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What is the relation between Eye conditions, Low vision, and Diabetes?


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Title: What is the relation between Eye conditions, Low vision, and Diabetes?

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  • Diabetic eye disease is a leading cause of vision
    loss among the world population. Sadly, many
    diabetic patients suffer from early-stage eye
    disease and dont even know about it. Diabetes
    affects the blood capillaries in the eye, which
    leads to gradual damage to the blood vessels,
    resulting in a condition called diabetic
  • Retinopathy shows no symptom during its initial
    stage unless you are keen to visit an
    ophthalmologist at a trusted Eye hospital in
    Santacruz for regular eye check-ups and follow-up
    routines. Early detection of diabetic retinopathy
    prevents the chances of vision loss by up to 95.
    Therefore, it is wise to visit your trusted
    doctor for a regular examination to address the

How Diabetes Affect Your Vision?
  • The effect of Diabetes on the patients eyes can
    be both long-term and short-term.
  • The long-term effect If the patient repeatedly
    fails to control his/her Diabetes, it may lead to
    high blood sugar levels, further damaging the
    small blood vessels. The damage can get severe
    over time and affect the retina, thus, creating a
    blurry vision.
  • The short-term effect It can happen to anyone
    due to different health conditions. However, for
    diabetic patients, high blood sugar levels result
    in the leakage of fluids present in the eye. This
    condition leads to swelling of the eye lens and
    causes short-term blurry vision.
  • The lenses are integral parts of the human eye.
    It helps to focus light on the back of the eye.
    The short-term vision loss resolves once the
    patients blood sugar level gets normal.
  • Note Short-term vision loss can also indicate
    low blood sugar levels. This condition is
    medically termed as hypoglycemia.

Do I Need a Diabetic Retinopathy Assessment?
  • Leading eye surgeons and trained professionals
    conduct Diabetic retinopathy treatment in Mumbai.
    We first evaluate and examine the patients
    medical condition to determine the best-suited
    and effective treatment. Patients diagnosed with
    type 1, Type 2, or gestational Diabetes should
    immediately consult an eye doctor, as their
    chances of developing long-term vision loss are
    higher than those of other non-diabetic patients.
    Visit your doctor as soon as you witness the
    following symptoms
  • Swelling in the retina
  • Floating spots in the vision
  • Scarring
  • Wrinkling
  • Dimmed vision
  • Dull or fading perception of colour
  • Pain behind the eyes while moving the retina
  • Glaucoma

Diabetes and Vision Loss
  • With proper care and regular eye check-ups,
    people can prevent diabetic retinopathy. When the
    doctors diagnose the signs of retinopathy early,
    they may suggest you some tips and advice to
    manage the problem. These tips include managing
    and controlling the root causes that may affect
    the patients eyes, such as high blood pressure,
    low blood pressure, and high blood sugar levels.
  • Treatment Options
  • In case the diabetic retinopathy becomes severe,
    experts suggest one of the following treatment
  • Steroid treatment the doctor prescribes
    medicated eye drops that contain steroids.
  • Eye Injections A very fine needle containing a
    drug named anti-VEGF is injected into the eye.
    The aim here is to stop the formation of new
    blood vessels and repair the damaged ones.

  • Laser Surgery A laser surgery relieves the
    swelling in the eye. It shrinks the retina to
    prevent the abnormal formation of blood vessels
    and prevent retinal bleeding.
  • Microsurgery An eye surgeon will make a small
    cut in the eye to remove the jelly-like substance
    built behind the lens. The surgery will be
    performed under anesthesia to help the patient
    feel no pain or discomfort during the operation.
  • Blurry vision can also occur due to spending too
    much time in front of the computer screen.
    Perform regular eye exercise and follow the
    20-20-20 rule to protect your vision for a
  • To learn more about eye conditions, tips, and
    surgery costs, feel free to drop your queries on
    our website. Our experts ensure all of our
    patients questions get addressed with effective
    treatment and guidance.
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