design Responsive Tables In
WordPress Websites Regardless of what type of
data you are tasked to display on a website,
remember your aim should be to do it in a neat
and clean manner that entices visitors to take
quicker action. Now its time to find out how to
organize this data for mobile users. 1. Contract
The Categories Odds are, if your client has
obtained the data from an automated report, they
may not have spent time filtering the results.
So, before you take the first step to designing
the table, I would suggest you review the data
and separate important and unimportant stuff.
Then, see if the data is ample or little so you
can reach an informed decision about table
designing. If the data you received is simple
and small enough, probably shaping it into the
table wont be a wiser decision. On the other
side, if the data is massive, check if all the
columns are necessary to be part of the table
if not, remove them right away. Not just this,
you should also keep an eye on columns that are
not essential to be viewed by visitors to reach
a decision. To put it simply, eliminate the
columns that communicate an identical data point
for each item.
Lastly, you need to figure out the ways to
shorten the column by talking with your writer
or data manager. There may be labels and data
that would have been written in long-form, so you
will have to ask your writer to simplify the
terms while keeping it understandable. In
addition to this, you should also tell them to
use their expertise to make the text smaller so
columns dont take up too much space and more
information can be shown on the mobile. Have in
mind that it is not recommended only for mobile
users but for desktop and tablet users as
well. While you may think that one word wont
make much difference, it does a great job when
adding complex and lengthier tables on your
site. In case you are planning to have a
well-organized website thats a lot of visuals,
we can make your dream come true if you allow us
to do so. Seasoned designers at our Los Angeles
web design company will create amazing
infographics, images, and responsive tables for
your site that will help in conveying the vital
information easily. To get more details on this
you can have a word with our representatives on
call or email and if you need some other
services you can also describe them that like
custom web design, web development, website
performance optimization, social media
management, search engine optimization, and pay
per click advertising. 2. Create Two Columns At
For the proper view, mobile tables should always
be designed with two columns at first. Doing
this will keep the data readable in the limited
width of the screen. When you compare the
viewing experience of a full-screen table on a
desktop with mobile devices, you will notice how
easy it is to identify the two columns that you
want to include. This doesn mean that the rest
of the data has been removed or displaced. You
just have to let your visitors know how they can
expand the stored data in the compressed
table. In this example, you can see that
visitors are given the option to add more
columns to the table when they click on the
eyeball icon placed just above the table. The
major advantage of providing them this option on
mobile is that they can control how they want to
watch the information while also selecting the
data classes that are most important for their
knowledge. However, users will still need to
scroll right to see the remaining information
like typical table designs in the past, but the
control they have on viewing the desired columns
will offer them a pleasurable experience. This
is a good feature you should consider adding to
your table design to showcase the list of
products with a side-by-side comparison. Of
course, this will speed up the decision-making
process of your visitors and positively affect
your conversions. There are other ways as well
to boost conversions and if you want to
experience that let us know at the earliest.
Hiring our reputed
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  • Use An Accordion Structure For Individual Item
  • There's another type of feature you can include
    in your table design to let visitors have more
    control over their data viewing style.
  • As you will be able to view, the default format
    of table content here contains two columns only.
  • However, in this case, you will have to click on
    the plus sign () to see the table data in a new
  • When expanded, all of the data will be visible
    within a single screen, instead of forcing
    visitors to scroll right to get complete
  • While you can use this expandable accordion idea
    in any responsive table you create, it will make
    more sense to the lists where a side-by-side
    comparison between items isnt necessary.
  • Design For Minimum Vertical Scrolling

Just as you limit the horizontal scrolling for
visitors on the mobile websites pages, you
should also decide how much vertical scrolling
they need to do when they visit your mobile site.
Generally speaking, quick information
consumption isnt always an easy task, so the
more you can minimize the efforts of viewers to
comprehend your data, the better will be their
experience. Just keep in mind that you have to
make it easy for visitors to scroll the pages as
much as possible. Integrating well-designed
pagination buttons either at the top or bottom of
the table should come in handy for them This
would be really useful for a few pages, since,
anything more than that could make the
pagination process a bit tedious. Besides, you
can also add a table search function directly
above it to facilitate the information
collection process. The importance of this
feature often increases when users want to
directly acquire the information they are looking
for within a fraction of second. If you find
this idea useful and want to be demonstrated on
your list of inventories, we are all ears. Every
designer and developer
Angeles web design company thinks logically and
strategically, whether its our idea or your
at our Los implements suggestion.
