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Do I Need A Regular Dental Check-up? Know The Benefits


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Title: Do I Need A Regular Dental Check-up? Know The Benefits

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  • Experts suggest people should have a regular
    dental check-up at least twice a year. Because
    most diseases are caused by unhealthy gums, a
    decayed tooth, and bad breath, a routine dental
    check-up at the best dental clinic in Pimpri
    Chinchwad will help you maintain your immune
    system and proper hygiene.
  • Doctors perform two types of procedures during a
    regular dental check-up
  • The Check-up
  • A dental professional will check your teeth and
    gums to determine any cavity development. The
    doctor may also recommend an X-ray to detect
    plaque and tartar on the teeth surface. Plaque
    refers to a sticky substance filled with
    bacteria. If not removed, it can get hard and
    develop into tartar. You cannot remove plaque and
    tartar by simply brushing or flossing your teeth.
    It needs dental treatment, or else, the bacteria
    build-up will cause severe oral diseases.

  • Furthermore, the gums are checked using a unique
    tool to measure the gap between the teeth and
    gums. Healthy gums mean slight gaps, whereas
    unhealthy gums will create a deeper hole causing
    a high risk of overlapping or overcrowding of
  • The routine dental check-up includes careful
    examination of the patients tongue, neck,
    throat, head, and face to determine any sign of
    swelling, redness, or initial cancer symptoms.
  • The Cleaning
  • The cleaning process begins with using a unique
    tool to remove the tartar. This process is known
    as scaling. Once the teeth are scaled, our
    dentist may polish them to bring out the natural
    whitened teeth. In most cases, a gritty paste is
    applied on the teeth surface to remove the yellow
    and black stains. The final step is flossing. Our
    dentist in Pimpri Chinchwad may floss the
    patients teeth to clean the gaps and in between
    the teeth.

  • Tips to protect your smile
  • In case for some reasons, you have to postpone
    your regular dental check-up, follow these tips
    to maintain good oral hygiene
  • Brush twice in a day or after every meal
  • Floss daily once or twice
  • Use a prescribed mouthwash to prevent bacteria
    from attacking your teeth and gums
  • Use fluoride toothpaste to keep your breath fresh
    and smell-free
  • Benefits of Regular Dental Check-ups
  • It protects your smile. Bride and grooms can get
    clean, brightened teeth for a picture-perfect
  • It prevents oral cancer. Regular check-ups will
    allow the doctors to monitor your oral health
    care, and detect any signs and symptoms at its
    initial stage.

  • It protects our teeth. You will never have to
    suffer in pain due to tooth decay, gum disease,
    or any oral condition.
  • It protects your lymph nodes. By closely
    monitoring the patients face, neck, throat, and
    lymph nodes, dentists can protect them from all
    kinds of oral concerns.
  • It is cost-effective. Considering the amount you
    will have to spend on root canal, braces,
    dentures, and oral surgery, a regular dental
    check-up will save you money in the long run.
  • It saves your natural teeth. We all wish to make
    our permanent teeth last long. The natural teeth
    strengthen our muscles, gums, and prevent tooth
    loss for a more extended period.
  • We are now accepting patients for mild, moderate,
    and severe oral concerns. You can book your
    appointment at WonderSmile to maintain good oral
    hygiene and a confident, attractive smile.

  • Thank You
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