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Best Practices For Commercial WordPress Theme & Plugin Use


You know very well how big and broad the WordPress ecosystem is. It accommodates hundreds of thousands of themes and plugins that are useful for building beautiful WordPress websites. Sometimes you get what you look to, the other you are just not satisfied with your findings. Performance and updates are usually two major concerns when taking certain themes or templates in use. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Practices For Commercial WordPress Theme & Plugin Use

Best Practices For Commercial WordPress Theme
Plugin Use
You know very well how big and broad the
WordPress ecosystem is. It accommodates hundreds
of thousands of themes and plugins that are
useful for building beautiful WordPress
websites. Sometimes you get what you look to,
the other you are just not satisfied with your
Performance and updates are usually two major
concerns when taking certain themes or templates
in use. However, many people prefer not to have
free WordPress elements for their site, instead
rely on commercial ones. This decision is driven
by the assumption that free things are not always
the best choice, considering the features,
facilities and limitations. So, the question
finding space here - Have you ever used
Commercial WordPress themes and plugins? If
yes, how was your experience with them? Did you
face licensing issues or were free from any
manner of problems? With this, you would have
got an idea about what will be the hot topics in
the discussion and how beneficial it can be for
your site management activities. So, without
wasting any time further, lets begin the
knowledge sharing process through this
blog. You remember well what this blog contains,
right - how to use commercial themes and plugins
to make most out of it? But before getting into
significant details, I would like to let you know
about the clients favorite web design Los
Angeles company - SFWP Experts. Featuring an
immense amount of brilliant designers and
developers, this is the agency to reach out for
building a solid online presence, whether its
through a classic web design or online promotion.
They have been in this line of business before
many companies have been established in
California. If I break down all the services bit
by bit that they provide, it will be something
like WordPress web design and development, plugin
development, theme design, website support and
maintenance, conversion rate optimization,
search engine optimization and digital
marketing. Now, lets take a U-turn from that
matter and switch to best practices to adopt for
using commercial WordPress themes and
plugins. Valuable Tips To Using Commercial
WordPress Themes And Plugins 1. Use Licensed
Software Only One among many serious mistakes
that a designer can commit is using unlicensed
software for creating any client's website. For
instance, purchasing a plugin for one domain and
installing it on another. This puts the
functionality of that site at risk since neither
it cant be updated nor its author will be
financially rewarded for his product. So, the
summary of the text is that always use licensed
plugins and themes for your project and avoid
the usage of one licensed plugin for a domain on
another. That should save you from many potential
problems down the road. Just in case, if you
are facing problems in designing any particular
portion of your site, get in touch with us for
professional help. Regarded as an award-winning
web design company in Los Angeles, we are the
agency most clients approach to get the highest
customer satisfaction. We have a bunch of
experienced professionals to take up each project
nicely and carefully. So, if you want to reap
the benefits of their skills, connect with us
and describe what you need - responsive web
design and development, user experience or user
interface design, content writing, content
marketing, SEO, PPC or, something else.
  • Take Clients In The Loop For Licensing
  • Its necessarily important for every single
    client to understand how they can stay on the
    top of software licensing tasks. They should keep
    all the license keys stored in one place for all
    software they have bought. That will come in
    handy if they need it for some sort of reference
    in the near future.
  • Above all, clients need to be informed about when
    licenses will renew and why its important to
    follow up. Because once you develop a site and
    hand it off to a client, it is almost out of
    your hands to keep track of what they are doing
    and what not. The best you can do is guide
    through the process of license renewal and how
    to keep an eye on updates of the tools.
  • Apart from this, if you want a helping hand to
    complete your project or directly opt for any
    website-related services, consult with our Los
    Angeles web design company. With numerous
    intellectually-minded design and development
    professionals for your service, we have a
    separate marketing team to promote your website
    and products. You can get into a conversation
    with us as per your convenience through the
    desired communication channel and choose among
    plenty of services to leverage - customized web
    design and development, android app development,
    social media management, email marketing, and
    search engine optimization.
  • Customize Tools In The Right Way
  • Just like anything else carried out in website
    development, its essential to customize any
    commercial theme or plugin in a way thats proven
    and durable. This means you should proceed with
    child themes and WordPress hooks instead of
    editing the files directly.

