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What Can I Do To Improve SEO of My WordPress Website


In this rapidly-moving virtual world, it has become extremely important to stay on top of new tricks and techniques. Isn’t it? You don’t want to miss out on being at the forefront of everything. It will also be harder to dominate the web if you don’t stop implementing the older tactics. Just consider how difficult it is to rank a website in the higher positions these days without having long, comprehensive, and high-quality content, right? Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Can I Do To Improve SEO of My WordPress Website

What Can I Do To Improve SEO of My WordPress
In this rapidly-moving virtual world, it has
become extremely important to stay on top of new
tricks and techniques. Isnt it? You dont want
to miss out on being at the forefront of
everything. It will also be harder to dominate
the web if you dont stop implementing the older
Just consider how difficult it is to rank a
website in the higher positions these days
without having long, comprehensive, and
high-quality content, right? This necessity of
search engine optimization has compelled website
administrators to put relevant content on their
site to educate users. If you are running a
WordPress website, no doubt it would be easy for
you to create and publish informative content
since it has got useful tools and features for
that. But, if your site is built on other
platforms, you might need to do some intricate
tasks to meet the essentials of your
site. However, here we will discuss only things
related to WordPress. So, you have set up your
site, made it live for your potential customers,
and now trying to achieve and maintain top ranks
in the search results, right? Soon you come to
know that there is a lot of competition already
going on and anyhow you need to stay ahead of
the curve else your business wont survive. The
question arises what can you do to rank on the
first page in SERP? Well, the answer you are
looking to is with us. In the blog, we have
compiled a list of top 10 tips to boost SEO of
your WordPress website which will translate into
better positions in the search engine
results. Now, stopping the blabbering for a
moment lets get to work right away.
Hey! Wait, though I know you want to acquire the
information quickly, before that I want to
introduce you to the best web design company in
L os Angeles SFWP Experts. Having more than
seven years of experience in the web design and
development field, this is the perfect company
to get in touch to fulfill all your website
needs. Catering to more than 500 clients all
over the world, they know very well how to
deliver quality services in a short time. As far
as their service areas are concerned, they are
proficient in IT and marketing skills including
WordPress web design, web development, website
support and maintenance, search engine
optimization, pay per click advertising,
branding, and online marketing. With that out of
focus, lets move onto the 10 best ways to
improve your SEO for WordPress
site. 10 Simple Ways To Boost SEO of Your
WordPress Website 1. Get Yourself A Relevant
Domain Name If your web address contains the
term WordPress, then you need to get rid of it.
Ensure that you have a real domain name, which
will cost you around 15 or more a year. By doing
this you will be able to set your site apart
from the free generated ones. Also, as most of
the generated URLs are yards long, having a
specific domain name will boost your SEO by
making it easy for your site to be found in
search engines. Removing the random numbers, the
symbol, and multiple hyphens from your URL is
necessary since some mobile devices dont have
options to type such characters. And what even if
they do? You know well how time-consuming it is
to enter those characters,
  • which could ultimately reduce the number of
    visitors who want to visit your site.
  • Use A Search Engine Optimized Theme
  • Picking the right theme for your WordPress site
    is one of the most important decisions you need
    to make. Two main roles it plays are determining
    the appearance of your site and impacting your
  • For instance, your theme can play a major role in
    improving the speed of your site thats rather
    important to attract visitors. Aside from this,
    how a theme has been developed also matters
    since one inspired by clean codes open ways for
    achieving better ranks in SERP.
  • If you want to hire a Wordpress developer
    professional for developing an appealing theme
    for your site, we have got you covered. Imparting
    our services to startups, enterprises and small
    and medium-sized businesses for so many years,
    we have fully mastered the art of theme design.
    Not just this you can reach out to our Los
    Angeles web design company to exploit a number
    of services such as professional web design, web
    development, website redesign, brand promotion,
    email marketing, PPC, SEO, and many others.
  • Grab The Best WordPress SEO Tools
  • To be absolutely frank, the SEO widgets and tools
    have been developed for a reason. They play a
    crucial role in optimizing your site and make
    sure it is easily seen in the search engine
    results. Utilizing the metadata creator, keyword
    generator, and automatic image tagger are just a
    few ways in which you can make your website

