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How To Create A WordPress Website In Just 8 Easy Steps


The second you think about having a personal blog or professional website, you need to determine its goals. This is because the decisions you will make further for choosing a website building platform or web host will depend on this. Finding the solution for the former concern is relatively easy since not all website development software is reliable. Though we have just a handful of choices when it comes to website creation tools. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Create A WordPress Website In Just 8 Easy Steps

How To Create A WordPress Website In Just 8 Easy
The second you think about having a personal blog
or professional website, you need to determine
its goals. This is because the decisions you
will make further for choosing a website
building platform or web host will depend on
this. Finding the solution for the former
concern is relatively easy since not all website
development software is reliable.
  • Though we have just a handful of choices when it
    comes to website creation tools, picking
    WordPress among them is always the wisest
  • Now you might wonder why Im saying this?
  • So, to make clear why I have this recommendation
    for you I must tell WordPress
  • Makes it easy to build sites
  • Have easy maintenance
  • Are easy to make changes
  • Is search engine friendly
  • Is powering more than 35 sites currently
  • I think these reasons are compelling enough to
    make you choose WordPress to meet your website
  • Once you are ready with your choice, now its
    time to know how to build a WordPress website.
  • For that, you need to wait a bit, since before
    moving to that part I would like to familiarize
    myself with the business-friendly Los Angeles web
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With that being completed, lets jump to the
heart of the post, how to develop a WordPress
website in a few simple steps. 8 Simple Steps For
Building A WordPress Website Step 1 Buy A
Domain Name Despite knowing that its not a
necessity, we advise you to register a domain
name for your site first. If you are working with
a WordPress web design company to get your site
built, probably they will also recommend getting
a domain name considering that will make your
site look way more professional than without it.
When building a blogsite it is not that
important, but if your website is going to
compete with a business just after a month or
two, you need to ensure that your domain name and
business name is the same. However, you should
also keep it in your memory that a blog with a
domain name will look more professional and
attract more visitors to your site. Short and
simple domains are always more preferred by
website administrators, but they are a bit
difficult to get due to high demand and thus
expensive price tags. Step 2 Select The Right
Web Host Next, you need to find a reliable
hosting provider so you can run your site on the
WorldWide Web. You will need to share your
concern with some expert if you are least
familiar with your requirements. For instance,
you will only need basic hosting if you are
planning to launch a blog site with limited or
minimal content. On the flip side, you will need
more powerful hosting if you wish to launch a
website containing a large amount of content and
is expected to draw in a lot of visitors.
When finalizing your hosting provider, you must
keep in mind not to choose the cheapest web host
because you know well you get what you pay for.
Two things you need to make sure before choosing
a hosting company that they support WordPress
theme design and can provide you needed support
round the clock. Aside from this, its necessary
to confirm that if your site goes down or run
into issues due to the hosting companys fault,
they can fix the issues at the earliest. If they
assure you to provide quality service, it will be
a good decision to host your site with them.
However, if something more is running in your
mind like launching a shopping site or an
entertainment site, we can help you make it up
and running. All you need to do is prepare a list
of design elements and functions you want your
website to have and then give it to us. We will
create your site accordingly while making sure it
performs best at its potential. By working
collaboratively with our Wordpress developer p
rofessionals, you can reap the benefits of
several services at one-stop such as eCommerce
web design, web development, shopping cart
development, internet marketing, content
marketing, email marketing, PPC, and SEO. Step
3 Install The WordPress Application To do this
step, you just need to log into your hosting
administration panel (
and see where the Fantastico icon is. Upon
finding, click on that icon and look for the
WordPress link. Once you get that link, click it
and then you will be able to install the
WordPress software in a folder on the server.
Then you will be prompted to enter the name of
your site and command where to install it, either
in domain or subdirectory. Finally, you will
need to provide them a password that will let you
log in to the admin panel of your website next
time you want to make some changes to it. While
doing this process may appear to you a bit
intimidating task
which should only be done by WordPress web
developers, but in reality, you can get
acquainted with it nicely with time following a
little caution. Step 4 Choose A Suitable
Theme To be perfectly frank, the internet has
tens of hundreds of free and paid WordPress
themes at your disposal. Therefore, grabbing the
right theme that suits your WordPress web design
expectations, should be an easy task. You just
have to do proper utilization of your favorite
search engine (Google or Bing) and soon you will
get the theme that you have been dreaming for
your site. Give a considerable amount of time in
researching and make sure to pick a theme that
perfectly suits your website needs. Once you are
satisfied with your findings, simply download
those files to your computer. After the files
are stored in your computer, open it and start
uploading the new theme to the themes folder on
the server (wp-content-themes) utilizing FTP
(File Transfer Protocol) software naming
FileZilla, SmartFTP and such. Once you are done
with this, you need to log in to the
administration panel, click on appearance to
select your newly downloaded theme, and then
click add new. In the next step, refresh your
browser to see your new theme on the
screen. Again, it might seem a complicated
process for WordPress web development, but the
truth is you can do this yourself. In case you
want to opt for a custom theme design service
that helps your site to stand out, you can hire
our Los Angeles web design company for the same.
In the recent past, we have worked for top brands
around the nation to meet their visitors and
conversions expectations. Small and medium-sized
businesses around the globe fills the rest of the
client's list that collaborates with us to reach
out to their worldwide audience. To get a
clear idea of what we do well, have a look at
these services - SEO-friendly web design, web
development, branding, brand promotion, digital
marketing, search engine optimization, and many
more. Step 5 Add Informative Content To Your
WordPress Website Within WordPress, you will
find two default content types called posts and
pages. Posts are parts of a blog and pages are
made only once and not repeated like about us
page, contact us page, and many like such. Whats
important to note here about posts that they
display in reverse-chronological order where
newer items are shown first and others next to
it. Now when it comes to adding content to your
site, you have to start by adding a few pages to
your site. You need not worry if you dont have
enough content presently to insert in these
pages. You can edit and update it later as per
your convenience. To add content to your site,
head to Pages gt Add New page in the WordPress
admin section. This will take you to the page
editor screen which will look something like
this Here you have to give a title to your page
which can be something like Home. Post this,
you can add desired content such as text, links,
images, audio, and video in the text editor
below. Then click on the publish button to top
up your site. You can perform this action time
and again to add more pages to other areas of
your site. For instance, an about us page,
contact us page, a blog page can be part of your
To add a few blog posts to your WordPress
website, all you need to do is head over to
Posts and then click on Add New. The next moment
you will find yourself on a screen somewhat
similar to what you have seen earlier while
adding pages. Here you can give a title to your
post and then proceed adding required content in
the visual post editor. When doing this you can
click on the save button to store your post as a
draft or if you like you can click on the publish
button to add it to your site. Looking for
engaging and quality content for your site? We
can provide you if you get into a conversation
with us. With an entire team of professional
copywriters, we can deliver you influential
content that will help your visitors turn into
your customers. The content marketing services
offered by our Los Angeles web design company
will help your products reach out to a wider
audience and build your brand reputation. As far
as our digital offerings go, we can help your
business grow by using services like responsive
web design, web development, landing page
development, content creation, Email Marketing,
SEO, and the remaining. Step 6 Install Useful
Plugins To be perfectly frank, WordPress plugins
work like apps for your WordPress website. They
let you add important features to your site that
are helpful for your visitors. Case in point
contact form, photo galleries, and many more as
such. There are over 49,000 free plugins
currently available at WordPress users
disposal. Aside from this, there are also several
paid plugins offered to website administrators
by third-party developers.
  • Now the question arises, how will you come to
    know what plugins you should install? To provide
    you with the perfect answer, we have listed out
    essential plugins that you should choose
    instantly for your site. Take note that all of
    them are free so you dont need to have deep
    pockets for that.
  • WPForms Lite - Is suitable for adding a contact
    form to your site.
  • Envira Gallery Lite - Come in handy to add
    beautiful image galleries to your site.
  • Yoast SEO - Makes a lot of difference when it
    comes to improving your WordPress SEO and
    getting more traffic from Google.
  • WP Super Cache - Does a great job to speed up
    your site by showing cached pages to visitors.
  • Sucuri -The optimal software for website security
    checking and malware scanner.
  • Make it a point to not miss out on these plugins
    if you want your site to be highly successful.
  • Step 7 Promote Your Website Among Target
  • Following are a few methods to help you promote
    your website, make sure practice all to see
    great results
  • Write high-quality content thats convincing and

