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Best Python Online Training in delhi | Python Online Training | KR Network Cloud


KR Network Cloud is one of the best IT Training Institute in Delhi. We Provide best Python Online training. The Modules are mention here which we cover in our training – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Python Online Training in delhi | Python Online Training | KR Network Cloud

KR Network Cloud India's leading IT Training
Institute Krishna Sir (Founder, MD) "Door of Your
Since 2010, KR Network Cloud has Provided
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Development. Industrial as well as Practical
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Available if missed any. ETC...
Python Training
Python Overview
In this course, participants will learn to write
reusable scripts with Python. Through intensive
exercises, participants learn to use Python in
your operating system and application
environments as well as apply built-in functions
of the language and make use of external
modules. Python is a general-purpose
interpreted, interactive, object- oriented, and
high-level programming language. Python has
been one of the premier, flexible, and powerful
open-source languages that is easy to learn,
easy to use, and has powerful libraries for data
manipulation and analysis.
Students should already be comfortable using the
operating system (Linux, Unix, Windows, Solaris,
Mac OS X, etc.) on which they will be running
Python. While not mandatory, basic skills with
at least one other programming language are
Objectives Of The Course
To understand the concepts and constructs of
Python To create own Python programs, know the
machine learning algorithms in Python and work
on a real-time project running on Python
Who Should Do The
  • Big Data Professionals Linux Admin for
  • Those who are working with AWS and DevOps IT
  • Those who are showing interest to build their
    career in Python

Modules For Automation
OS - Provides a way of using operating system
dependent functionality .will allow you to copy,
create, delete files-directories Subprocess -
Allows you to spawn new processes, connect to
their input/output/error pipes, and obtain their
return codes. Psutil - Is a cross-platform
library for retrieving information on running
processes and system utilization (CPU, memory,
disks, network, sensors) in Python Shutil - Easy
way to copy dirs and files re - Regular
expression Platform - Distinguish versions of
Linux distros, Unix, Windows, Apple netifaces -
Get network data from NICs netaddr - Easily use
IP classes, VLSM netmiko and paramiko
-gtMulti-vendor library to simplify Paramiko SSH
connections to network devices. json, jinja2,
yaml -gt To open read and write file argparse -
The argparse module makes it easy to write
user-friendly command-line interfaces logging
To maintain logs. Selenium - Used to automate web
browser interaction from Python. boto3 Api - Boto
is the Amazon Web Services (AWS) SDK for Python.
It enables Python developers to create,
configure, and manage AWS services, such as EC2
and S3.
Python Syllabus
Python An Introduction
Python An Overview History of Python Version
of Python Feature of Python Simple Open
Source High Level Programming Language
Portable Object Oriented Procedure Oriented
Interpreted Easy to Maintain Comparisons of
Python with Other Language Java Java Script
C Perl Execution of Programs Python Comment
Introduction to Script
What is a Script program? Types of
Scripts Difference between Script and Programming
Languages Features and Limitation of
Scripting Types of programming Language Paradigms
Python Variables Data Types
What is variables Assign Variables Data
Types Numeric Data Types int,float,complex
Boolean Data Types Text Sequence Type
str Compound Data Types list,tuple,range,set,dict
Type Of Operators Arithmetic Operators
Relational Operators Assignment
Operators Logical / Boolean Operators Identity
Operators Membership Operators Bitwise
Operators Python Conditional Statements The If
Statements The if-else Statements The elif
Statements The Nested If else
Statements Python Looping Concept Python for
Loop Python while Loop
Python Control Statements
The Break Statements The Continue Statements
The Pass Statements Else Clause on
loops Input and Output Fancier Output Formatting
Formatted String Literal The String format()
Method Manual String Formatting Python Data Type
Casting Python Number Mathematical Function
Random Function Trigonometric Function
Python String
Accessing Strings Basic Operations String
slices String Built-In Function Python List Introd
uction Accessing list Operations Working with
lists List Slices Aliasing Cloning List
Comprehension Deleting List Built-in Function
Python Tuple
Introduction Creating Tuple Accessing Tuple
Built-in Function Python Dictionary Introduction C
reating Dictionary Accessing Dictionary
Deleting Dictionary Built-In Function Python Arra
y Importing an Arrays Declaring an array
Operation on Arrays Built-In Function
Python Date Time
How to Use Date Date Time Class How to Format
Time Output How to use Timedelta Objects
Calendar in Python Datetime classes in Python
How to Format Time Output? The Time
Module Python Function Defining a
Function Calling a Function Function Arguments
Required Argument Keyword Argument Default
Argument Values Arbitrary Argument
Documentation String Lambda Expression Global
And Local Variables
Introduction The Import Statement The FromImport
Statement The FromImport Statement
Packages Importing from a package
Intra-package References The dir( )
Function File Handling (Input / Output) Introducti
on Working with text file Working with binary
data Working csv file Working with xml,json,pdf
file Pickling and unpickling Zipping and
unzipping Working with Directories
Exception Handling
Error in Python Program Syntax
error Exception Types of Exception Handling
Exception in Python Raising Exception User
Defined Exception OOPs Concepts Class and
objet class,object, ref. variable, self Types of
variable and Types of Methods Inheritance Types
of Inheritance orm() method Polymorphism
Overloading Overriding Private Variable
Interface Abstractio
Thread Starting a thread Threading module
Synchronizing threads Multithreaded Priority
Queue Inter thread communication Python Mail Send
ing Program Introducing Execute mail program
include file in mail Regular Expression use of
regx re module functions of re module character
classes predefine character classes quantifiers
Database Connection
Introduction Connections connection with mysql
and oracle Executing queries CRUD operation
working with dates Interacting with Networks Socke
t in Python TCP/IP Client Server Creating a
Client / Server Program chat server program how
to send file from server to client one server
multiple Client GUI (Graphical User Interface) Int
roduction Tkinter programming Tkinter widgets
Python Web Scraping intro
Introduction Scrape all the details of any
website How to Execute Linux Commands in Python OS
Module Subprocess Module Unit Testing with PyUnit
What is Testing? Types of Testings and Methods?
What is Unit Testing? What is PyUnit? Test
scenarios, Test Cases, Test suite Garbage collecti
on Managing Packages with pip
Logging and debugging Numpy lib Intro About Pand
as Automate daily stuff for linux
admin, for aws and devops
Certification Of Student
For More Info
KR Network Cloud Add -C-3/207, Second Floor, Kanis
hk Complex, Near Maharaja Banquet Nirman Vihar
Metro Station, Delhi-110092 www.krnetworkcloud.or
g 9555378418 or 011-420413
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