Lets be blunt here SEO will never be
completely done by clicking some buttons and
hoping to see the results. You need to
continuously put in some portion of your time
and effort to make your site rank on the front
page of Google. 4. Modify Your Permalink
Settings To define Permalinks I must say these
are the permanent URLs for individual posts,
pages, and other content on your WordPress
website. Generally, people use these links to
refer and link back to your site, so how it
looks matters a lot. In short, clear and
descriptive links that give an idea of the
content it holds are easier to be tracked by
search engines that eventually translate into
much-needed rank boosting for websites. There
are several automatic permalink options offered
by WordPress. Have a look here Among all the
options you get, a few are framed including
numbers that dont convey the exact useful
information to search engines, so they wont be
an ideal option for you. Instead, you should
select the links with Post Name structures that
clearly describes what the linked content
comprises. To change your permalink structure or
create a custom one, you just have to visit the
back end of your site and head over Settings gt
Permalink. In case, you are thinking about
rebuilding your companys website in WordPress,
feel free to get hold of us. In the entire US,
our Los Angeles web design company has the most
experience working on everything WordPress. No
matter what your site needs or what your demands
are, we will always provide you with a solution
that will be effective and sustainable. What
ways can you find us useful SEO-friendly web
design, web
  • development, website optimization, copywriting,
    content marketing, social media management, pay
    per click advertising, and so on.
  • Create Comprehensive Blogs
  • While the inclusion of blogs in your site could
    be a negative choice, they are also positive in
    other ways. All you need to take care of is
    monitoring the comments before they get
    published. Additionally, you need to make sure
    to post content regularly to help your site
    maintain the top positions in the search
    results. Moreover, when you get positive
    comments, dont forget to add it to your
    articles as that will boost the organic content.
  • Put it in your mind that churning out original
    content and publishing it on different platforms
    is extremely important for your SEO improvement.
    Of course, you dont want visitors to come to
    your site just to see the last blog post was
    published a year ago. This will make them believe
    that you are not active in properly maintaining
    your website, which will in turn provide you
    with fewer page views and lower rankings on
    Googles result page.
  • Insert Heading Tags In Your Whole Content
  • Though a sitemap comes in handy for search engine
    crawlers to see how your content has been
    organized, it does help them to perceive
    individual content. For that, heading tags
    emerge as the best option. These are text
    formatting options that you can apply to section
    headings contained in your posts and pages.
  • You will find these settings in your WordPress
    editor as Heading 1, Heading 2, and on and on.
  • Using these settings to organize your content has
    two major benefits. Firstly, it makes your
    content look good by separating the normal text

  • headlines. Secondly, crawlers pay detailed
    attention to headings since they help them to
    comprehend the structure of your content as well
    as the information it contains. So, the next
    time you create a post or page, make sure to use
    WordPress heading options.
  • Are you looking for a professional copywriter? Do
    you want your WordPress website to have
    informative and effective content? Well, we can
    suffice your blog needs as and when you want. All
    it takes is to interact with us and describe
    your actual wants. We are a cutting edge web
    design company in Los Angeles with 10 years of
    experience in providing result-oriented IT and
    marketing services to organizations around the
    world. If you partner with us, you will get a
    long-term professional associate to help you out
    with minimalist web design, web development, user
    interface design, social media marketing,
    conversion rate optimization, search engine
    optimization, PPC, and a whole lot more.
  • Make Your Site Mobile-friendly
  • Up until this second, perhaps the most essential
    SEO tip for WordPress sites is to make sure it
    can be accessed through mobile devices, or in
    simple words is mobile-friendly. Google has made
    it mandatory for all sites to be mobile
    responsive to their algorithm a few years back.
    If your site cannot be viewed on smaller screen
    devices like tablets or smartphones, it wont be
    placed on the first page of Googles search
    results. So, opt for responsive web design and
    draw in more visitors to your site.
  • Optimize Your On-Site Images
  • There is no denying the fact that images are
    important for websites. They work as an element
    for visual appeal, give context to the readers,
    and make it easy to grasp the text conveniently.
    But what you might not be aware of is that it
    also puts an impact on your SEO. To be specific,