  • If someone comments on your site, dont forget to
  • Put social media icons on your site to allow
    people to share your content
  • Submit RSS feed as well as RSS directories
  • Submit blog posts to blog directories
  • Make videos explaining your content and then
    submit it to video sharing websites
  • Write an original press release and put it on top
    press release websites.
  • Make sure to submit your website to online
    directories as well as giant search engines
  • Once all this is done, you can be sure of your
    site gaining traction on the web.
  • Need help promoting your website? We are always
    up to meet every single website need. Located in
    the center of California, our Los Angeles web
    design company is the aptest firm to approach
    website development, promotion, and maintenance
    services. In recent years, we made a big
    difference to the bottom line of small, medium,
    and large businesses that were looking for an
    opportunity to grow by leaps and bounds. In case
    you expect anything more, let us know and we
    will leave no room for disappointments. We are
    highly trained for delivering services like
    custom web design and development, UI and UX
    design, conversion rate optimization, social
    media management, PPC, SEO, and a bit more.
  • Step 8 Keep Updating Your Site
  • And, finally, we reached the last step of the
    Wordpress website development process.

  • Feed it in your mind that you could have the best
    WordPress website in the world, but if you dont
    keep updating your themes and plugins regularly,
    then all your efforts will go in vain. Not only
    your site will start showing problems down the
    road if not updated frequently but also make it
    vulnerable to hackers and viruses.
  • To check for updates, you need to
  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Update Options
  • Look for updates under the various tabs (plugins,
    themes,... etc.) or just have a look in general.
  • From here, you can manage things easily, no
    matter if you want to accept each update one by
    one or schedule them to update automatically. In
    addition to this, insert in your mind that
    renewing your domain and hosting contracts with
    time is imperative to the well-being of your
  • Worried about your website maintenance? Its good
    to make us your professional partner. Becoming a
    client of our reputed Wordpress website d esign
    company will enable you to take your business to
    the next level leaving behind all your
    competitors. Receiving positive feedback after
    working with more than hundreds of clients in
    these years motivated us to provide even better
    client satisfaction around the world. Relying on
    SFWP Experts to suffice every single need of
    your site will help us provide you a better
    customer experience too. We always come first in
    quality service deliveries like minimalist web
    design, web development, plugin development, web
    hosting, internet marketing, search engine
    optimization, and pay per click advertising.

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