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How 5G Will Make An Impact On Web Designers?


As we head into 2020, 5G is becoming a hot topic for everyone. Someone is saying it will be launched in early 2020, the other is expecting in late 2020. But that’s not the point, the point is how it will impact online users as well as web designers. So far most people have perceived, 5G only has to do with internet speed. When 5G networks will set up, they will be able to enjoy fast internet speed. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How 5G Will Make An Impact On Web Designers?

How 5G Will Make An
Impact On Web Designers?
As we head into 2020, 5G is becoming a hot topic
for everyone. Someone is saying it will be
launched in early 2020, the other is expecting
in late 2020. But thats not the point, the
point is how it will impact online users as well
as web designers. So far most people have perceiv
ed, 5G only has to do with internet speed.
When 5G networks will set up, they will be able
to enjoy fast internet speed. But, I want to
make one thing clear here that 5G will have many
more benefits than you might have dreamt of. The
newest generation of mobile connectivity will
offer reduced latency, improved connections, and
of course, faster speeds. By 2025, experts
believe that 5G will reach over 1.4 billion
devices in the world. However, its not right to
think that 5G will just have an impact on mobile
browsing, it will make a mark on the web design
either. Being a web designer, now its up to you
to consider how the latest connectivity tools
will make a difference in the way users browse
the internet. Additionally, you may find that
using larger video or image files on your
clients website has become really
possible. With 5G connectivity in hands, users
will be more interested in playing 4K videos
that will give them an amazing viewing
experience. With that in mind, in this blog, we
will walk through a few impressive design ideas
that designers could implement to draw in more
visitors. But before you understand how 5G will
affect web designs, I would like to introduce
you to a c utting edge web design Los A ngeles
company - SFWP Experts. Whether you are planning
to launch an online business, revamp it
completely or improve its results, they have
your back. In entire North America, they are
well-known for offering quality services in the
least possible time. Some of them are WordPress
web design, web development, custom plugin
development, social media marketing, content
marketing, search engine optimization, and many
more that your website might need. With that
out of the way, lets focus solely on the newest
network of mobile connection - 5G. What 5G Is
All About? 5G refers to the fifth generation of
mobile connectivity. It promises several
benefits to users including faster data upload
and download speeds, stronger connections, and
wider coverage in connected parts of the world.
Whats better to know about 5G is that it can
deliver 10 to 20 times faster speed than 4G in
the normal conditions. That means users can open
websites or files within a blink of eyes. 5G
was created to manage the growing consumption of
data worldwide. In the current scenario,
existing spectrum bands become congested when a
higher number of people stream music or videos.
People struggle to get connectivity that is
expected to fulfill their desire. With 5G, we
can resolve such issues and move to a more
efficient mobile internet. If you remember well,
5G isnt just about fast internet speed but
reduced latency as well. To put it simply, the
transfer of website information to a phone or
desktop will take less time than the usual,
minimizing the time delay throughout the
process. That's even true for image-heavy or
content-rich websites like the one shown
below. Its the lack of latency that could
improve the website accessing experience on all
devices including mobiles and desktop. If you
also want to have a media-heavy website that
convinces your users to stay longer on your
site, you must get in touch with us. With our
certified designers and developers, you can work
out to give a truly unique and noteworthy look
to your website. We
have catered to hundreds of enterprises across
the globe to improve their visitor's count and
eventually conversion rate. You can reach our
Los Angeles web design company to take advantage
of many professional services such as custom web
design, web development, mobile app development,
content writing, content marketing, SEO, PPC and
so on. Keeping that apart, for now, lets focus
on the web design changes that will occur by the
effect of 5G. Simply put, how 5G will positively
affect designers to create visually appealing
designs for their clients? 3 Best 5G Impact On
Web Designs 1. Videos Will Run Smoother Obviously,
a stronger internet connection will result in a
faster web experience. 5G will have great
potential to enable videos to stream much faster
than the current speed. According to experts, 5G
wireless technology will be somewhere between 10
and 100 times faster than what we are having
presently. Furthermore, it could even be more
reliable than the cable connection you use in
your home. So what does it mean that the
opportunities would be practically endless for
web designers when 5G will come into effect. You
can put immersive videos in the background of
your homepage, use it as a video header or if
this isnt enough you can also add videos on the
product page. While everyone might not afford a
5G connection in the initial stage, you can set
videos to not to play automatically to
accommodate those with slower internet connection
speeds. The benefit? This will help you to
deliver rich content instantly to visitors with
all sorts of internet connection.
Give a look to the background images of Kuhl
Han, for instance, and just imagine how fabulous
they could be with 5G connectivity. Even your
website can look like this if you allow us to
redesign your site. The proficient designers and
developers, part of our Los Angeles web design
company will design your specific website in
such a way that it will stand out from the crowd.
