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Top 5 Custom Gutenberg Blocks To Use In WordPress


Aesthetic appeal is something that immediately grabs the attention of people, when they visit a website. And the very next moment that they are stuck at is the layout of the page, text, and other media files. These are the essentials of a website and you can’t even imagine an online presence without it. But have you ever wondered what makes an awesome web page? What tools or applications turn thoughts into reality? Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 5 Custom Gutenberg Blocks To Use In WordPress

Top 5 Custom Gutenberg Blocks To Use In WordPress
Aesthetic appeal is something that immediately
grabs the attention of people, when they visit a
website. And the very next moment that they are
stuck at is the layout of the page, text, and
other media files. These are the essentials of a
website and you cant even imagine an online
presence without it.
But have you ever wondered what makes an awesome
web page? What tools or applications turn
thoughts into reality? Well, the WordPress
ecosystem consists of Classic and Gutenberg
editors that are used to create content for
sites. You can add almost all meaningful
elements to the page that you think will make
your site impactful. But here we will not be
talking about Classic editor, instead, we will
focus on Gutenberg editor. Also known as a
Block editor, the Gutenberg editor is the safest
choice to create web content for users who are
new to WordPress. Unlike Classic editors,
Gutenberg comprises a variety of blocks that
holds images, videos, galleries, and many more,
which can be required to design a page
layout. As far as I know, none of the website
administrators want their site to look like a
replica of some other site. And there are
chances that users might create similar types of
layouts using the Gutenberg editor so its
inevitable to take it into consideration. Ultimat
ely, when you sit and think about the solution,
Custom Gutenberg Blocks will emerge as the
perfect solution. Thats why we have compiled a
list of 5 best Custom Gutenberg Blocks that you
should add to your WordPress website. By using
these blocks, you can take your content creation
experience to the next level.
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  • With that coming to an end, lets turn towards
    some of the top-notch custom Gutenberg blocks to
    use in WordPress.
  • 5 Best Custom Gutenberg Blocks For WordPress
  • Atomic Blocks - Free Gutenberg Blocks Collection
  • The nice thing about Atomic Blocks is that it has
    a collection of 14 custom Gutenberg blocks.
  • Its library comprises some of the best WordPress
    blocks that you can take in use for content
  • Advanced Columns Block - To create multi-columns
    layouts that are visually appealing.
  • Section Layout Block - Contains pre-designed
    page sections as well as page layouts.

  • Newsletter Block - Come in handy for making
    MailChimp Email form.
  • Pricing Block - Apt to build truly beautiful
    pricing tables.
  • Share Icons Block - Make it easy to add social
    sharing buttons to various posts and pages.
  • Whats more, Atomic Blocks also come in the form
    of a WordPress theme that includes all the
    blocks provided by them to create a
    gorgeous-looking website. Back in Oct 2018, a
    leading managed WordPress hosting c ompany, WP
    Engine acquired Atomic Blocks. And what they did
    thereafter, is bundled Atomic Blocks with
    StudioPress themes and offered it for free with
    all the hosting plans they had.
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  • 2. Gutenberg Page Building Toolkit - EditorsKit
  • The first important thing you need to know about
    EditorsKit is that its less about common
    WordPress blocks and more about extending the
    blocks already existing in Gutenberg. You get
    rich text formatting features with this

plugin, allowing you to change the style of your
content, or remove all the custom styles with
just a single click. Thats not all, you can also
control the visibility of blocks based on the
device it is accessed through, login state, and
custom field values. In addition to the
connection, a lot of productivity tweaks have
also been made such as support for markdown,
code editor syntax highlighting, and the ability
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forth. 3. Kadence Blocks - Custom Gutenberg
Blocks Plugin Taking the middle spot on this
list, Kadence blocks is another WordPress block
collection plugin that includes some of the most
commonly used blocks. With this particular
block, you can increase the functionalities of
your content editor. It comes in free and
premium versions where free version incorporates
10 custom blocks including ones listed below
  • Row Layout Block - Useful to put content blocks
    in one or more columns in a row.
  • Tabs Block - Allows you to create vertical and
    horizontal tabs as well as customize them.
  • Accordion Block - Makes it easy to create
    beautiful accordions.
  • Icon List Block - Seems quite helpful when you
    need to create attractive lists with custom
    icons instead of those common bullets.
  • Besides, this plugin allows you to deactivate the
    blocks that you are not going to use in the near
    future. By doing so you can make your editor
    clean and lightweight.
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    custom Gutenberg block? If they impress you and
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    pro plugin or membership plan right away.
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  • 4. Advanced Gutenberg
  • What you must know about Advanced Gutenberg in
    the first place is that it comes with numerous
    custom blocks that are nice and handy including
    post sliders, advanced tables, advanced lists,
    and more than that. Apart

  • from this, one feature which is really
    interesting in this custom Gutenberg block is
    the ability to create edition profiles. The
    specialty of this feature is it allows you to
    activate or deactivate blocks for specific user
    roles. If I make you understand through an
    example, assume that you want only
    administrators to get access to the Column
    Manager block, then you can easily set up the
    system according to it. The main advantage of
    this feature is that lower-level users won't be
    able to cause damage to your design.
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  • 5. CoBlocks - Free Page Building WordPress Blocks
  • CoBlocks is just like any other page building
    WordPress blocks, offering some extra blocks to
    increase the strength of the editor in WordPress.
  • A few crucial Gutenberg blocks provided by this
    plugin are shown underneath
  • Rows and Column Blocks - Provides facility to
    design dynamic layouts based on the grid system.
  • Carousel Gallery Block - Helps to create carousel
    galleries and show off your images.

  • Alert Block - Have usage to create appealing
    alerts and put it into your posts and pages.
  • Author Profile Block - Convenient to add author
    profile on your WordPress website.
  • In short, this plugin allows you to easily
    customize your blocks. You can do a number of
    things with ease such as change fonts, set
    margin, pick colors, and a bunch of other tasks.
  • Summing It All Up - Custom Gutenberg Blocks
  • There are no two ways about it that the default
    blocks that come with Gutenberg are useful and
    are also being improved constantly. But to create
    an amazing page building experience that lasts,
    you will definitely want to add some custom
    elements. Thats where the plugins above come
    into the game and they can take your website to
    the next level. These plugins wont just allow
    you to add different types of functionality and
    content to your site but also enables you to
    take full control of the editor in your hands.
    The fact of the matter is that if you are going
    to use Gutenberg for complex page layouts you
    might have to put all your efforts and resources
    to make it a success. Well, these plugins will
    help you to do just that quite easily.
  • So, here ends the discussion of custom Gutenberg
    blocks and now its time to wisely make your
    choices based on the features and functions of
    each. However, if you run into unwanted
    problems, make sure you inform us and we will
    provide you with the perfect resolution then.
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