quality and size of your images affect the
loading speed of your site that is factored in
by Google for search engine rankings. That means
you have to pay close attention to the size of
the image files that you wish to put on your
site. Thats not all, crawlers look for other
information included in an image like filenames,
alt text, etc. when indexing your site to display
it in search results. So, the fact of the
matter is you need to optimize the images and
other media files in order to ensure that it
doesnt make your site slow and enter
descriptive filenames in each image (it produces
better results when containing keywords). Doing
these two things should do wonders for your site
rankings. Does your site have poor rankings? Do
you want to improve it at earliest? Having a
sole unified team of SEO professionals and
digital marketing e xecutives, our Los Angeles
web design company is the aptest firm to stay in
touch to rank your Wordpress website within the
first five results. Whats more, our writers
create engaging content that will entice visitors
to purchase your products and services. As far
as our offerings go, we perform exceedingly well
when providing services like custom web design,
web development, website hosting, email
marketing, online advertising and promotion,
search engine optimization, and pay per click
advertising. 9. Write New Posts And Update Older
Ones Frequently Producing explanatory content is
no doubt important, but its length and the
frequency in which you publish blog posts are
equally important. Of course, older high-quality
content will bring traffic to your site but you
should also be serious about boosting your new
and fresh content thats more likely to be
relevant for users.
So, the whole thing boils down to the fact that
if you want your site to perform exceptionally
well in Googles rankings, you must be prepared
to add new content on a regular basis. You can
try creating a posting schedule and vary the
content types you create to keep your visitors
interested in what you offer. Finally, dont
overlook old blog posts and keep updating it.
This will direct crawlers to re-evaluate your
content and give it more priority in rankings
than the unchanged ones. 10. Prioritize Quality
Content Let me tell you an interesting fact that
when Google or other search engines update their
algorithms for ranking websites, their intent
remains to help the most relevant site to top
the results list. The ranking factors and their
effects change with time, but the whole idea
behind those edits remains the same. If you want
to see your SEO efforts bringing in results, you
need to create high-quality content for your
audience instead of finding shortcuts to top
positions in the SERP. As you remember well the
importance of long content in SEO, it is also one
of the best ways to increase the quality of your
posts and pages. However, there are many more
ways too to reach this goal. For instance,
analyze the wants and needs of your target
audience, and provide them such things through
your content. Furthermore, fact-check and
proofread everything carefully that you put on
your website because every single detail matters,
you know. Reaching The Top of Search
Results Search Engine Optimization incorporates
a variety of strategies and techniques to
achieve higher positions in SERP. So, you can
call it a little intimidating task but not a
difficult one. Fortunately, in todays time, being
an SEO expert is not that important to make your
site available at the top of search results. If
you want to see great results, all you have to do
is follow the tips above. Insert in your mind
that deciding to build your site on WordPress is
the first step to developing a well-optimized
site. Once you have done that, youll need to
choose the right web host, a suitable theme, and
a bunch of plugins that will increase the
functionality of your site. By following the
recommendations on this list, youll definitely
increase the visibility as well as the traffic
of your site. Do you still have any questions
related to how to improve your WordPress
websites SEO? If yes, shoot it without any
hesitation on call or email. Rest assured we
will provide you quick fixes to every problem
your WordPress website might have. Being at
disposal of hundreds of businesses across the
world for years, SFWP Experts has managed to
establish itself as the r esult-focused
Wordpress website design company. Be it IT or
digital marketing services, we are more than
enough for both of them. You can bring us to
your service to leverage futuristic web design,
web development, landing page design, content
writing, website promotion, digital marketing,
PPC, SEO, and a few more. Contact
Details 2132779177 l a_at_sfwpexperts.com Visit
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