You can keep in touch with us using popular
telecommunication channels and avail services
like eCommerce web design and development,
website analysis and redesign, digital marketing,
email marketing, search engine optimization, and
on and on. 2. Mobile Experiences Will Become
Stronger Mobile responsiveness is already
essential for awesome user experience. Todays
customers are spending a large portion of their
time on smartphones and no wonder you need to
find ways to make your website accessible to
them within a fraction of second. If this
happens, you will earn their loyalty and they
will trust your brand for all future
purchases. Though 5G will be of great help to
achieve that, when it becomes common there will
be demand for even more strong mobile
experiences. You will need to think carefully
about how you can adapt your website to render
properly whether your target audience is on
desktop or mobile phones. The good news is that
5G will probably ensure that all users on
desktop or mobile devices get the same experience
that they expect. It wont let any gap get
bigger between the experiences of mobile and
desktop users.
You should pay heed to create a consistent UX for
customers wherever they access your site from in
the era of 5G. 3. Designs Will Feature AR And
VR In the recent past, AR (Augmented Reality) and
VR (Virtual Reality) have started to gain
traction worldwide. Web designers have already
begun to experiment with the latest tools that
allow them to embed 3D videos into websites, or
integrate AR applications into product
pages. With an AR app on a website, you could
allow potential customers to place furniture
sets in their living room and check its
suitability. This means interested customers will
be able to see what an investment will look like
before they actually make. With virtual reality
in the future, customers may even become able to
step into a scene on your website and can watch
out how everything looks in the room decorated
with your products. Up until the moment, these
powerful technologies have mostly been used by
app developers to offer players a more exciting
gaming experience that brings the virtual world
close to reality. However, with 5G on the
horizon, the chances would be stronger for web
designers to create an immersive user experience
that would keep visitors engaged. 5Gs fast
speed and reduced latency will make possible the
unlimited new experiences to be created and
delivered easily. In addition, users could even
scan a QR code using a companys website and
unpack a product with their mobile app when they
go to retail stores. If you want to know how
you can provide a stunning experience to your
visitors, just give us a call and we will explain
that to you. Using these AR and VR technologies
for your site we will create an immersive
experience for your audience that will encourage
them to trade with you. Through our professional
team of W ordpress developers experts, we will
provide you support in every corner of the
world. You can get in conversation with us for
shopping site design and development, website
hosting and maintenance, custom software
development, pay per click advertising,
conversion rate optimization, and social media
management. What To Keep In Mind When Designing
For 5G? The most important thing you must
remember when designing sites for 5G is that not
everyone will take 5G connections right away
when its launched. Instead, people will shift
from 3G to 5G or 4G to 5G gradually. This
transition may take from a few months to even a
year or more, so you will have to adapt your
website for 3G, 4G, and 5G users either. Most
likely 5G will only be available in
well-developed countries and major cities around
the world during its initial phase, so you will
have to keep in consideration the users visiting
your site from less-developed countries. As
time will pass, 5G will gradually enter smaller
countries and cities and then everyone could
enjoy the power of the fifth generation. Until
everyone is finally on the fastest internet
connection, you will have to bear with the best02
ones. Even telecommunication companies still
dont have the perfect system to operate 5G
networks all around. Though 5G is still an
emerging technology, you should have to be
prepared to tailor your website according to its
benefits. If you need certain help in designing
your website for 5G, connect with us on call or
email. The design experts of our Los Angeles web
design company will surely get back to you,
listen to your website needs, and fulfill it in
the best possible way. To be clear about our
offerings, we provide mobile-friendly web design,
web development, online marketing, branding,
SEO, PPC, and other services within a definite
How To Get Ready For 5G? If you want to make the
most of 5G, youll need to be prepared before it
rolls out. There are still several nations around
the world where 3G is relatively new, so
focusing solely on 5G wont help much to grow
your audience and make you a popular designer.
There is still a myriad of users around who cant
access websites at high speed, so youll need to
hold on to 4G for some time. Of course, this
doesnt mean you shouldnt try and test the
changes, whether it is including 4K videos on
your site or integrating VR and AR technologies
with your products. In fact, the more you
experiment, the higher your chances of success
when 5G becomes more common everywhere. To be
expressive, you will know exactly how to work
with 5G and offer an excellent experience while
others are still learning to get used to
it. Final Thoughts On 5G Its a crystal clear
fact that 5G is here and it is likely to stay
longer until the sixth-generation arrives. It
might take a while for everyone to be part of
the 5G community, but its sure and certain that
it will make a difference in the user experience.
As a web designer, its your job to be aware of
the upcoming trends and deliver the most
qualified services to your clients. This means
you should leverage 5G as much as possible before
anyone could. For more information about 5G or
its impact, you can keep visiting our website.
SFWP Experts is the best Wordpress w ebsite
design company, oriented to develop businesses
and take it to a whole new level. You can
interact with us for a long list of services
including SEO-friendly web design and
development, UI and UX design, social media
promotion, pay per click advertising, search
engine optimization and a lot more. Contact
213-277-9177 l Visit
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