Listening to clients' requirements properly is our
priority so that we can present you with a
product that's the same as your expectation. To
be clear, we are fully skilled to cater to every
business with services like mobile-friendly web
design, web development, branding, brand
promotion, content marketing, and SEO.
5. Add Filtering And Sorting Features For
Massive Chunk of Data To perceive it better,
assume that you have an extensive list of
information. And the challenge is to allow
visitors to obtain the desired information
quickly among large data sets without letting
them scroll through various table pages. How will
you wield this task? In that case, you can give
some data controlling the ability of your
visitors. This way they can decide what data on
the table they want to see. In the image above
you can see what would be the default view for
visitors if they scroll immediately to the
table. However, they might find it difficult to
capture properly at first glance and consider
filtering out unnecessary results to get the
exact information they want. The nice thing
about including filters in mobile tables is that
they function just like mobile contact forms.
So, it will be easy for visitors to fill it and
move between the fields to obtain the required
results quickly. Another way to get quicker to
the required results is to use the sorting
feature there. When they click on the top label
of any column, the column will be arranged in
the descending order and when they click the
next time the arrangement will be just reversed.
These two features play a crucial role in
enhancing the data viewing experience of your
users, so you should make it a point to include
it in any table you design. Be mindful, these
features are especially for visitors who access
your site on their mobile, not having much time
to focus on your tables nicely. By far you have
known how to create responsive tables in
WordPress. Now its time to have a look at a few
best plugins to build tables. Top 3 Plugins To
Design Tables In WordPress 1. wpDataTables This
is one of the most popular free WordPress
plugins for responsive tables and charts
creation. If you want you can also download a
lite version of the wpDataTables from to know whats available in the
original version that may compel you to upgrade.
What may disappoint you in the lite variant is
its ability to live up to its name, limiting
many table creation options and chart
functionalities for users. As an alternative to
wpDataTables, you can also approach us to get a
custom table built for your WordPress website.
Though you may not be aware of the modern,
user-friendly table trends and technologies, we
will help you leverage it through our
intellectual designers and developers. Being a
top-ranked web design company in Los Angeles, we
are capable of dealing with everything
WordPress. In a nutshell, you can choose us for
services like WordPress web design, web
development, landing page design and
development, online marketing and promotion,
social media management, and many more.
  • League Table
  • League table is another popular table creation
    tool that offers users several useful features
    like sortable columns, WordPress Multisite
    support, and multiple language support. What I
    like personally about this responsive table
    solution is the spreadsheet editor that makes it
    simple to copy data from spreadsheets and insert
    it into tables. Apart from that, if you want you
    can also import tables to your site through XML
  • The number of options available in this plugin
    may surpass your expectations since it claims
    105 options per table, 17 options per cell, and
    13 other general options. As far as its
    utilization expense goes, you can put it to your
    use by paying a small amount of 23.
  • TablePress
  • Having more than 800,000 active installations,
    TablePress is without a doubt the widely popular
    option on the market for table designing. The
    statement made is not just theoretical but you
    will obviously get to know the reasons for its
    highest users after you start using it.
  • Although it is a free plugin, you can take
    advantage of its variety of offerings like
    configuration options, custom CSS, and the
    ability to import and export tables in more than
    one format.
  • Up until this moment, you have got a
    comprehensive idea about what plugins you should
    choose to design your tables. In case you run
    into unexpected problems while performing this
    task, you must interact with us and share your
    concern. With a skilled

design and marketing team at our Los Angeles web
design company, we can make your project the
next success on the web. Our workforce helps you
to attract visitors, increase your global reach,
and bring more customers to your sales funnel. We
are well-trained for delivering quality services
like mobile-first design, web development, SEO,
PPC, Lead magnet and advertising, email
marketing, and on and on. Summary For Responsive
Table Creation You are here because you are
planning to show off bigger tables on smaller
screens in a convenient way. The key to doing
this right is by first making yourself familiar
with different types of tables you can design
for your mobile visitors and then jumping to the
table building step. Even if mobile devices have
limited space on the screen, that doesnt hinder
your ability to share complex data with
them. Next to this, you need to provide some
control to your users for table data management
and filtering that will make it easier for them
to see what they need. And, finally, you can use
tools like wpDataTables, League Table,
TablePress,...etc. to create fully responsive
tables for your users. Based on the information
you collected right now, I can say soon you will
be able to increase your product sales to the
expectation you have dreamt of. Remember if at
any point in time you need professional people
to resolve your project issues, you can count on
our Los Angeles web design company. For us,
clients are like family so we treat them with
extra care and comfort to have
them an awesome experience of working with us.
You can rely on S FWPExperts to meet your
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