Do you know whats the most significant advantage
of taking this route? It ensures that any
customization work wont be diminished when
updating software in the future. If you overlook
this tip, be informed that your clients may
report about an unwelcomed surprise when a
feature will stop working in the expected
way. In case, you are not used to the solution
given above, we suggest you take professional
help from us. Our Wordpress developer experts
team have proven work experience in the IT and
marketing field that you will find useful while
choosing us for your service. At our Los Angeles
web design company, clients from all corners of
the world are served within a fixed date and
time. Often they communicate with us for enjoying
services like eCommerce web design and
development, website hosting and redesign,
search engine optimization, pay per click
advertising, internet marketing, and brand
promotion. 4. Present Clients With Projects That
Can Be Updated Building a website and rendering
it to clients is a time when you anticipate you
will be appreciated for the best outcome the
project delivers. Everything within it is fresh,
new, and properly functional. But, what if any
commercial software fails to update in the future
course of time? That good feeling of a
spick-and-span website wont last
long. Therefore, its crucial to ensure that any
commercial themes and plugins that a website has
can be upgraded through the WordPress dashboard.
This helps to make sure that your clients new
website will be equipped with the latest
features, facilities, and reliable bugs and
security fixes. If a particular component of the
site needs to be updated manually, let your
clients know about the same just when you
transfer it to them. This way you can work as a
team and plan out future duties.
In case you are struggling with the revenue
structure compilation of the project you are
working on and hardly know about anyone to
interact with, try us. We are a client-focused
web design company in Los Angeles that is
committed to provide A-grade services to clients
across the globe. If you are not aware about our
catering methods to clients, get hold of us and
let us offer services such as professional web
design and development, website analysis and
modification, online advertising and marketing,
brand building, SEO, PPC and more. With that
coming to an end, have a look at 5 best
commercial WordPress theme stores that are
user's favorite. Top 5 Commercial WordPress
Theme Shops To Look Out 1. Themify The first
thing you should know about Themify is that it is
recognized as a top theme store among various
WordPress companies, provided that has been
around for a while now. They have a wide array of
beautifully designed WordPress themes that are
appropriate for all types of websites. In
addition, they also offer Themify Builder which
is apt for WordPress page building through drag
and drop functions. Whats more good to know
about them is that its integrated in the
majority of their themes. As far as its pricing
pattern is concerned, you can buy a single theme
(and an extra free theme) just by paying an
amount of 49. And if you want to purchase in
bulk you will have to splurge 79 that will
include 12 plugins with 1 year of support and
update. Furthermore, if you want to get more
services, you can get access to all themes for
lifetime just at 249.
  • WPZoom
  • WPZoom is a widely-known WordPress theme
    marketplace that has a full range of
    well-designed WordPress themes to offer. Their
    theme collection includes categories like
    blogging, magazine, business, video, portfolio
    and a lot more.
  • The best thing about their theme is that they use
    their own theme framework in the backend that is
    tremendously optimized for speedy loading.
  • Moreover, all of their themes incorporate a
    simple and easy to use options panel for quick
    setup. On top of that, they have easy to
    understand documentation to help you get started
  • For pricing information, you should be informed
    that their single theme costs 69 and if you
    wish to obtain all themes package you need to be
    ready with 99.
  • If you think having a custom theme on your site
    will make it eye-arresting, you can have a talk
    about the same with the reps of our Los Angeles
    web design company. We will provide you with a
    perfect solution that will increase the
    performance of your site as well as enable it to
    achieve expected results. Just to let you know
    we have presence in almost every major city of
    the world and can elevate your brand with
    high-quality services like SEO-friendly web
    design and development, landing page design and
    development, SEO, PPC, online marketing and email
  • Elegant Themes

Without a doubt, Elegant Themes is one of the
oldest and most excellent WordPress theme stores
you could come across online. They have been
around for several years and seem like they know
their product very well. For your knowledge, I
must say - you will have a huge collection of
gorgeous WordPress themes at your disposal, no
matter what type of website you want to
design. Whats more, each theme comes with
access to Divi Builder that is basically a
WordPress drag and drop page builder plugin,
earned top rank among its competition. The
point where its pricing information kicks in,
Elegant themes can be subscribed for 89 for all
their themes and plugins access with 1 year of
support and updates. On the other side, if you
want to get lifetime access to all their themes
and plugins, you need to keep 249 ready with
yourself. 4. Artisan themes Even though Artisan
Themes dont have a colossal collection of
WordPress themes just like the previous one but
whatever it has all are powerful multipurpose
themes. Not only that, each of their themes comes
with a set of readymade website templates that
has a one-click installation feature. As far as
their functions go, they have a modular approach
to design sites and what you need to do is just
drag and drop modules to create your own layout
within minutes. Featuring built-in layouts, demo
installer, and drag and drop facility are USPs
of Artisan Themes that allows users to produce
unlimited designs. About the pricing information
you must know that 129 is charged for a single
theme license, and 439 for all themes package.
Keep in mind that both of these choices include
1 year of support and updates.
As an alternate option, you can also have a word
with our Los Angeles web design company if
custom-made theme support and update is a
concern. We have technically skilled people in
large numbers who will fix your problems within
hours with their knowledge and experience. In
addition, what you get only at our doorstep is a
collaborative and supportive team that is always
ready to solve clients problems. So, rest
assured to get qualified services if you pick
any among - mobile-friendly web design and
development, blog page design and development,
website recreation, search engine optimization,
pay per click advertising, and others as
such. 5. MojoMarketplace The little somebody
has been knowing about Mojomarketplace is that it
has been around for a long time. Initially, they
have started out as a premium WordPress theme
company and gradually it grew bigger into a large
online theme showroom. Here top developers take
part in sales of their WordPress themes and
plugins. Above that, they have maintained a huge
collection of WordPress themes, well classified
into tags and categories. An additional useful
feature that can be found in this theme is the
search bar which lets you quickly find themes
suitable for your industry. In extension to
that, every item on their site has a support
forum where theme authors offer needed support
to customers. To make it setup-friendly, all
themes are provided with reader-friendly
documents and some even have video tutorials
that allow you to prepare your site easily. As
far as its cost of ownership is concerned, all
themes are priced between 49 and 59, including
one year of support and updates. Concluding
Words From what you just read, you might derive
that use of commercial software with WordPress
is a hassle, but its not. Actually, it
only turns out to be a problem if you ignore
being their long-term associate. More than
anything, the key to keep relationships
functional is to be in regular communication
with clients. They need to know what should be
done for the betterment of the project, what
would be the expenses and why its important to
keep up with the licensing responsibilities. Just
by doing this you can prevent most issues from
coming to light. In addition to connection, you
must make this a habit to build sustainable
projects that are made to last long. This will be
good for your reputation as well as clients for
site management. It will make site update tasks
easy to execute whether they want now or five
years from now. So, start using commercial
themes and plugins for your site today and dont
be worried about the output. Just make sure you
are doing your bit with future needs in mind.
And in case you run into issues, exchange words
with us without hesitation. Being a
customer-driven Wordpress website design c
ompany, SFWP Experts helps clients in every
possible way, be it personalized web design, web
development, digital marketing, or brand
advertising. Contact Details 213-277-9177 l Visit Reference Profile
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